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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Barack Obama is taking the superdelegate lead. if he were to get the lead it would be time for Hillary to bow out. this interview is worth a read. We need to look at anything we can do to drive down the cost of oil, also creating jobs at home. This has nothing to do with Obama I know.

Barack Obama

seems to be the ultimate oppurtunist. I assume he has defeated Hillary, so it will be interesting to see how dirty this campaign gets. Obama has already shown his willingness to lie. Will Mccain allow this? I know the gop is trying to get the "100 year" ad pulled. I think Obama may have more of a lying problem than even Al Gore.

interesting story. I realize this is on a small scale, but it is important we hold our elected officials accountable.

Obama Obama lying,lying,lying. When Wright hung him out to dry politically now he is angered at Wright.

I have learned something. If you are against politics as usual, do not play politics as usual.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

interesting poll numbers. Clinton(whom this blog has no adoration) has moved up to a tie with Obama with national democrats. The most interesting number is that she is doing better against Senator Mccain.

Barak you are confusing us. So you only get outraged at Rev. Wright's comments when they are made directly to the media. You claim it is not political, but yet when Wright stands to hurt you the most all of the sudden you are "angered". Mr. Obama if you are a man of character your opinions would not change about your Rev. so often.

I want to give American's a voice against the Big Media.

This blog is important. This blog is for you if... you have ever wanted to yell at Jon Stewart for stating a half-truth as a lie. This blog is for you if you have ever wanted to slap Keith olberscum across the face, for A. his obvious liberal bias or B. bringing his liberal politics to Sunday night football. I am a conservative as I imagine most anyone who reads this site will be.. but I want to reach the moderate conservatives with this blog, and get the message out OBAMA lies and OBAMA is not a moderate he is a liberal. If you are ok with those two facts well then vote Obama.

Barak should come clean and say he has known all along that Jeremiah Wright is anti-American. He should apologize for lying. He should say he does not believe American soldiers are anything, but the most honorable men on the planet. What will he do? leave comments.

Obama supports DNC misleading ad, not suprising. The politics of Slash and Burn. Barak call for this ad to be pulled if you are a man of your word.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Poll Numbers courtesy of Realclearpolitics for the most part polling indicates both candidates are around 45% of the vote. This means the election is headed for another photo finish.

A strategy for Mccain

I think Senator Mccain should be flying in circles from Pennsylvania-Michigan-Minnesota-Wisconsin-Ohio-Florida. With stops in New Jersey and New York to gauge interest. In all of those states I would suggest three stops. First stop to a major market area to get the local media buzzing, then a stop at a large University to get facebook, myspace and the younger generation buzzing, and then a stop to poor districts such as the trip he took the poor counties in Alabama. This trip to the poor districts would have cross party appeal. At night he could have fundraisers. Lets take Florida for example, lets say the trip starts on a monday, why not start off in Miami and get the state media buzzing. Then take the long commute to Gainsville on tuesday speak in a formal or informal setting. This would keep the state and local media buzzing. His name would be on the minds of college students . Now Mccain can take a trip to Escambia county or some other Florida county that has been hurt by a natural disaster or slow economy. So of course he would get media attention in the poor county, but now the college students and families across the state would be buzzing with how he cares about the poor.

Barak Can lose.

Barak is going to have tough summer and fall. My passion with this blog is not so much to see Barak lose as it is to make sure people know who Barak is. He speaks of a purple America, but I am afraid that is just rhetoric. His voting record shows him to be the most liberal Senator. He says he is bi-partisan he has not show that in the U.S. Senate. He says he is not for the politics of "slash and burn", but he is insists on framing Mccain as a third term of Bush, when we all know that is not the case.

The most Liberal senator.

It is fine to vote for Obama. I just want everyone to know he is a liberal and he is a typical senator. He lies when his back is against the wall.

Cut ties with Reverand Wright.