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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jay Wolfe

Republican Candidate versus Rockefeller. Get Behind this upset!!

Pelosi and Reid do nothing as oil prices rise

great article about our countries worst congressmen Kanjorski

stop Mary Landrieu

as you can not afford gas, Democrats do nothing
Why not vote GOP in your Senate race? We must not elect Senators and Congressmen who will vote for liberal democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Kanjorski refuses to debate Barletta

This is no suprise considering Kanjorski is a masterful politician. Who is not afraid to lie cheat or steal. His lies are well documented on this site and congressman Kanjorski can rest assure this blog will do all it can to keep people in the loop about your lies.
Two Days and Kanjorski Still Has Not Accepted Challenge

Monday, June 30, 2008 at 10:48am
HAZLETON – It has been two days since Hazleton Mayor and U.S. Congressional candidate Lou Barletta issued his debate challenge to Paul Kanjorski. To date, Mr. Kanjorski has not accepted. Instead, all he has offered is sarcasm and insults from his spokesmen.“It’s very simple. Either Mr. Kanjorski believes he has a record that he can defend and has the will to meet me in a debate or he does not,” Barletta said. “Will he accept my challenge – yes or no?”On June 25, Mayor Barletta challenged the 24-year incumbent to series of six, 30-minute debates on a specific issue. The debates would take place on WILK News Radio’s three news talk shows. The challenge also called for one public debate in each of the five counties that make up the district. At the time of the challenge, there were 133 days until the election. Vince Galko, Lou Barletta’s campaign manager, said, “It is very unfortunate that a man who has made a living off the taxpayers for more than 24 years and is now asking the same taxpayers to return him to Washington, D.C., for two more years is refusing to face them and answer their questions.“It’s true that Mr. Kanjorski will raise millions of dollars from Washington, D.C., and Wall Street. We concede the fact that special interests and Washington lobbyists desperately want him back for another two years of business as usual. However, to say you are too busy to debate and that this is just a way to raise money is disingenuous and insulting to the people of northeastern Pennsylvania, members of the media and to your opponent.”Times Shamrock Newspapers quoted a Kanjorski spokesman as saying: “The congressman is working five days a week in Congress and his schedule has to focus on Congress.”“If that is the case,” Galko said, “I certainly hope Mr. Kanjorski will not be taking a break while Americans are dealing with a gas price crisis, a credit crisis, a slumping economy, and numerous other issues that politicians in Washington, D.C., have been unable to solve.”But the calendar of the U.S. House of Representatives – set by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer ( – shows the House will adjourn today for a “District Work Period” over the Fourth of July holiday and for five full weeks beginning in August.“The House calendar clearly shows Mr. Kanjorski will be available all next week and almost the entire month of August to debate Lou Barletta about the issues that are important to voters. Mr. Kanjorski will absolutely have the time to debate Lou Barletta, but the question is, will his handlers, spin doctors, and smear team let him?” Galko said. “It’s very obvious that Paul Kanjorski is afraid to debate Lou Barletta – or his handlers are afraid to let him.Finally, Kanjorski’s campaign has said that Mayor Barletta’s campaign is not getting traction. If that is the case, why doesn’t the Kanjorski campaign release the poll the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee conducted for them? And why did the Kanjorski campaign start airing commercials in mid-June?Barletta said, “I realize I am the underdog in this race and I will remain so, but I think the people of northeastern Pennsylvania have always pulled for the underdog. If we choose a congressman by who can raise the most money in Washington, D.C., then Mr. Kanjorski will be the winner. Thankfully, that’s not how this race will be decided. I will continue to work hard and earn every vote I can, and I will continue to talk about the issues with the voters of the 11th District.”

more Tim Pawlenty speculation

Think this through

The previous article posts some of McCain's great bipartisan achievements. His record is beyond any presidential candidates we have seen in many many years. Bill Clinton even admitted McCain would be tough to beat. What McCain must do is develop a message and stick with it.
Tough on Terror, works across the aisle, and with slightly right of center. His views on match Americans and he is just the advocate we need. I think McCain should be talking about what type of judges he would nominate. He needs to paint a picture of Obama by consistently attacking the same point and at the same time develop his image as the contrast.
This election will be won or lost by getting conservatives energized, closing the gap with the young voters and somehow connecting with African-American voters.

a bipartisan Senator

Dean Andal

support Dean Andal for congress. We need to win back our conservative districts.

Rush Limbaugh

Hey liberals kiss my conservative GRASS!!!

Lou Barletta

One thing is for sure we need less low lifes like Congressmen Kanjorski in Washington, DC. Lou Barletta offers a man who will stand up to those congressmen who "stretched the truth" about Iraq for their own political gain. A victory for Barletta would take a small miracle I am sure, with the sweetheart deals and stolen tax payers money Kanjorski has been given out in Pennsylvania. But if you can try and make a difference in this race.