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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its often gets overlooked because of the importance of Ohio, but Michigan seems to want to vote McCain and you cannot count your chickens before they hatch, but I Think Michigan might just swing McCain's way. The fact that these voters voted for Hillary and will most likely not get their votes counted has got to anger them. I think McCain will do particularly well with white Democrats in this state. The glitz and glamour of Obama will not win this state, if Obama wins it will be for one of two reasons. 1. he somehow develops a backbone and comes up with more of a platform than "change" 2. The Democrats state party does a far better job of turning out the vote. The second is more likely than the first. Take a visit to this site and have some electoral fun

McCain must

-make efforts to reach out to African-American voters
-win Virginia or North Carolina and maintain the rest of the south. I think he can and will win NC and Va, but he cannot lose both.
-win Florida
-focus on his brand of conservative politics. You could call it commen sense conservatism instead of compassionate.
-McCain should visit college campuses he must reach out to younger voters. He has got to find a way to combat all the young and new voters for obama
- He must make sure people do not fall for the lie that Obama is some honest new kind of politician.
- He must indentify Obama as a liberal. He must allow folks to point out what and elitist hag obama's excuse for a wife is.
- Comminicate the idea that taxing cooperations causes lost jobs and makes America that much less competitive world wide.
- I am not Huck's biggest fan, but I think he appeals to the right people for McCain, Conservatives will vote for McCain, but Huck could bring out more.
- pick a vice president from the rust belt or the south. The electoral numbers favor John McCain if he maintains the south and gets a split in the rust belt.