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Friday, July 25, 2008

I was born in the 80's so this is throwback for me, but...

Some friday fun
I got you Babe- Sonny and Cher

Never My Love- the association

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Pelosi and Reid willing to spend their political capital on opposing drilling?

The democrats and congress and their staunch opposition to drilling may be using up some of their good will. The Republican brand is as low as it has been since I suppose the end of the Nixon era and the democrats are feeling extremely confident about their chances in November.
While all major polls suggest between 66% and 75% of Americans support drilling Pelosi and Reid will not budge. I believe this is hurting your moderate democrats of which your majority is based on. If I was a democrat representing a conservative disrict in Ohio, Georgia, or North Carolina I would be furious with Pelosi. She is atleast going to cause a few folks, who try and represent their district well, to lose some sleep.
Can it be enough to give the GOP either the house or the senate NO, but it will certainly limit gains in the house and keep Reid from his 60 seat majority in the Senate. Republicans, conservatives, moderates, blue dog Democrats all just want some common since legislation that allows oil companies to drill. NO WE CANNOT DRILL OUR WAY OUT OF THIS, but we can have cheaper oil that does not leave us dependent on foreign terror supporting oil while we wait for renewable fuels which we all want.
Barack Obama whom is a special interest pet will not allow drilling, but if congress gets its act together and allows drilling he will be in a tough spot. Hollywood Hussein should go ahead and cave on this issue because sooner or later he will have to....

Jim DeMint steps up and Reid gets angry...

Senate Majority leader Democrat Harry Reid snaps his love for lobbyist shown clearly...

Pete Olson for Congress
Wake up Texas!! we have got to get rid of no drill Pelosi and it starts with taking back our red districts!!

failed presidential and vice presidential candidate John Edwards has an affair...,2933,391426,00.html
This is not good news for the Edwards family. We will have to wait for internal polling date to see if Hollywood Hussein Obama will remove Edwards from the VP short list. Obama's campaign is run by polling data so no word until Hollywood Hussein can get some polling data... maybe Monday?

Hollywood Hussein Obama should expect a tough homecoming..

John McCain must steal the headlines for a few days in order to get this race even. Then he has to unleash an all out campaign from the internet, tv, and radio to paint Hollywood Hussein Obama as the radical marxist that he is....

The cowboy diplomat that he is...(Obama would invade Pakistan)

The darling of the media elite...

The chicago style politician..

Good luck Hollywood Hussein... you should be about 15 points up by now... If McCain gets his S%$W together this could get crazy!!