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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Corrupt congressmen Paul Kanjorski runs smear campaign in Pennsylvania

Paul Korruptjorski

attends to smear Lou Barletta's name in order to win their congressional race..

good news for Gordon Smith in Oregon Senate race

Alabama - Clemson in Atlanta attracts gameday..

John Boehner calls on Dems to put in writing....

their support of drilling..

Nancy Pelosi allows Alabama Democrats to support drilling...

Pelosi tells Democrats to say whatever you need to get re-elected..
Alabama Democrats speak out on drilling having been given the go ahead from dictator of the houses Nancy Pelosi..

Critical thinking.... Nancy Pelosi is telling folks to say they support something she will block from even coming to the floor. If a Democrat is serious about drilling they will come out and say they are not voting for Pelosi as speaker and they should reveal who they will vote for as speaker. Pelosi is using Southern Democrats to increase her power to prevent drilling by increasing the number of votes she has for Dictator of the House, while telling them to lie to their constiuents.
like I said if you truly support drilling you would not vote Nancy Pelosi as Dictator of the House.
You hear me... Bright? you hear me... Segall? you hear me.. Griffith? You are liars and frauds if you say you support drilling and vote Nancy Pelosi dictator of the house.


This is the way John McCain needs to present himself!!

John McCain rocks Sturgis!