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Thursday, September 4, 2008

CBN's David Brody raves about Sarah Palin

John McCain shows the vision and leadership

that will bring Peace, Prosperity, and Reform to America!!

John McCain hits it out of the universe...

This quote sums up this election in the way I see it...

The wrong change looks not to the future, but to the past for solutions that have failed us before and will surely fail us again. Like others before him, my opponent seems to think government is the answer to every problem. That's not change we can believe in.-Senator John McCain

McCain's speech

Has to send chills down your spine unless are you a code pink wacko. This man stands for hard work and determination that can take our country back where it needs to be. Hollywood Hussein Obama is a like a used car salesmen trying to package a HUGE EUROPEAN government into to some slick new thing.

Sarah Palin kicked butt even with a faulty teleprompter

McCain could not have done any better

that comes from experience dealing with stupid hecklers at town hall meetings.

left wing pyschos its disgusting

Obama should be ashamed to have supporters with that little class, but when you support someone as low on class and high on arrogance as Hollywood Hussein Obama this should be expected.

I Love John S. McCain

No matter what this is a man we can be proud of!!

Cindy McCain hits it out of the park..
What a job she has done I am shocked at how well she is performing. Not that I did not have high expectations, but this is just truly moving.

John Edwards will...

hide until after the election. In order to not distract Hollywood Hussein Obama. This my friends is as courageous as waiting to cheat on his wife until she went into remission. The arrogance of John Edwards is very similar to that of Hollywood Hussein.

Doug McCain was adopted by John McCain in his previous marriage

for those who were wondering.

The Cindy McCain segment of the RNC is outstanding..

Cindy and the family look outstanding. Very proud moment!!

Tom Cole talks about Palin
Tom Cole talks about GOP chances in the fall and what impact Palin will have on congressional Republicans chances.

Sarah Palin the new Ronald Reagan?

I have supported Governor Palin for the long haul and

I simply want to say this I think I was right. She has created a real buzz you cannot deny that and it has been mixed coverage, but it has completely taken attention off of Obama. It has put the media on the defensive about covering Palin with such aggression.
But I think when it comes to the electoral map this pick is going to make a lot of sense in the weeks to come as polling moves away from the convention and towards the debates. The states I mentioned specifically were the conservative mountain west, Virginia, and Indiana. I believe this to be true. Nothing would be better for John McCain than to be ahead in all of those states. If this convention plays out and McCain has taken a 5 point lead in Virginia and an 8 point lead in indiana then folks he is in great shape to win this election.
It would narrow down the focus of the campaign to Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio. Now I believe ultimately unless this election is a blow out for Obama Nevada will go for McCain. So it comes down to Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio. Dear folks that would be an outstanding place for McCain to get down to. It would mean Obama has wasted millions of dollars in states he could not compete in and narrow the field down to the states McCain has banked on.

I am going to go out on a limb and say..

John McCain is going to prove to be the toughest candidate for President we have ever seen. Tonight my friends John McCain is going to knock it out of the park.

Joe Biden puts lobbyist first in his own words..


Check out what McCain says in this article...,2933,417064,00.html

Woodward notes that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposed the surge, while GOP presidential candidate John McCain was “advocating more troops for years.” Woodward also quotes McCain expressing frustration with the Bush White House, clenching his fists in the West Wing and exclaiming to Woodward: “Everything is f---ing spin.”

Maverick Sarah Palin

Ted Nugent says Palin is "my" girl

Palin punches Biden/Obama ticket..

I wish the GOP had gone more with the them of...

Could you believe all the complaints the DNC made last week. They are the most negative folks one could ever hope to meet.
The theme that could and should win the election is that the Democrats truly believe America is broke and that Obama needs to go to the White House to fix it. But John McCain and Sarah Palin believe that Washington is broke.

Clinton aides come to Sarah Palin's defense