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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I would like to give a loud SHUT UP!!! to

Scotty Mac, Olberscum- can you imagine how much fun scum is going to have with Scotty Mac's book. So in advance I would like to tell them to shut up.

I grew up hating the Clintons

This has changed, Barack Obama's arrogance can do amazing things. I stand in amazement, but seeing Hillary helplessly fall has not been all that amusing. After any and every Obama victory the media called for her head. The Obama campaign has used liberal talking heads such as Olbermann to advance their cause while presenting Obama as having spotless image. McCain has shown us glimpses of whats to come. He is going to make Iraq and foreign policy and issue. This is going to put Obama on the defensive and I cannot wait to see it. Thanks to Clinton Obama has been roughed up. The appeal that Clinton and McCain share is experience. Yes Clinton only worked in the Senate for around 8 years, but she obviously was in the white house for the 90's and has experience. I think that is the true differance between Bush and Obama voters vs McCain and Clinton voters. Yes I just lumped Obama and Bush together and no I am not crazy.
This type of appeal forgets ideology and says, I have problems with my government who can fix it. While Clinton's eyes are bigger than America's budget these voters are still going to listen because she speaks from experience. They will also listen to McCain and his straight talk. You see tearing Obama down is easy, he has no record to stand on. His record comes from being the most liberal Senator and being a crooked Chicago politician, with an extremely questionable backgrond. He resents small town voters and with an elitist grin, dismissed them as clinging to guns and Religon. While Obama may think he has heard the last of those remarks he has not. McCain has a history of passing up partisan politics to accomplish goals for Americans. This is a image that cannot be shaken for one simple reason. It is true.

McCain offers to put campaigns on hold and visit Iraq
I think this would be oustanding. I know some liberals and conservatives alike have already determined the Iraq was a failure, but things have gotten better. Obama will not go on this trip I am sure it would upset his "de facto media chair" Keith Olberscum.

Obama is facing an uphill battle

With the election still several months out, Obama may need to reshape his persona. The GOP, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton, have all done a good job of exposing Barack for who he is. This is starting to show up in the polling. Obama is not seen as a Centerist and coalition builder. Obama's message of change is being revealed for what it is.... a liberal, I will avoid calling it marxist, but a liberal agenda. He aligned himself with an Indy punk rock, soviet Russia inspired band, in order to decieve folks into thinking he had drawn a large crowd. Obama's message is old and boring... High taxes, gun-control,abortion on demand,surrender in Iraq. These themes are helping his campaign fall apart, as they should.

De Facto Obama Media chair lashes out at Hillary

This is what an avid Obama supporter thinks about Hillary.

Great News
Interesting take a look at McCain's numbers with African Americans.

Congressional Blues

The Blue Dog Democrats work the party line.... until campaign season. Sad to hear. Fact of the matter is you deserve to be represented by liberals, if you will vote for someone who will vote Pelosi as Spearker.

Congressional Blues

The Blue Dog Democrats work the party line.... until campaign season. Sad to hear.

Breaking News from Rasmussen Reports
Americans are showing an ability to sift through the medias and the Obama campaign's mess.
McCain is opening up a lead on Obama.