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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

interesting poll numbers. Clinton(whom this blog has no adoration) has moved up to a tie with Obama with national democrats. The most interesting number is that she is doing better against Senator Mccain.

Barak you are confusing us. So you only get outraged at Rev. Wright's comments when they are made directly to the media. You claim it is not political, but yet when Wright stands to hurt you the most all of the sudden you are "angered". Mr. Obama if you are a man of character your opinions would not change about your Rev. so often.

I want to give American's a voice against the Big Media.

This blog is important. This blog is for you if... you have ever wanted to yell at Jon Stewart for stating a half-truth as a lie. This blog is for you if you have ever wanted to slap Keith olberscum across the face, for A. his obvious liberal bias or B. bringing his liberal politics to Sunday night football. I am a conservative as I imagine most anyone who reads this site will be.. but I want to reach the moderate conservatives with this blog, and get the message out OBAMA lies and OBAMA is not a moderate he is a liberal. If you are ok with those two facts well then vote Obama.

Barak should come clean and say he has known all along that Jeremiah Wright is anti-American. He should apologize for lying. He should say he does not believe American soldiers are anything, but the most honorable men on the planet. What will he do? leave comments.

Obama supports DNC misleading ad, not suprising. The politics of Slash and Burn. Barak call for this ad to be pulled if you are a man of your word.