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Friday, May 2, 2008

Clinton and the New Democrats.

My thoughts on Clinton...
She has toned down the vast right wing conspiracy talk and become a mature, but dangerously liberal politician. She could possibly make a good president as I know she would not allow the media to do to her what they have done to George W Bush. I am not about to start defending President Bush, however he seemed to be intimidated by the media elite. I thought nominating John Kerry would be the last liberal elitist presidential candidate for a while. In a sense I was right atleast for this election, only because of the version of Hillary we have seen has been the uplifting small town mother, as opposed to the left-wing paranoid conspiracy theorist. Obama with his San Fransisco comments proved he is nothing more than an elitist snob. If he were from the Northeast he would fit the exact mode of the candidate the DNC loves. however some of the bland elitist they have nominated have come from outside the Northeast. So with Hillary I guess you could say we have a winnable Democrat and with Obama we might as well have Barack Mondale.

Big endorsement for Hillary
Hillary has really carved her niche out with this primary. She has been transformed into the heroine of the middle class American. Interesting stuff

Article from Fox News shows Obama is shaky

A polling stat which I find shows the intelligence of the American people, is 58% believe Obama is denouncing Wright for political gain. If Obama cannot win NC convincingly and loses Indiana it is up to the Super Delegates. My personal belief as a Republican is that Obama should have sat this election out. He could have spent four or eight years getting more experience and developing more relationships with the higher up Democrats who will decide the nomination. He could have distances himself from Wright. He could have truly become a moderate and worked on bipartisan legislation. Instead he rushed into the presidential campaign. But since Hillary feels the nomination is her birth right these two are going to fight it out to the bitter end.