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Monday, June 30, 2008

It seems Wes Clark's attempt to swift boat McCain

was a FAILURE!!!

Wes Clark Obama surrogate

General Wes Clark says, "I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.”

An article about Obama campaign chair Keith Olberman

This article goes into detail about how Obama's media chair and liberal activist Keith Olbermann is using his power at MSNBC to try and conquer the nightly news at NBC.
Olbermann promptly demanded Russert's job upon his sad death. Olbermann was threatening to leave msnbc, but he has no network to go to. Tom Brokaw won out in the battle to replace Russert. Thus showing how powerless Olbermann as Obama campaign chair.

As this race tightens as we knew it would...

I would like to encourage my fellow McCain supporters to do a view things.
1. Talk to your friends and family about the upcoming Presidential race. Encourage them to take serious look at the candidates and what those candidates can do about the serious problems we face in America.
2. Consider volunteering at a local phone bank or going door to door leading up to the election. We have to match the enthusiasm of the Hussienamania.
3. Remember that McCain has been a thorn in Republicans side over the years.
4. Talk about leadership and experience. McCain may not be able to deliver a speech like Obama, but he has served in the Senate as a reformer since Barry Obama was a college boy.

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this is a good read.


Launch a youth website... center it around video questions from young voters and video answers from Senator McCain. Have a huge push for registering voters and also have a web blog of John McCain a couple times of week describing how the Campaign is going. If John McCain can cut into Obama's lead in the youth category he can win this election. John McCain has to make inroads in the African American community as well.

Obama supporter and failed Presidential candidate Wes Clark

attacks John McCain's military service