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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the company he keeps

where will the candidates spend their resources?

You have no reason to trust my insight on this issues except my on interest in the electoral map. I have closely followed the electoral map since 1996. With that said I will now take a look at the 5 most important states for each candidate starting with John McCain.

John McCain
1. Ohio (20 electoral votes), simply put this state makes his election possible and without it he faces too much of and uphill battle
2. Florida(27), McCain needs to maintain his sizable lead over Obama in this state so he can focues his resources elsewhere... once again if he loses Florida it will be a long night for McCain
3.Virginia(13), McCain can win the election and lose this state however it takes much needed breathing room a way form the candidate. As with Florida McCain has an edge and needs to keep it large enough to discourage Obama from spending resources there as it might also put North Carolina in play.
4.Michigan(17), John McCain needs to make this his number one state to go on the offensive... Bush lost this state twice and it will be an uphill battle, but he must put it in play and have Obama spend his resources in this state. If he wins this state as well as those mentioned above he will be in an excellent position to become our next President.
5.Nevada(5) Nevada is an important state because out west it appears McCain will lose Colorado and New Mexico states that Bush won and losing Nevada would force McCain to depend on Michigan.
honorable mention... New Hampshire(McCain needs to win NH or Nevada) Pennsylvania although I do not think he stands a great chance of winning in Pennsylvania he must make Barack spend resources in the keystone state. also Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa... a victory in any of these three state is extremely helpful.

Barack Obama
1. Pennsylvania(21), Obama needs to establish an early lead and move this election to other states.
2.Ohio(20), If Obama can force Ohio into play he can drain McCain's resources and open up for a possible blowout.
3. Iowa(7), Iowa is looking like a Obama lock and he needs to keep it that way... this will be one of the easy pick ups from John Kerry's performance.
4. Michigan(17), Obama must defend Michigan if he plans on winning the election losing Michigan would set him in a deep hole.
5. Colorado(9), is an important state and early polls show it will be a pick up for Obama.
honorable mention... Virginia, Florida,New Mexico, California, Oregon, Minnesota, wisconsin
if the election were held to day I would predict.....
John McCain wins 286 - 252... McCain flips Michigan red.

I would like to Congratulate Barack Obama

I think it is unfortunate that the first African-American nominee is also the least qualified and most liberal candidate we have ever had, but I do offer my congratulations.

McCain attacks

compare and contrast

If we are electing the best orator than we have our man

Obama wants to cruise through this election without truly being questioned... Ill answer that question in a minute "Sweetie". Well John McCain has other plans for Mr. Obama