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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time for some campaign'n Hilarious

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Human events takes a look at McCain Obama

Colorado for McCain

The rest of Jesse Jackson's comments

The rest of Jesse Jackson's comments

Beanie Wells hopes to be a leader for Ohio State University this year..
I think the Buckeyes are going to be a much improved team after their struggles against SEC football teams.

alabama vs. Virginia Tech might not being doing down after all

Cazayoux vs Cazayoux
All he knows for sure is in Washington he does what Nancy tells him to do.. and Nancy tells him say whatever you need to get re-elected.

McCain's NAACP speech goes well

Ro Martin says McCain right on School choice

Wayen Parker and Jay Love face tough battles in the fall

Wrigley field to host Hockey

Hilarious!!!! time for some campaign'n

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ALL-STAR disaster avoided,-time-to-make-contingency-plan
This was a very entertaining game, very competitive on both sides, but I agree it is pointless to have pitchers take up part of a roster who cannot pitch. Partiuclarly with the fact that this game has direct consequences home field advantage in the World Series.


Thanks for all of your visits and comments especially. I hope to continue this site and one of my major goals with this site.. Is to give you a voice. We listen and look... gas prices going up... gay marriage rulings going right over the will of the people... Millions of our good friends are being brainwashed my the freshmen senator from illinois. But I hope to give you a voice and I also hope you will come back and listen THANKS!!!

Lou Barletta responds to attacks from Corrupt Congressmen Kanjorski

Lou Barletta responds to untrue Kanjorski attack ads
Today at 3:10pm
HAZLETON – Hazleton Mayor and 11th Congressional District candidate Lou Barletta responded to the untrue attack ad launched by Paul Kanjorski and his Washington, D.C., smear team: “I wish I could say this comes as a surprise but Paul Kanjorski has been attacking me from the minute I entered this race. This is a sad day for the citizens of northeastern Pennsylvania. With gas prices at an all-time high, our countries bravest in harm’s way, our economy in serious trouble, and an out-of-control health care system, the best Paul Kanjorski can do is run negative television ads against me.“The people of the 11th Congressional District deserve better than this. I have challenged Mr. Kanjorski to a series of debates starting right now. He refuses to debate me. Instead, he would rather continue raiding trillions of dollars from Social Security, voting against offshore drilling for our own oil, and hiding behind his Washington smear team to attack me.“I stood up to President Bush to protect Hazleton and all of northeastern Pennsylvania. And I don't support the privatization of Social Security.“Record high gas prices, our armed forces are in a war, and our economy is a mess and Paul Kanjorski's answer to these problems is negative attacks and lies. That's not leadership, but that’s what Mr. Kanjorski offers.”

meet Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin for VP

I have done some soul searching and some thinking....
I now fully support Sarah Palin for VP ahead of Mitt Romney.
first off my feelings for Romney have not changed in the least. I think he is a good man who represents both types of conservatives, but because of governing the most liberal state in the union he would need to do a lot of flip-flopping to appease the base. Romney is still in my opinion an effective choice for VP because of connections with Michigan and ability to raise lots of money.
Romney represents capitalism and social conservative values in my book. But.... on to Palin...
Sarah Palin is the most popular elected official in the country gaining approval of some 70% of voters in Alaska. She is an attractive lady with a big family and true pro life credentials. She might make the difference in this campaign. I Believe Romeny will stay loyal and do what he can to help McCain win and if that is the case all things considered she might be the perfect VP canidate. Her internet following is loyal and organized. She could create a real buzz.

So with whatever wait this website carries which is minimal at best I know.. supports Sarah Palin for VP and encourages you to do so as well...

Lou Barletta vs Kanjorski

Alabama vs Virginia Tech to open 2009 football season
I as a Alabama fan am very excited that we are going out and playing big time teams year after year.

McCain talks School Choice to NAACP

Obama's latest lie and more sexism from the Obama camp

Obama's latest lie and more sexism from the Obama camp

STOP KANJORSKI!! great site dedicating to ending corrupt congressmen who along with Barack Obama and other Democrats lied to win the midterm elections in 2006.

Jay Love and Wayne Parker need some cash....

Republicans who won congressional primaries in the State of Alabama are behind their Democrat opponents in cash... These are races that Republicans can win...

Obama leads will that change?

John McCain has a fighting attitude and he will not quit. But should he? NO, McCain's steady and experienced leadership can turn this race around. The keys are picking the the right running mate, being himself(on message, but still himself), and finally exposing Barack as the inexperienced fraud that he is.... These are all part of a process that he must stick with and carry out til November.
Positives so far...
-He has managed to keep a brand that is seperate from the Republican Party.
-He forced Barack to lie about his campaign financing
- He is putting Barack on the defensive some...