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Friday, May 23, 2008

Rush vs Hussein Obama

So if Hussein Obama wins the election...

-Universal Healthcare, which means huge tax increases
-Gay Marriage he will not take a stand for the will of the people
-Abortion as often as possible
- meetings with Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad
- Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Anderson Cooper will be running our country
- a Immediate withdrawal from Iraq no matter how it may hurt Iraqi civilians
-Liberals such as Bill Ayers and crazy folks like Jeremiah Wright will fill his cabinet and if you dare question him he will simply say do not judge me by my close circle of friends, whom have Baptized my children , married me, and launched political careers with me.
-our President will be a product of Chicago Politics.. is that not exciting
-Hey atleast our Presidents Grandmother will be a "Typical" white person??!?!?!?
-and our first Lady well she will be proud of her country for the first time in her adult life.
- I am beginning to love the Clintons



Courting Colleges

I do not know if the idea is out there or not, but I think this simple plan could really help McCain in swing states.
1. Identify the top most important swing states
2. Early in the fall host a campaign rally at the biggest University in all 10 of those states
3. Make it a 10 day tour and spend nights interviewing with sports shows and MTV.
4. Make sure to have volunteers already lined up to register voters.

90th post is about Barack's lies good job fox

McCain headed to three important states next week...

New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin. These three state are extremely important and carrying any two of them could be enough to give McCain the electoral edge, assuming the big battle ground states stay in the same camp. I think once we get past Obama's fake image as a reformer McCain will have overwhelming appeal in these three commen since states. If McCain fights hard, which we know he will, he has a great chance to get Obama off is fantasy world messages. The idea of meeting with Iran and the like without Preconditions shows Obama is not up the the presidency and I feel confident Nevada, New Mexico, and Wisconsin will agree. I am also encouraged that gay marriage may become an issue, Obama should take a stand on this issue and hopefully he will stand up and defend marriage. I am not holding my breathe however.

Obama would ruin our leverage worldwide Its not suprising that this comes from a Senator who has not completed one term. He is young and stupid and his wife is an unpatriotic hag.

Obama supports Gay Marriage

The water is heating up on Obama, many good articles to read. This one cuts through Obamas distortions.