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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote against corrupt congressmen Paul Kanjorski

Lies, corruption,disrespect..



McCain holds steady in Texas..

Sarah Palin gets some attention..

Lou Barletta selected as mayor of the year..

Lou Barletta for congress..

Excitement in the McCain camp

McCain has forced the media into a retreat mode covering their bases for Obama. They have been trying to paint a light-hearted, but thoughtful ad

Obama's campaign is run based on whether not they like John McCain's ads in fact I am sure for enough donations Obama would run McCain's campaign for him...
At any rate the John McCain will be the center of attention tomorrow in Florida for the John Rich concert. Rich will unveil his new song "raising McCain". I hope it does not offend Obama.

Michigan for McCain?

a look inside of what may be the state that decides this election..

Dick Cheney to appear in Alabama

McCain maintains lead in Kentucky...

McCain ties it up in Montanna..

Barack Obama is doing it again...

Attacking the person he says is attacking him. Obama's arrogance is catching up with him, by the time he had started whining about Hillary in the primary he pretty much had a big enough advantage. This time around he has not won anything yet and his whining will be going on for a steady three months..

obama will say anything to get elected...

Pelosi and Hoyer aim to control the airwaves..

Vic Vickers raises his profile..

Shame on you Barack Obama you make me SICK!!

Lou Barletta for Congress..

Change is on the way!!

Social Security... he supports it!!


Yesterday was's biggest day yet!!

I would like to thanks all of you and encourage you to visit the google ads and tell your friends about
I it is therapeutic for me to have an outlet for my thoughts on pathological liar Barack Obama. I encourage you to become active in supporting local candidates. I at this time unfortunately only support Republicans for two reasons... 1. Democrats already have plenty of power and they are sure to gain more 2. The Democrat leadership is far to liberal to appease any true conservative democrat. The fact the leadership is so far to left makes me doubt the motives of Democrats running in the south.
I do think John McCain could work very well with the Blue Dog Democrats and potentially create a pagmatic and effective government.
Either way I encourage you to come back and visit the site as well as the google ads!!

Obama says he would not raise taxes on middle class folks...

100 million Americans own stocks...

Mayor Larry Langford

some folks in the suburbs surrounding Birmingham really dislike this man....
But I think he is perfect for Birmingham right now. He is someone who I think could really make Birmingham a better place through fighting to improve education and attracting businesses at any rate here is an article about him.... You might guess that his deeply held religous beliefs are one reason I like the man and if that is your guess... you are correct!!

* PS folks in the area surrounding Birmingham city.. He is not your daggum mayor!!