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Thursday, August 21, 2008

my thoughts ...

John McCain has pulled into somewhat of a tie. The fact that polls show he has moved to a slight lead in Colorado, Virginia, and Ohio. As I have said before if nothing earth shattering happens in one particular state the most likely situation will be that if McCain can win 3 out of 4 of the hotly contested battleground states... Virginina, Colorado, Ohio or Michigan.
Although it seems likely right now he could pull that off I believe he needs a solid 3 point lead in any state to counter act the possible undected success Obama could have from his volunteer network. That said my belief is John McCain is closer, but he has not yet overtaken Hollywood.
McCain supporters have got to become active volunteers telling their friends and families about John McCain.
I would say my gut now tells me Obama has about a 60% chance of winning about 2 weeks ago I would have said 80% so we are getting there

reasons for Obama's support of infanticide

Hilarious letter from Moore to voters, John Kerry, and W Bush the day before election 04..
good stuff..

Hollywood Hussein Obama has opened a door he did not want to open!!

American Issues Project..

Obama is going to have a tough fight on his hands... Obama does not know what he is up against..

Hollywood Hussein Obama's slammed for attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas..

McCain fires back at Obama smear machine..

I can't stand Harry Reid...