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Monday, July 7, 2008

Hey Mississippi a vote for Musgrove is a vote for Harry Reid

Mississippi I will be sorely disapointed if you send a Democrat to the United States Senate.

McCain staff shake up adds Mike Duhaime
Hopefully McCain's new campaign will be able to drive a the wedge thats exists between Barack Obama and the American people home. McCain must make efforts to stop the bleeding with African Americans and young people. I will suggest again McCain should launch a website dedicated to youth and interacting with youth.

Democrats take sexist swipe at Carly Fiorina

The DNC implies one of the most effective female CEO's does not understand the economy. This is just more typical attempts of Barack Obama and the DNC using sexism to try and win this election.

Balanced Budget John McCain

John McCain proposes a balanced budget by 2013. This is what America needs to return strength to our weakening dollar. Putting more money into circulation to pay of the debt devalues our dollar and drives up the price of oil.

Two New Hampshire Democrats head New Hampshire Democrats for McCain

Jim McConaha and Valery Mitchell... This is important for the McCain campaign. McCain must start reaching out to young voters and African-Americans.

Liberal Senator Mary Landrieu
Will take on John Kennedy, amongst other races of interest. Landrieu pays not attention to her home state when it come to support of liberal Senators Harry Reid and Barack Obama.

Democrats will say anything to win John Kerry edition

Despite offering John McCain the role as Vice President John Kerry says McCain lacks the judgement to lead.

I am Back

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. Sorry I was unable to post for so long. I maintain McCain must reach out to African Americans and Youth.