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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav or RNC?,2933,414261,00.html

Poll shows tight race.. Hollywood Hussen 49- McCain 48

Obama attacks Palin ... distorting her position on equal pay

Alabama defeats Clemson ROLL TIDE!!



Great way to start the season.. ROLL TIDE!!

new Gallup poll shows race tightening back up
48-42 Obama... yesterday it was 49-41...
Gallup polls represent 4 days of polling... this has two day of DNC and two days of Palin. Expect a jump tomorrow bringing this race even closer. FOLKS VOLUNTEER, REGISTER TO VOTE, talk to your neighbor about how you wish Washington was not so arrogant and believed it had all the solutions... and how you believe John McCain and Sarah Palin can bring American back to the people and out of Washington..

Sarah Palin day 2 (this must be a dream)


Part 1

Part 2

The McCain Palin camp should release...

a youtube having John McCain introduce Palin to the country in a direct way that can get spread throughout the country. Having her speak directly to the youth.

John Kerry says Palin is the next Dic Cheney..

wow that is weak. The Democrats are flustered.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin!!

McCain/Palin 2008...
Conservatives United!!

Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio

It is up to you to elect John McCain...

Obama lead stretches to 8 in Gallup...

That lead will be gone by Tuesday... just like the Berlin Bounce...


John McCain right for women!!

I would like to congratulate
Their tireless work has shown what an impact bloggers can have on the political process. This was victory for grassroots conservatives we have clearly sent the liberals into a tailspin. This has solidified this ticket as the ticket that believes in Americans and hard work.
No matter what happens in the fall we have leader for our conservative values that will take us into the next decade.
Independent Maverick Conservative

Obama is used to sexist attack.....

this will not be hard Obama does not like small town Americans or women. The Obama team has resorted to old politics.. and do not believe in women in politics...

If you want change that means something other than bigger government...

and either more national or higher taxes... John McCain and Sarah Palin is your ticket.....

This is the turning point for the GOP!!

Sarah Palin is going to bring life back to the GOP. I may even begin to call myself a Republican. This is truly a great day for Moderate and Conservative women. John McCain and Sarah Palin are going to deliver a brand of change that restores pride to America and yet does not bloat the government.
All the Obama camp can do is go back to dissing small town Americans and belittle small town folks and small town mayors.

Conservative, but not Bush meet....

Sarah Palin!!


She has been seen backstage!!!
This is a game changer!!! Great pick Senator John McCain!!


We must elect John McCain...

Bobby Jindal writes a nice article..

Folks would be excited if he picks Palin and that is my choice..

I will be ok with whomever John McCain selects because he has shown he is in this to win. But Sarah Palin I believe would really give Hollywood Hussein headaches. She would solidify states like Indiana and I even believe she could help in Colorado and Virginia. My belief is that states out west can relate to an Alaskan governor and that in Virginia soccer moms and working young folks.

is it Sarah Palin?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's arrogance on full display..

Obama has seen this country get as bad off as he says while serving in the Senate. Obama and Pelosi share the same trait they can talk down to Bush all night, but they take no responsibility for their own failures. They think every problem in this country is caused by Bush and as Biden and Obama two U.S. Senators + The speaker of the House they take no responsiblity for the mess they claim we are in...
Obama simply put gave a partisan, broad speech....

Jimmy Carter rips John McCain for Service in Vietnam..

mindless Obama supporters flood chicago radio...
Obama promises to spend his money on many, many, things... I guess Rezko has really helped him out... I now understand why Obama does not have to raise taxes he and Rezko are going to spend their money... not ours sounds good to me..

No specifics....

lies, division, partisan attacks,socialism .... highlight Obama's weak speech..



Hollywood Hussein must be stopped... I hear socialism and partisan politics as usual..

Obama delivers a misleading and negative message..

twisting McCain's words and listing no accomplishment. He also divides conservatives and Liberals...

good article by Beck...

Will Americans vote for someone who's campaign is based on a lie?

Hollywood hussein Obama says he is above partisan politics, but I sure do not see that in any of his actions...

great ad

I think it is Tim!!

John McCain is using everything, but the kitchen sink..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

While Democrats...

pile on sympathy for John Kerry... has anyone ever stopped to think that maybe he PISSED off veterans when he through his metals?

also it is very obvious to me why Republicans have so much success in Presidential elections and slightly less in local elections..
Democrats come every four years out of their little districts and cry and beg and plead for a bigger more federal government.... while complaining about the economy.... Their pious belief that they are somehow doing God's work by expanding our federal government does not seem to translate outside of the convention halls and media round tables.
Americans belief in businesses and belief the market can and will stabilize itself, but they also belief that there is a higher good which even without the all mighty federal government will lead others to help their fellow man.
With each complaint and warn out story the Democrats put more and more distance between themselves and the American people.
Bill Clinton's speech was wasted on partisan rhetoric when it could have been used to reconnect with some of the rural voters that helped lead him to the white house. Bill Clinton had one goal and that was to regain his spot of relevance in the DNC, but he certainly did not reach out to moderates and Republicans in his speech.
Foolishly enough Obama is fixing to solidify himself as a celebrity tomorrow night. Overall this will flow well into McCain naming his VP and then having a strong positive message amount the American People in Minnesota.
The fundamental reason Obama may well lose this race is his sincere belief that America is a bad place right now and that people have no hope. His belief is that he can return America to greatness, but that it has to be returned.
John McCain will have a message that America's worst days are better than the best days in where else on this planet. He will also be able to say he can take it to places far better than we are today.

'these times require more than a good soldier.'

Joe Biden says this disgusting line attacking John McCain's honorable service and readiness to lead..

The McCain camp could not be in better shape...

The Obama/Democrat message has been spent mostly on trying to convince us that these partisan hacks are just like us normal Americans. They are trying to convince us that Obama is just like us... trying to convince us that the Democrats are united and trying to convince us that Obama is ready to lead. This cannot be could for Obama...
lets make a list of major questions the Democrats themes would have us believe they are trying to answer.
1. Where the heck did Obama really come from/ explain that they are just like us...
2. Are the Democrats united?
3. is Obama ready to lead?
To me the fact that they have spent so much time trying to paint McCain as a third term of Bush they deserve to have to explain these basic questions. But it really does reflect poorly on Hollywood Hussein that he is having to have convention just to explain who he is...
Every speaker tells how they rose from nothing to become a wealthy public servant, but none of them believe Americans are capable of rising to the the top without the government doing it for them.
The generally negative tone of the convention is going to drive up Obama's negatives I would imagine.

Now the good part we looked at what questions the Democrats have tried to answer now lets look at what questions McCain can answer
1. Who is John McCain... which in short is a war hero who has put ideology aside in order to be the best public servant possible.
2. why is he unlike Bush.... GLOBAL WARMING, Campaign reform, advocating the surge, and more pragmatic amongst other things...
3. Why is Obama not ready to lead...
4. Why McCain is the best candidate for our taxes and safety!!!

This should be good and if I were a betting man I would say he picks Romney and Romney is an effective attack dog!!

The Obama smear campaign...

The idea of the Obama campaign is to turn anyone who disagrees with them into "smear" campaigners. Obama's smears against John McCain's family for owning houses are ok.... But talking of Obama's friendship with terrorist is not??
The Obama campaign seems to believe that Keith Oblermann is the referee of this general election.
As we have seen at the convention the Democrat party is just a huge gathering of folks begging for government handouts and attacking imaginary enemies. The routine is old and boring. This new kind of politics is more of the same. You find as many people as you can to start a drum beat that the other side is an attack macine while you are just the victim... YEAH RIGHT!!
Back to the main point and the Democrats politics of fear... Man the d's know how to put a guy to sleep. The democrats economic plan is find as many whining liberals to complain about all there personal problems and then add it all to our national debt to China. Sounds like a plan!!

The Obama camps tries to censor this ad..

by American Issues Project..

more on the liberal, progressive, blogger icon olberscum

Olberscum gets a good smacking..

can Obama's ego fit in the White House?

Eric Cantor?
This could actually be a very effective pick. He has the aggression of Romney without any of the previous attacks against McCain.

Don Imus for McCain...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama tries to censor American Issues Project..

Bill Clinton likes Obama... April fools...

Mark Warner speech falls flat...

Week speech little crowd enthusiasm... no specifics... just more liberal anger..

Mark Warner lied and said he would not go negative..

This shows alot about this mans personal integrity and it is not pretty. He is fortunate to be running against a awful campaign. What an $s#$#4.

Mark Warner goes negative...

I have lost all respect for his lying campaign of being above the fray. I will say that while he may attack his attacks are lame and his delivery is weak.

the Obama - Ayers ticket?

liberal idiot Nancy Pelosi...


Monday, August 25, 2008

poor cheating, lying, dividing, John Edwards...
I wonder which America Edwards was in when he made those calls...

Biden friends is Rezko partner in crime..,CST-NWS-rezko25.article
atleast this ticket is balanced with corruption at top and bottem...

more divided democrats

this is ugly and unfortunate..

McCain on a run according to a Democrat Senator..

more party "unity"

Hillary will vote for Obama tells her supporters to do as they wish..

fellow mindless celeb Madonna does Hollywood Hussein's dirty work..

Debra (John McCain ad)

This is great...

no party unity as convention begins...

This is outstanding for John McCain his clever ad

is keeping his message in the headlines and is forcing democrats to show their lack of unity.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

my thoughts ...

John McCain has pulled into somewhat of a tie. The fact that polls show he has moved to a slight lead in Colorado, Virginia, and Ohio. As I have said before if nothing earth shattering happens in one particular state the most likely situation will be that if McCain can win 3 out of 4 of the hotly contested battleground states... Virginina, Colorado, Ohio or Michigan.
Although it seems likely right now he could pull that off I believe he needs a solid 3 point lead in any state to counter act the possible undected success Obama could have from his volunteer network. That said my belief is John McCain is closer, but he has not yet overtaken Hollywood.
McCain supporters have got to become active volunteers telling their friends and families about John McCain.
I would say my gut now tells me Obama has about a 60% chance of winning about 2 weeks ago I would have said 80% so we are getting there

reasons for Obama's support of infanticide

Hilarious letter from Moore to voters, John Kerry, and W Bush the day before election 04..
good stuff..

Hollywood Hussein Obama has opened a door he did not want to open!!

American Issues Project..

Obama is going to have a tough fight on his hands... Obama does not know what he is up against..

Hollywood Hussein Obama's slammed for attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas..

McCain fires back at Obama smear machine..

I can't stand Harry Reid...

Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama smears McCain... Obama's campaign is a "Karl Rove" attack Machine..
Hollywood Hussein Obama is a dishonest corrupt politician who has resorted to an all out smear campaign against John McCain. Attacking as if he is a first grader telling the teacher on John McCain he presents John McCain as some sort of bully whom we should "fear".

Obama has no good ideas.. but he can smear John McCain

Barack Obama attacks Clarence Thomas's good name..

Hollywood Hussein Obama is at it again showing his elitist mentality....
Obama is a abortion advocate plain and simple. He has no clear vision on life, but he has a clear vision on abortion and the unborn. Abortion is good and the unborn have no value.

Obama continues his rovian smear campaign against McCain

All Americans know that John McCain is a true patriot who stood tall and proud for his country in a prison camp in Vietnam, but to Obama smears and hate are the only way to run a campaign. His message of divisive partisanship are date and disgusting.
Obama's barbaric views on abortion and contempt for the right to life movement make him a scary presidential candidate.

Friday, August 15, 2008 propaganda...

While the DNC and MOveon smear John McCain they drum up fear that the one is being smeared.

I will begin posting regularly again on Monday, but!!

I cannot believe the amount of tears Democrats shed and I think believe others shed over "smear" tactics. The chosen one is above reproach.... yeah right... he is a phony politician.. a cry baby... a liberal... His campaign runs several smear websites... "the next cheney"and "ExxonJohn" it is not going to work kiddos.
At anyrate Josh Segall is a liberal!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

I am taking the week off...(Josh Segall is a liberal)

couple notes... Josh Segall is a liberal do not forget it... a Nancy Pelosi Democrat
Barack Obama is trying to buy the whitehouse...
John McCain has picked the celeb angle he needs to ride it to the whitehouse...
McCain needs support from outside groups... good luck...
Vote for your local Republicans.. if you are a conservative... we have to stop the bleeding...
McCain has to win Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado or Michigan...
W looked content in China I was glad for him... I think there will be plenty of time to look back at his two terms and history will tell that story..
thanks and talk to you next week..
by the way Josh Segall is a liberal.. Vote Mike Rogers

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bill Clinton to speak at convention..

Tim Pawlenty has been a good surrogate for McCain..
Is he the Veep? I have no idea....

Election Forecast...

Lets be honest this election is 80% about whether or not John McCain can win Ohio and Virginia. The next 20% is about McCain either winning Colorado or Michigan. Under some certain circumstances New Hampshire is extremely important because a tie goes to Mr. Obama and it could be a tie breaker. Because of the nature of the campaign I believe Obama is and should be more focused on winning more than enough states to get the 270.

This means McCain has been smart in his travels. My only complaint would be more trips to Virginia and Colorado. I am of the belief that Michigan is a more likely McCain state than Wisconsin or Oregon. Either of which could replace Michigan as the Blue state McCain can pick off.

McCain most important states...

1. Ohio

2. Virginia

3. Colorado

4. Michigan

5. Oregon

6. Wisconsin

7. Pennsylvania

In my opinion...

bizarre story out of Maryland...

Big Oil Barack?

Idiot threatens to kill Obama
He is an idiot for many reasons...
We should all remember that no matter how much we dislike Obama's warped view of the world and how much we do not want his liberal judges on our courts he is an American. He is not a muslim and even if he were a muslim that would not mean he is a terrorist. Obama is a threat to the economic stability and social values, but lets deal with this through and election and through idiotic death threats.

John Sununu...

supports offshore drilling...

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine flops as Obama surrogate..

Celebrity ad a hit!! for John McCain...

McCain and Obama agree on...... the Dark Knight!!

John Edwards role in the party convention in doubt

as he fails to deny allegations of a affair and love child..

John McCAin highlights his maverick appeal...

Dictator of the House Nancy Pelosi's book flops hard..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

late Breaking polling data!! John McCain is doing well in Oregon...

on the issue of Josh Segall...

let me start off with this....
I am sure Josh Segall is a wonderful human being and has many talents.
Here is where I part ways with Mr. Segall and where I will from this point forward focus my blogging on the race.
There is an often overlooked and sometimes neglected aspect of voting in Representative democracy. You vote for two things ...
1. A party and leadership
2. the person who will represent you and your concerns within the boundaries of the leadership that is elected.
A vote for Josh Segall is literally a vote for Nancy Pelosi. He will vote her as speaker of the house. This may or may not concern you... If it does you have to seriously consider this before you vote. You also have to consider that when Mr. Segall says he is for drilling those words are empty unless he votes someone besides Nancy Pelosi as speaker. She will not allow a vote on drilling. If you think Nancy Pelosi is a good leader and speaker and is concerned with Alabama then you should vote between Mike and Josh, but if you think Pelosi is too powerful and does not concern herself with Alabama and our values it would make very little sense to vote for Mr. Segall.
I will spend less time covering Josh for two reasons...
1. I am not as against him personally as I may have given the impression... I am against his negative campaign (essentially implying that Rogers takes bribes on his website designed to attack Rogers) and I am against the leadership he would vote for...
2. Defeating Segall is secondary to defeating Obama and Kanjorski...

So at any rate I hope folks will come back and enjoy this site...


Tim Pawlenty does well in meeting with press..

Tim Pawlenty has a great message.. The republican party needs to find its blue collar soul. The party needs to find more good ideas like school vouchers and private social security accounts. They must find these ideas and then fight for them.
I like Pawlenty as a safe choice for VP. I still firmly believe that the two candidates most likely to bring votes and electoral votes are Palin and Romney. But if Pawlenty did make Minnesota competitive then he would be worth his weight in gold. Then McCain could focus on making sure he wins Virginia and Ohio.
This brings to mind something I have been meaning to blog about...
McCain is in a great place when it comes to the electoral college. The only real edge Obama has is that he has made some state that will most likely vote Republican either toss ups or leaning Republican. When the election gears up and the candidates define themselves and each other more and more it is likely those states will fall to McCain and this election will be decided in Ohio.
If Obama wins... Indiana, North Carolina, Montanna, Alaska, South Carolina, or Georgia McCain is in for a long night.
However lets say Obama picks Tim Kaine and he delivers Virginia for Obama... If McCain picks Pawlenty and he delivers Wisconsin or Minnesota for McCain well then we have a wash.
I know I am rambling, but here is my point.
John McCain must win ... Ohio and Virginia(or Minnesota because of Pawlenty) and once he wins Ohio and Virginia it will come down to whether or not McCain can win EITHER Colorado or Michigan.

Steven Cohen loses it, but it may have been justified...;jsessionid=CE1200822A7DEF246CC711D60A22F4EE?contentId=7149632&version=3&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=3.14.1&sflg=1

Josh Segall supports drilling???

According to an article in this montgomery paper...
Now if this is the case will Josh Segall vote San Fransico liberal Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House? If he votes for Nancy Pelosi he does not support drilling and that is a simple fact.
Josh Segall should come out and tell us who he will be voting for as speaker of the house.
Josh Segall likes to smear Mike Rogers and his good name, but I do not think Alabamians want to give Nancy Pelosi and even stronger voice by supporting her candidate.
Josh Segall has deep roots in with this liberal progressive fundraising website.

Rasmussenreports realeses interesting story about news sources and candidate selection..

Don Cazayoux takes orders from Pelosi

I sure hope the voters in Louisiana see through his scam..

John McCain: economic surge!!


Lou Barletta continues to lead corrupt congressmen Paul Kanjorski

Rhode Island liberal Josh Segall tries to blurr the line in Alabama congressional district...
Nancy Pelosi Democrat Josh Segall attempts to blur line between Republicans and Democrats in an effort to win conservative votes in Alabama. I have said before I am not a Republican, but I am a conservative and so are the voters in Alabama's 3rd congressional district. Josh Segall will go to Washington and vote for Nancy Pelosi and the interest of conservative voters are the absolute last thing on Nancy Pelosi's mind.
This is Nancy who will not even support a vote on drilling. Josh Segall is lying if he says he supports drilling, but will vote for a dictator of the house (Nancy Pelosi) who will not allow a vote. Southern democrats should get serious and demand a new Speaker, but until then there is no such thing as a conservative Democrat.

Do not be tricked.. Hollywood Hussein Obama get his money from Hollywood..

Hussein would have you believe that his money comes from small donors who scrape together every last penny for "change". But that is simply not the case Hollywood Hussein's money comes directly from fat wallets in Hollywood.

Hollywood Hussein Obama is truly a new kind of politician..

He is really changing the tone and it is nastier and more divisve than ever... take a look at what the DNC is up to now.. They are dragging this maverick war hero's name through the mud, while Obama says he is about a new kind of politician...
This really takes audacity...

Shadow congress continues even without Dictator of the house Nancy Pelosi..
Newt Gingrich is hanging with them as well...

Mark Udall lied after saying he would vote to keep congress in session until an energy bill was passed..

Mark Udall caught in an awful lie... Most likely Pelosi told him not to vote.

hopefully this will help Bob Schaffer... The last thing we need is another liberal in the Senate. Especially a dear friend of Pelosi...

John Edwards affair explodes....

Does this take him off the VP list? Well Hollywood Hussein Obama will have to see how it polls first...

George Clooney to campaign for Hollywood Hussein Obama in........

Switzerland.. yep Clooney will be heading to the crucial swing state of switzerland to raise money for Hollywood Hussein Obama. Obama feels he has locked down the German state and his poll numbers look great in France, but if he locks up Switzerland this world citizen may be own his way to a landslide victory.

Drilling will bring wealth and jobs...

McCain gives Marshal football team a pep talk...

Hollywood Hussein has tremendous support in Hollywood..

we knew that, but this is extreme...

Democrats find John McCain speaking on energy conservation..

I think the point of John McCain's tire guage attacks is not that it would not work or that it is stupid. John McCain's point was that it should not replace drilling off of our coasts.
Hollywood Hussein Obama does not thing that our drilling would drive down the cost of oil, but it would and even if it did not it would help reduce our dependence on other countries for oil.

John McCain up with another ad bringing Obama's big government approach into question...

Hollywood Hussein Obama is he ready to help your family?

issues of race still divide Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

ok we have a clear answer Obama opposes offshore drilling..

Hollywood Hussein Obama loses his cool ....

Hussein is asked why he supported a "Dick Cheney" energy bill that was essentially a hand out to big oil. A bill that John McCain opposed, but Obama claims McCain is working for big oil...

Obama continues his self-righteous campaign. It seems the only virtue Barack Hussein Obama knows is that he the "American symbol" and he must take any means to defend himself. If you attack this "American symbol" you are wrong, but if you are attacked by this "American symbol" he is only doing what is right which is defending this precious "American symbol."

Lynn Jenkins ends Jim Ryuns comeback..
This is a seat the GOP needs to win back.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Corrupt congressmen Paul Kanjorski runs smear campaign in Pennsylvania

Paul Korruptjorski

attends to smear Lou Barletta's name in order to win their congressional race..

good news for Gordon Smith in Oregon Senate race

Alabama - Clemson in Atlanta attracts gameday..

John Boehner calls on Dems to put in writing....

their support of drilling..

Nancy Pelosi allows Alabama Democrats to support drilling...

Pelosi tells Democrats to say whatever you need to get re-elected..
Alabama Democrats speak out on drilling having been given the go ahead from dictator of the houses Nancy Pelosi..

Critical thinking.... Nancy Pelosi is telling folks to say they support something she will block from even coming to the floor. If a Democrat is serious about drilling they will come out and say they are not voting for Pelosi as speaker and they should reveal who they will vote for as speaker. Pelosi is using Southern Democrats to increase her power to prevent drilling by increasing the number of votes she has for Dictator of the House, while telling them to lie to their constiuents.
like I said if you truly support drilling you would not vote Nancy Pelosi as Dictator of the House.
You hear me... Bright? you hear me... Segall? you hear me.. Griffith? You are liars and frauds if you say you support drilling and vote Nancy Pelosi dictator of the house.


This is the way John McCain needs to present himself!!

John McCain rocks Sturgis!

Monday, August 4, 2008

make sure you and your friends are registered to vote!!

McCain improves his standing in "purple" states...
gallup poll...

Obama compares himself to Paris Hilton..

McCain doing well in his home state...

McCain maintains lead in Florida .....

Alabama will reject Obama's arrogance in the fall...

John McCain continues with solid energy plan...

Obama continues his arrogant, bitter, negative campaign...

to distort John McCain's record...
Its sad to see some Hollywood wannabe low life like Hollywood Hussein Obama attacking a true American Hero. The fact is Hussein is a bitter agent of more of the same old negative lies that politics has become.
Hollywood Hussein Obama agent of slash and burn politics.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Obama heckled by African-Americans during a town hall meeting...

Hillary will not be VP... she is slated to give keynote address on Tuesday of the convetion..

Jeff Sessions to appear in Hoover,Al energy forum..

the "one" Hollywood Hussein Obama continues his campaign of arrogance..
calling McCain juvenile... what an arrogant idiot Obama is..

John McCain listens to Reps in Battlegrounds..

for Obama world citizenship does not include Latin America

Obama disses latin America..

McCain ad is no success with stupid celebs..,0,6538800.story

Hillary voters should consider McCain more seriously now..

If McCain wins Hillary can have a better shot at running in 2012 for two reasons..
1. Barack Obama will have been defeated if McCain wins... folks will not want another round...
2. John McCain may or may not run for re-election... giving Hillary an even better shot..

we are all tied up according to the latest gallup tracking poll...
44-44 Heck yeah!! Nothing could be worse for obama than to have the media divide America with the media on Obama's side....

George W Bush, Bush 41, and Jeb Bush all suprised and called in to Rush Limbaugh today...

here is the transcript...

yeah I was right... this is going to get ugly..

The one!! I am pumped!!

McCain has not only taken the gloves off... but I think he has thrown them away...

New York Times loses its cred to support Obama
Howell Raines is proud I know...

Open an honest debate in the House... of course Pelosi turned the lights out!!

Nancy Pelosi continues to wage her San Fransico passive aggressive war against the American family and economy. While Hollywood Hussein Obama cries himself to sleep about being called a celeb.. He does nothing to increase the production of oil and decrease the price. He or Pelosi does nothing to shift profits from "Foreign" oil to "Big" American oil. I would rather see American big oil turning record profits and hiring American workers than Americans sending their hard earned money overseas to countries who may or may not support terror. Of course Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are terrified of what the "Big" green lobby would do to them if they supported common sense legislation on drilling.
This is not a Republican and Democrat issues.... This is a Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Hollywood Hussein Obama and their "big" green lobbyist vs Americans. 75% of Americans support drilling in nearly every poll realesed. But this is one issues the great democrat trio will not cave on until you vote them out of office. This is why they are in power.. Hollywood Hussein will appoint an epa hand picked by the "green" lobbyist. We need John McCain who believes our planet is facing a warming patter and will work to solve, but will not allow lobbyist to dictate his agenda.
The American economy needs jobs and cheaper fuel. Drilling will provide both!!!

On the issues of Wal-Mart and Democrats

It should be obvious to anyone who votes that the Democrat party is in bed with big unions. The AFL-CIO has run a campaign attacking John McCain and is "swift boating" McCain. Do not expect anyone to report that because attacks on John McCain are fair game of course.

Brite Hume reports... John Edwards slips out of a Hotel... AGAIN!!,2933,395685,00.html

The racist New York Times exposes...

Viewing Barack Obama has some sort of handicapped candidate because of his race the New York Times has exposed their racist tilt.

While Obama prances around the globe all the racist New York Times sees is an incapable black man. Well I have news for you NYT Barack Obama has graduated from Harvard and serves in the United States Senate. I think the New York Times can quit playing its racist games and see the fact that Obama's celebrity has nothing to do with race, but his fluff message of false change and lies about his new style of politics.

Wal-Mart: Vote Democrat= Vote for Unions...
Walmart warns of the dangers of electing Democrats..