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Thursday, June 26, 2008

we are at a crossroads

McCain has stepped up his message. Barakamanina is getting a little softer. But Obama is in the lead, I am ok with that at this point. According to CNN McCain has met with conservative leaders in Ohio and hopefully will step up his efforts there. McCain needs a message that is 30% vote for me, 70% do not vote for him.
Obama has a record that is full of liberalism and corruption. Because of this a conservative moderate like McCain has a fighting chance. My gut tells me McCain is waiting for the right time to really amp it up, but he seems to be doing some things behind the scenes like meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans and the previously mentioned conservatives of Ohio.
McCain has to establish his credibility among Black voters and young voters. He has too make an effort to reach both. This serves two purposes it could possibly get him some votes in those to groups, but it would also bring exposure.
'McCain meets with top Civil Rights leaders' or 'McCain reaches out to the facebook youtube generation' This could find ways to appeal to moderates. McCain can win if he forces the issues, but he cannot win without rallying strong support from some group and then building on that base. As America gets to know Obama, his base will develope from folks who are sickened equal in three parts by... Obama's fraudulant false claims of 'change'... His blatant liberalism.. and his arrogance. Now I do not think that group will win him this election. This election will be won by him truly connecting with some group of people.

Thank Goodness conservatives are stepping up!!

Arrogant Hussein Obama

Today is a great day for

1. Hunters
2. folks who need self defense
3. Conservatives
4. Libertarians
5. John McCain

Today is a bad day for
1Barack Obama
2. Liberals