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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Electoral Map -strategy room-

Keys to victory
A) above all keep Ohio and Florida
1. Keep Virginia and North Carolina
2. Keep Nevada
3. pick up Michigan
4.pick up New Hampshire

You will hear that Barack Obama will compete in Virginia and North Carolina in the final months of the campaign.... Maybe, but I doubt it, if he is in a position that he can spend money in those states most likely he has the election wrapped up.

At the rate these two candidates are going Barack Obama's name will be toxic in the southeast in about a week. All the money in the world will not be able to fix his bad name. Obama is new on the scene and he is not going to be welcome soon.

His message of putting the era of partisanship to rest was beyond false. He is the most divisive politician our country has seen in some time. I think people will have to wonder what exactly his change is... I have not figured it out yet.

Come July-November this will be an election based on issues and you have to believe that with the amount of time McCain and Obama have they can clearly define those issues. McCain and the GOP need to good job of explaining that "Big" oil is a relative term and they do not need to be scapegoated for our governments failures.

Time will tell and Obama has a strong machine, but at the end of the day if McCain can increase his support among women ever so slightly and energize the base he stands a great chance of winning. One thing is for sure Obama's partisan bickering is going to help get the base going and if McCain continues to emphasize his lower taxes we might pull this one out.

* as you can tell if you read this blog it is motivated by whatever is on my mind... that said I hope to keep giving you updates on my electoral outlook.

McCain stops in New Jersey tomorrow

I think it is very important that McCain makes his push in the North East. He may or may not come back empty handed, but in this particular campaign it is important to give the perception you can "expand" the "map". John McCain faces and uphill battle and he and everyone who supports him knows this, but I assure you this he will fight til the last vote is counted.

The good news for McCain is that with the exception of Barack Obama's acceptance speech Obama should not get anymore big bounces in the polls. John McCain needs to continue to put pressure on Obama, stay above 40% in polls, and make a second home in Michigan/Ohio.

Keep fighting McCain( Virtual Town Hall)

He is going to host a virtual town hall with Democrats and Independents.

no one party is to blame for the sad state of the Senate...

but Nevada why do you send us this partisan stalwart?

What we need to do? let the market solve the problems...
I must admit I work at a computer lab where I do most of my blogging and it is killing me to miss John McCain's town hall meeting, oh well gotta make da money.

John McCain town hall tonight!!

This should be a very exciting chance for McCain to take his ideas directly to the people.

the general election begins...

after a quick look at polling data the election has begun and Barack Obama's bounce has started us off...... 48 Obama 42 Mccain. Thats 10% left to fight for... and those who might change their mind. Not a bad starting place for either camp. Obamania has given him a slight lead, but as voters start to pay more attention as the election gets closer.. I would expect another nail bitter.