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Saturday, June 7, 2008

change we can believe in???

Well here is food for thought .... For the past 28 years there has been a Bush or Clinton as either the President or Vice President. If Obama selects Clinton and they win the election that will 32 years and if they are re-elected that would 36 years of Bush and Clinton. This means many of the same tire old folks would fill important jobs in an Obama administration. I think it is time for real change.

Campaign strategy

McCain wants a regional campaign.

My top 5 picks for McCain's VP

1. Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska
2. Mitt Romney
3. Mike Huckabee
4. Jindal Governor of Louisianna
5. Pawlenty Governort of Minnesota

I think Sarah Palin does the most to help get McCain elected, however Romney is just as effective. The reason I have Huckabee and Romney above the other governors... is Jindal and Pawlenty are the future of the party and are not yet ready to move to the top of the ticket. Both could stand to wait a few years and speak at the convention and such. Romney can empty his pockets and help deliver Michigan.

CNN is in an organ of the DNC

tonight on Larry King they are discussing the general election with...
Terry Mcauliffe, Paul Begala, Arianna Huffington, and Lanny Davis. All McCain hating liberals. I call them like I see them and CNN has already been all in for Obama for months this is just the latest example.

Register to Vote

There is no reason not to, take a look at the candidates and decide who you want running the country. The president has many many roles, and they effect every aspect of your life. Take some time to do some research on the candidates. Senators, Governors, Congressmen. Take some time to inform yourself on the issues. Our nation is redefining itself. You must have a say. Take a family member go to your court house and register. Let this nation reflect your voice.

Barack Obama explains his sweetie remarks


not really Obama.

Clinton less than excited to endorse Obama

Giving a very scripted and cable news driven speech Clinton has endorsed Obama. Sexism from the Obama camp still looms large as we move forward. Obama may have gone to far in his negative rhetoric from time to time.
Clinton and Obama's campaigns from now and November can try and come together, but it will no happen. During the campaign Clinton shows her respect for McCain and doubts about Obama.