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Sunday, June 8, 2008

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I added the video feature

take a look at the video that shows Bill Clinton.

The GOP base must rally itself behind McCain.

Because of the state of the economy the GOP conservative base cannot be courted by John McCain. John McCain has record that would have made it hard for him to win the GOP nomination in a better year for the brand. However things are rough and they are not all President Bush's fault, but in politics perception is reality.
John McCain is a war hero.
John McCain is far better than "abortion on demand" Obama
John McCain is clearly better than "capital gains tax" Obama
John McCain is clearly better on energy policy. Leaving it up to the states to decide to drill off their coast or not. This would allow us to time focus on finding other fuels.
John McCain was right about the surge in Iraq.
John McCain knows we must win in Iraq... which means Iraq taking over the country for themselves.
John McCain is right for our country.... we have to accept that!!