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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Michelle Obama in her own words

and you can look in here liberal eyes and tell she means it. take a look.

John Edwards endorses Obama

Edwards On Obama’s Early Opposition To The Iraq War: “He Was A State Senator.” Edwards: “[Sen. Obama] wasn’t burdened, like a lot of us, with the information that we were receiving on the Intelligence Committee and as members of the United States Senate. We were getting very intimate detailed information about what was actually happening in Iraq. Senator Obama, I think, what did you say? He was a state senator. So he obviously wasn’t in the Congress and wasn’t part of the decision-making.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 2/4/07)

Edwards Called A Nonbinding Resolution Against The Iraq Troop Surge Favored By Obama “Useless.” “That nonbinding resolution against the Iraq troop surge favored by Barack Obama? ‘Useless,’ said Edwards. ‘Exactly like a child standing in the corner and stomping his feet.’” (Roger Simon, “Edwards ‘08: Talking Tough,” The Politico, 2/1/07)

Edwards Criticized Obama’s Previous Acceptance Of Contributions From PACs And Federal Lobbyists. Edwards: “And I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never taken any money, unlike Sen. Obama, never taken any money from a Washington lobbyist or a PAC.” (Former Sen. John Edwards, Press Conference, 12/22/07)

Edwards Attacked Obama For His Voting Present Over 100 Times In The Illinois State Legislature. Edwards: “Why would you over a hundred times vote ‘present.’” Obama: “John …” Edwards: “I mean, every one of us, every one – you’ve criticized Hillary, you’ve criticized me for our votes. We’ve cast hundreds and hundreds of votes. What you’re criticizing her for, by the way, you’ve done to us, which is you pick this vote and that vote out of the hundreds that we have – (applause) – and all I’m saying is, what’s fair is fair. You have every right to defend any vote, you do, and I respect your right to do that on any – on any substantive issue. It does not make sense to me and what if I had just not shown up…” (Former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama, CNN Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate, Myrtle Beach, SC, 1/21/08)

Edwards certainly is a man of principal.

Dear GOP

As a concerned Conservative voter I have a few suggestions.

1. Recruit find and run Black Candidates
2. Recruit find and run Hispanic Candidates
3. Recruit find and run Catholic Candidates
4. Recruit find and run Female candidates
5. talk about vouchers
6. go into Democrat strongholds and campaign
7. emphasize libertarian acceptance into the party
8. Recruit find and run Blue Dog democrats in the party allow them to feel welcomed
If the GOP could begin to get around 20% of the black vote it could really expand to a nationally viable party, If we can get around 45%-55% of Hispanics we can remain viable, if we can get around 50%-60% of the Catholic vote we can remain viable. We must put the Democrats on the defensive and expand our razor then majoriy coalition.

McCain outlines first term
he mentions some great things, most notable he would hold weekly press conferences and answer questions from joint sessions of congress, British style. That would be awesome I am more excited than ever about his campaign. If he is elected and does bring himself before congress I assure you he will get re-elected. One problem Bush has had is his hiding from the American people since the Iraq war went south.

John McCain Presidency

I believe we need to elect John McCain president. He has the potential to buy the party sometime to reclaim conservative voters. The Democrats have done an outstanding job of putting forth moderate candidates that have expanded their parties appeal. If John McCain is elected president, and is viewed as a moderate conservative it can give the GOP sometime to find candidates that can help us reclaim the conservative vote instead of diluting it throughout both parties.