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Monday, September 8, 2008

Michelle hits on bitter social issues..

talking down on people who believe marriage is a sacred institution Michelle says that in a perfect world gays would marry and adopt. She says Barack would put to rest the defense of marriage act. I personally have the opinion that marriage should be determined in the state legislatures across this country and no state should have to recognize other states laws.
The courts would no longer be able to legislate marriage definitions from the bench. But why does Barack not come out and say he supports gay marriage?

Cal Thomas is a classy conservative columnist...

we should all read more of his work... but here is a good article on Palin by Thomas..

This article backs up John McCain's all of the above energy approach..

Ford has new sporty car that can get 65 mpg, but the problem is we do not use diesel fuel in America. I have confidence McCain would work to remove the stigma of diesel because he has said he will not leave any stone unturned in his quest for energy in America.

good news in Governor's and Presidential race in Washington State..
McCain closes gap in Washington...

Palin biography to be released..

Tom Brady is out for the season..

daggum it!!

So how far ahead is McCain today?

That is debatable polls use different methods. Some weight Party ID and others do not. The polls that do not weigh part ID are going to fluctuate and have shown the most movement towards
McCain. This could mean that McCain has brought back some folks that were ashamed to admit they were Republican or conservative.
****my take on where this election stands before seeing any state polling****
I think John McCain will have taken Indiana, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, and of course Alaska will be off the map for the Democrats.(unless something major happens between now and election day) I believe that Virginia will begin the process of getting itself of the swing state list.
When the polls do come out the states I am most intriqued to see are Ohio, Michigan, and New Hampshire. If McCain is leading in Ohio, only down by a few points in Michigan, and tied in New Hampshire this would be a great day for McCain. He will have put Obama on defense.

American Issues Project

was not slowed by the bullying tactics of the Obama campaign.
and here is their ad...

a fighter is born....,0,6929761.story

John McCain has a 60% approval ratings WOW!!!

That is 5 higher than Obama and reflects McCain's appeal on both sides.

BREAKING NEWS!! John McCain has taken the

lead in the Rasmussen Daily tracking poll...