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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My outlook on this election

Polls Polls Polls... I look at them everyday twice day sometimes ten times a day, but sorry poll folks that will not tell the story.

The way to win this election is going to be voter registration. This what McCain seems to overlook and may eventually be his undoing. Yes he has to win independents, but he also has to win over the new registered voters and create new voters of his own.

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What do the polls say?

Right now the polls are speaking loud and clear.... If you listen you can hear their ever so quiet voice... saying McCain has to win this election.. Barack is not going to lose it....
My gut tells me some time around the Friday after the election I will suck it up and make one final farewell post. If I am thinking clearly enough to tell the truth I believe my thoughts will be something to this tune.

McCain should have run harder during the Democrat Primary. He should have taken that time to get to know the folks in Michigan and Ohio who will be key to a victory if he gets his victory. The McCain Biography tour was a failure. He should have spent this time meeting with conservative leaders telling them where he stands and why his positions best reflect their beliefs. McCain is relying on the base to rally itself which I am not guessing will happen in the numbers that he would need to pull out a victory.

His town hall meetings with Barack are an outstanding idea and they certainly help McCain , but Obama does not want to face the American people and become associated with his worn out liberal ideas he does not need to. McCain is going to somehow need to connect directly with Independents he is trying, but we can judge his success in November.

McCain has to reach out to African-Americans and youth. I am not seeing this happen. I have shown several polls on this website that indicate McCain is doing very well in some regions with African-Americans. Well they will be voting in record numbers this fall and may very well tip the race in Obama's favor. He has to make inroads he has to meet with leaders, campaign with leaders do whatever it takes. If you do not remember anything I ever type remember this... If McCain forfeits the youth and African-American vote he will lose this election.

So now that we have hit the negatives.... what can be done?
Spend money running ads in African American communities on TV and radio. Visit the inner-city. Take Micheal Steele and any other leading African-American Republicans who will go with him.
This may be to forward, but this would help. Coordinate a Country Music get out the vote Rally in the rural areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. He is going to have to find these votes somewhere.
Start a youth website, where youth can explain why they support him through video uploads and where John McCain can communicate directly to Youth.

The three ideas in my mine are the way to slow down the ever changing, change express.