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Friday, June 6, 2008

I will do something I do from time to time

I am going to put on my analyst hat.
Head north then head east. It has become apparent that the liberal media believes every state is in play this year for Obama and if he takes a visit it basically turns blue. My suggestion for McCain as a electoral junkie.
Spend a week of visits and tv ads in the North East, give it a try. During that week you can pull all resources out of New Mexico and Colorado. Give it a try see what happens, if you get a positive response maybe folks in those wealthy states will open up their checkbooks so you can afford TV ads. It will help solidify New Hampshire... who knows what it would do with New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, maybe even Maine. It could even help in Virginia and Pennsylvania. If you do take this trip and accompany it with a TV blitz it will surely at least make Obama consider going on the defensive.
- I would forget Iowa, but I think it is important to compete in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa area. I think a consistent effort in that area will keep Obama busy.
- McCain must take a trip and hold a rally in Virginia and North Carolina.
- Focus on turning Michigan and New Hampshire red. If he can turn both of those states he will have a great amount of breathing room.
- The biggest advantage McCain has is pretty simple... of the Bush-Kerry map... the only states that look certain to flip are... to Obama- Iowa and Colorado. and to McCain Michigan and New Hampshire. The liberal media can say whatever they want and yes Ohio is going to be the state once again, but the most likely flops are those mentioned above. This means in the final months McCain and Obama can focus on those two states. This mean Gods and Guns, and that has to make McCain feel very good.

food for thought Bush won 286-252... assuming McCain holds ohio he has some breathing room.
I know this is rambling, but a final note.

* I would make a very strong bet that the south including Virginia and North Carolina vote for McCain, I would also bet that Nevada stays red. I would also bet Olberscum, Anderson Cooper, Candy Crowley, Wolf Blitzer, Arianna Huffinton and David Gergen are all crying on Election night.


if you are considering voting for Barr... consider it voting for Obama.... and then consider the size of our government if he is president. Now everyone who visits this blog should make sure they registered to vote and get three friends to register to vote. Turn out will decide this election.

take a look

You have to check this video out.
and take a look at

Obama condescending toward clinton
Obama shows he has no respect for Senator Clinton, but just like Jeremiah Wright, Rezko, Michelle, Bill Clinton, Rev. Moss... Obama's friendship is only as deep as it is politically beneficial. Now that it benefits Obama he and Clinton are on good terms.

Hillary Clinton and others warn us about Barack

meet Barack

Moderates, Conservatives, and Libertarians.

If you consider yourself to be in any of those three categories there is only one candidate you should consider. The Democrats primary voters went through a long and historic process, but the only problem is they came out with the most inexperienced candidate, who also happens to be the most liberal Senator.
I understand his outstanding speaking ability, but you have to look deeper than just the surface. The Senator has a history and it is filled with two things liberal causes and crooked friends. He believes Iran is a tiny threat that we can bully with our military might. This shows his foreign policy is similar to George W Bush's in that it lacks clear understanding of the complexities involved in dealing with foreign policy.
Obama is not ready to be Commander and Chief

This is where conservatives and libertarians confuse me... Obama wants universal health care and while all good hearted Americans want other Americans to have health care this is not the governments place. The government should help encourage health care providers to provide low cost forms of health care. This is not a reason to increase the size of our bloated government.

I am simply calling on those three groups to consider the costs of electing the most spending liberal senator to the presidency.