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Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama's tax plan

John McCain is being swift boated....

will the dishonorable Hussein Obama call out this ugly attack on McCain's time as a pow.

Palin may change VP's forever...
she is really creating a buzz and turning a formerly kind lady like Claire Mccaskill into an evil Obama possed spirit.

the Obama problem...

He loves to talk about change will all know that.... but... the problem is he has to keep an extremely negative tone and mood in America in order to win the election. Americans no matter what pollsters ask are not negative people and are beginning to be turned off by Obama's doom and gloom.
The real underlying problem for Obama is throughout the summer and as we head towards the fall Obama has lost his message of change. What I mean by that with his nasty surrogate Claire Mcfatskill going on sunday talk shows planning McCain's funerals and assuming he will not live to be 80. It shows how desperate the Obama camp is getting. This means his change message is exactly where McCain should want it at this point and that is simple. Obama's message is American is 100% broke and the only way to fix it is too create a larger federal government that can solve all of our huge problems.
Now if she thinks America should not elect John McCain because of his age then should missourians send her back to the senate until she gets into better shape?

rural west will stay red!!

good news for McCain from Carville .....

ohio seems to lean McCain's way...


Virginia will be close...

in the latest poll from SurveyUSA Obama leads by 4... 50-46
last week McCain led by 2... 49-47
However if you look insid the numbers of the polls you will see they were not the exact same.
the most recent I will refer to as Poll#1 the older post will be Poll#2

Poll #1 surveyed
1. 29% conservative voters
Po1#2 surveyed
1.35% conservative voters
Poll#1 surveyed
2.33% Republicans and 37% Democrats
Poll#2 surveyed
2. 35% Republican and 36% Democrats
Poll#1 surveyed
3. 39% pro life and 57% pro choice
Poll #2 surveyed
3. 44% pro life and 52% pro choice

I am not claiming to know which sample size is better or which poll is more accurate. I am also no trained pollster to know if that is that big of a difference. But I think the the more recent survey was a slightly more liberal portrait of Virginia than the survey taken a week before.

But it highlights what I fear, that is just a subtle difference in turnout can change the outcome of this election. If I had to guess who will have better turnout I would have to assume it would be the Obama machine.

latest celeb to come to Obama's aide...

Hollywood Hussein Obama gets a great endorsement... Lindsey Lohan...,2933,422585,00.html