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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John McCain takes on the Bush administration and mr. Obama

Barack Obama lashes out at family advocate James Dobson

Obama adds to the list of folks who are not allowed to question his campaign.

Americans showed be served notice of Obama's relativism. It may or may not be your cup of of tea, but Barack Obama is a classic relativist. He goes into great detail about how no one can really interpret the Bible so America should just forget about it.

is Hussein the next W?

Ok lets think for a minute here.......
The end of the Clinton Era a came and since Reagan the Republicans had lacked a leader who really embodied their cause. While Bush 41 and Bob Dole are great Americans their was something about neither that truly resonated with the conservative base of the party. Now fast forward to the year 2000 W is running to be the next President. While he lacked enough experience to truly be ok'd for the position of Commander and Chief of the United States Armed forces, he has that charm that reflected the base.
Fast Forward to the year 2008 having had Al Gore and John Kerry as the past two Democrat nominees for President the Democrats are hungry for someone they can really rally behind insert the Jr. Senator from Illinois are inexperienced, left wing, party loyalist. The democrats are thirsty for power and will no doubt back this senator who's campaign is based on nothing more than pleasing whomevers ears are in front of him.
Barack has shown his fundmental dishonesty on hundreds of occasions most recently with his lie about public financing. This has revealed the blind masses are willing to follow him wherever he goes... and he will say whatever there is to be said to get votes. This is why McCain must focus on registering new voters. He must get out and find voters, reach them first and register them. Or Hussein will be the first President whom speaking their middle name is a hate crime.

Do not tell Barack Obama words do not matter

Dobson rips Obama on abortion