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Friday, August 1, 2008

Obama heckled by African-Americans during a town hall meeting...

Hillary will not be VP... she is slated to give keynote address on Tuesday of the convetion..

Jeff Sessions to appear in Hoover,Al energy forum..

the "one" Hollywood Hussein Obama continues his campaign of arrogance..
calling McCain juvenile... what an arrogant idiot Obama is..

John McCain listens to Reps in Battlegrounds..

for Obama world citizenship does not include Latin America

Obama disses latin America..

McCain ad is no success with stupid celebs..,0,6538800.story

Hillary voters should consider McCain more seriously now..

If McCain wins Hillary can have a better shot at running in 2012 for two reasons..
1. Barack Obama will have been defeated if McCain wins... folks will not want another round...
2. John McCain may or may not run for re-election... giving Hillary an even better shot..

we are all tied up according to the latest gallup tracking poll...
44-44 Heck yeah!! Nothing could be worse for obama than to have the media divide America with the media on Obama's side....

George W Bush, Bush 41, and Jeb Bush all suprised and called in to Rush Limbaugh today...

here is the transcript...

yeah I was right... this is going to get ugly..

The one!! I am pumped!!

McCain has not only taken the gloves off... but I think he has thrown them away...

New York Times loses its cred to support Obama
Howell Raines is proud I know...

Open an honest debate in the House... of course Pelosi turned the lights out!!

Nancy Pelosi continues to wage her San Fransico passive aggressive war against the American family and economy. While Hollywood Hussein Obama cries himself to sleep about being called a celeb.. He does nothing to increase the production of oil and decrease the price. He or Pelosi does nothing to shift profits from "Foreign" oil to "Big" American oil. I would rather see American big oil turning record profits and hiring American workers than Americans sending their hard earned money overseas to countries who may or may not support terror. Of course Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are terrified of what the "Big" green lobby would do to them if they supported common sense legislation on drilling.
This is not a Republican and Democrat issues.... This is a Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Hollywood Hussein Obama and their "big" green lobbyist vs Americans. 75% of Americans support drilling in nearly every poll realesed. But this is one issues the great democrat trio will not cave on until you vote them out of office. This is why they are in power.. Hollywood Hussein will appoint an epa hand picked by the "green" lobbyist. We need John McCain who believes our planet is facing a warming patter and will work to solve, but will not allow lobbyist to dictate his agenda.
The American economy needs jobs and cheaper fuel. Drilling will provide both!!!

On the issues of Wal-Mart and Democrats

It should be obvious to anyone who votes that the Democrat party is in bed with big unions. The AFL-CIO has run a campaign attacking John McCain and is "swift boating" McCain. Do not expect anyone to report that because attacks on John McCain are fair game of course.

Brite Hume reports... John Edwards slips out of a Hotel... AGAIN!!,2933,395685,00.html

The racist New York Times exposes...

Viewing Barack Obama has some sort of handicapped candidate because of his race the New York Times has exposed their racist tilt.

While Obama prances around the globe all the racist New York Times sees is an incapable black man. Well I have news for you NYT Barack Obama has graduated from Harvard and serves in the United States Senate. I think the New York Times can quit playing its racist games and see the fact that Obama's celebrity has nothing to do with race, but his fluff message of false change and lies about his new style of politics.

Wal-Mart: Vote Democrat= Vote for Unions...
Walmart warns of the dangers of electing Democrats..