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Friday, September 5, 2008

good article on realclear

smart ad for McCain

not good for Obama

Robert Novack writes a nice piece

Oprah denies Sarah Palin air time

I suppose Palin is just too old fashioned and conservative.

Chris Matthews should be fired..

Judging from the first poll released by Rasmussen

post Palin speech... which includes three nights of polling and only one of those nights includes data from after the Palin speech... John McCain is going to creep past Obama by sunday.

Tucker Bounds

Tucker Bonds with Campell Brown..

Tuckers shows he is a class act..

McCain will have the money to compete down the stretch..

some reaction to Palin speech from Hollywood..

but read the middle to see whom Michelle Obama fundraised with...,2933,417262,00.html

Sexism from Obama surrogates..

Because Sarah Palin is a women the Obama camp believes the only reason she is on the national ticket is to attract female voters.
A. This shows they believe women do not have the strength to attract men and women voters. It also belittles all of her accomplishments.
B. They believe she cannot attract women voters this is really going to backfire. They believe all of Hillary's famous 18 million voters are extreme leftist this is just simply very unlikely. The vote they are most likely not accounting for is women between the ages of 18 and 30. Women who may not fall into their partisan trap by becoming single issue voters(abortion). This may really encourage young women to vote for this strong and charismatic women.

Oprah shows true colors

Oprah is now a full fledged Obama surrogate. She has blocked Sarah Palin from coming on her show because she does not like her politics. tell Oprah what you think of her blocking Governor Palin simply for the sake of partisan politics.

John McCain gives a great speech...

Proven war hero and change agent... vs. the guy who can really run his mouth..