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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alabama lands commit from Gerald West out of Mobile as well...

Nick Saban is doing an outstanding job for the University of Alabama. I like throwing some sports into my blog. Suprise my guest....

Dolly has become our tornado and is heading to Texas

keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

William Ming commits to Alabama ROLL TIDE!!

sorry Its my blog I do what I want!!!

Hype.. the Obama effect...

Potential Obama VP may have mistress and secret family..

we know John Edwards is full of contradictions... two Americas rhetoric and 500$ haircuts...
but this would be the worst obviously..

Schaffer of Colorado with the most impressive moment I have ever seen in a debate...(watch the complete clip)

good news is all arounds us today... Schaffer is hanging tough in Colorado Sentate race
Democrat Udall leads Republican Schaffer 47% - 43% when leaners are included the lead is 49%-46%. Udall had lead by 9. I hope this continues to get closer....

Obama holds campaign rally in Europe.. McCain takes a lead in Ohio..

A reporter is forced to inform Obama that he is not the President of the United States this could be good. I should not get to optimistic, but things really could be shifting McCain's way. We will see what the poll numbers look like for Hussein after his trip to Obama. I think he might get a bounce in the swing states of Germnay, England, California, Vermont, Italy, Spain, Massachusetts, and France. I do not know how it will reflect the rest of the 57 states that Obama has campaigned in...

Cast your VP vote... Palin, Pawlent, Romney, or Jindal?

cast your vote and post your reason for your support as a comment in this thread and I will publish it ASAP.
I have casted my vote with Palin. The common arguement is that feminist will who are love abortion will not vote McCain anyway. Palin is Pro-Life, but I believe she could pull a few true feminist, but also pull some of the moderate females(soccer moms) that supported Hillary. She should not hurt McCain among straight males(nascar dads) (if ya know what I mean) not only because of her attractive appearance, but also because of her strong record on taxes, guns, and abortion.
I have my doubts about whether the media will go crazy for her considering their first true love Hussein Obama, but I have surveyed the internet and she has an outstanding grassroots network of support. Combine soccer moms, nascar dads, and rabid internet support and I think we have a winner. So I cast my vote for Sarah Palin... But know this full well I am 100% behind John McCain even if he picked Ted Kennedy I truly believe in John McCain.

* I mentioned the above reasons to support Sarah Palin without even touching on her fights against corruption and her experience dealing with Oil.
McCain-Palin 08' don't hope for change, Vote for it!!

Exciting these bloggers combined with the groups I

could Husseinamania backfire?

With the media's love affair running white hot with Barack Obama, the race for the Presidency is getting extremely close. Could the working class workers Obama needs to court be turned off by the media's love affair with Obama? I think it is possible. I think both of W's victories had a lot to do with the media snobs pushing Gore and Kerry too hard.
We all know the elite in our society think that should tell us how to live and what to believe, but the election is our chance to vote. The election is our chance to make our voice heard. We all know they Hussein as our President, and before you get offended at my referring to him has Hussein think about two things. 1. We call our President W that his middle and 2. the media was all about protecting Obama when his campaign discriminated against the Muslim ladies at his rally. .. Now back to the topic we know the media thinks America should become more secular and raise taxes, but we just do not all agree.
Hopefully the media's disdain for McCain and love of Obama will push some folks who have worried about voting for McCain, McCain's way.

One of the most important states for the GOP is coming around...

Hilarious.. good stuff... the media is ridiculous...

New York Post prints... McCain's piece good idea..