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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

John McCain's staff hits media for bias...

Campell Brown from CNN seems to believe a women's place is as Obama's campaign spokeswomen and not as a Vice Presidential candidate...

we see unfortunately lefty Campell Brown has tanked completely for Obama. She has never given any sort of a hard hitting interview to Hollywood Hussein delegate.

Fred Thompson hits a Homerun?

I think his speech was great.

I cannot believe Hollywood Hussein Obama will appear on

the O'Reily factor on the night John McCain gives his acceptance speech. That is shocking and disappointing. Classless by fox, O'Reily, and Obama.

Sarah Palin goes on the offensive regarding troopergate..

Sarah Palin met with Jewish lobbying group today..

CNN campaigns for Obama (Campell Brown)

Campell Brown known for softball interviews with Obama supporters. Turned read her Democrat talking points almost brought to tears defending her king Hollywood Hussein Obama Tucker Bounds held his own, but Campell Brown showed to whom she aligns herself.

I guess Campell Brown believes women should only be spokeswomen for a campaign ( a role she loves in the Obama campaign) and not VP's. Well her stance against powerful women shows her jealousy.

good ole Joe Lieberman giving a great speech

I am loving it... Harry Reid is not haha!!

current Wasilla, Alaska mayor defends Sarah Palin

Bush hits the "angry left"

That had to feel good for W.

George W Bush does a great job for..

John McCain

Laura Bush is in good spirits tonight!!

I have a great amount of respect for her it has been a tough 8 years.

Do not trust Campell Brown..

She used sexism to attack Sarah Palin in a interview with Tucker Bounds.. No suprise, but just look for bias in her coverage do not trust her.

if you look listen to the strategy room on

Shepherd Smith is hating on Christians on "Wedge Issues". He is saying Gay Rights and Abortion have no part in politics and what not. But he his taking a very angry approach toward Christians.

Sarah Palin is a Google icon...,8599,1838041,00.html?cnn=yes

Lindsey Lohan defends Bristol and Sarah Palin..,2933,415422,00.html

Joe Boehner defends Sarah Palin...
calls critics elitist... I agree..

Young guns make a push for their candidates ...

but where....

Can Fred and Joe save John? (RNC)

The pressure of the GOP's future sits on Lieberman and Thompson's shoulders. I say this because tonight is the night that must really get this convention is John McCain is safe and Hollywood Hussein is dangerous.
I will say Obama must comeback down under 50% by the end of this week.

Rove did not call Lieberman

Democrats cross the line..

Levi Johnson (Bristol's husband to be) will attend RNC

SEC BEWARE SI coverboy Glen Coffee

Joe Lieberman to shine at RNC tonight!!

Fred Thompson to the rescue hopefully


We can now be 100% Obama does not respect small town Americans.

Ignore the media Chauvinist.. Palin has experience...

Obama's arrogance...

Mocks Wasilla, Alaska saying his campaign staff is larger than the Mayor's.

Steve Corbett says NOBAMA

oil prices falling!!


REGISTER TO VOTE!!! and make sure your friends and family are as well...


good news for Jay Love over Bobby Bright..

Day of the convention features Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman

Day 2, Cindy McCain, John McCain, George w. Bush, Laura Bush

Number of Republicans grows in August....