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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fight the good fight conservatives and moderates alike

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to inform their friends about the true Barack. While he says he stands for a purple America... it seems the only thing he could mean by that is moving the country farther than the left than we could imagine. He is the candidate of the Left if you are a liberal and you read this blog I fully understand your support for Barack. I say that without the least bit of anger towards liberals. They have their reasons for their ideology... but where I part ways with Barack is his false change. The idea that Americans have been dumbed down enough to believe someone is a new kind of politician for no other reason than the fact that they say they are.
Start a blog, join a facebook group, talk to a friend or family member, lets make sure people do not support Barack based on false pretenses. He does not have a moderate leg to stand on. John McCain is no moderate, but he does work across party lines. Barack does not cross party lines and does not want to be judged by his friends and wife. The only problem I have with Barack saying he does not agree with these people he only likes to hear other opinions is.... where are all his radical right friends???? He has associations with American haters, but not with his conservatives... interesting.
What I am saying is simple... dig folks look... listen.. lets make sure America gets the full story about Barack... not his 10% of the actual story mixed with 90% lies.

Thank Goodness for the Internet

If it was not for the internet then I think Obama would be walking into this election and would not even be bruised. However the power of the internet is going to bloody up Obama and show his true colors. I know several anti-Obama facebook groups are gaining momentum. All politicians lie, but not all politicians platform and "brand" are built on lies. Obama floated through the liberal primary, but just wait until we have the most liberal candidate in front of all Americans for a few months.
Pro-Abortion on demand
Anti-Second amendment
Pro- Gay Marriage
Universal healthcare
crazy associates
I think as the times passes mainstream America will turn from this leftist.

Dear Democrats

You are delusional liberal whack jobs. Your anti-gun, anti-life, anti-marriage, and pro- tax candidates are not electable on a national level. If the GOP can make this election about who Obama really is.... a liberal crooked politician out of chicago... McCain will be President. If Obama fools America with his fake message of fake change.. then Obama will win.