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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The arrogant prick's campaign

runs off to ole england and starts running their mouth. We will see what happens in November.

John McCain

America we have to honestly look at the choices in front of us. John McCain has stood for all the things Barack claims to stand for, while McCain has fought for a right of center agenda. He has done it by working across the aisle. Conservative America must face this fact, Democrats will control the house and senate. They have earned that right, by allowing the GOP to wreck itself. John McCain can preside over this nation with honor, dignity, and courage as we face rough days ahead. John McCain can forge alliances with key Democratic Senators he has worked with in the past, while aligning himself with Blue Dog Democrats. This would truly represent the majority of Americans. Barack will run his mouth and the run the country into the ground. As Lieberman said in a previously posted article, Barack is A. afraid to stand up to the leftist in his party or B. he is a leftist. He has shown both are believable. The fact remains, we will have a potential for a liberal shift in our country, there is only one thing to stop this shift, VOTE MCCAIN.

Joe Lieberman Great article from a man who stands firm it would he believes, but its not afraid to compromise for the sake of our country. Sounds like John McCain and that would describe him, but we are talking about Joe Lieberman.