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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote against corrupt congressmen Paul Kanjorski

Lies, corruption,disrespect..



McCain holds steady in Texas..

Sarah Palin gets some attention..

Lou Barletta selected as mayor of the year..

Lou Barletta for congress..

Excitement in the McCain camp

McCain has forced the media into a retreat mode covering their bases for Obama. They have been trying to paint a light-hearted, but thoughtful ad

Obama's campaign is run based on whether not they like John McCain's ads in fact I am sure for enough donations Obama would run McCain's campaign for him...
At any rate the John McCain will be the center of attention tomorrow in Florida for the John Rich concert. Rich will unveil his new song "raising McCain". I hope it does not offend Obama.

Michigan for McCain?

a look inside of what may be the state that decides this election..

Dick Cheney to appear in Alabama

McCain maintains lead in Kentucky...

McCain ties it up in Montanna..

Barack Obama is doing it again...

Attacking the person he says is attacking him. Obama's arrogance is catching up with him, by the time he had started whining about Hillary in the primary he pretty much had a big enough advantage. This time around he has not won anything yet and his whining will be going on for a steady three months..

obama will say anything to get elected...

Pelosi and Hoyer aim to control the airwaves..

Vic Vickers raises his profile..

Shame on you Barack Obama you make me SICK!!

Lou Barletta for Congress..

Change is on the way!!

Social Security... he supports it!!


Yesterday was's biggest day yet!!

I would like to thanks all of you and encourage you to visit the google ads and tell your friends about
I it is therapeutic for me to have an outlet for my thoughts on pathological liar Barack Obama. I encourage you to become active in supporting local candidates. I at this time unfortunately only support Republicans for two reasons... 1. Democrats already have plenty of power and they are sure to gain more 2. The Democrat leadership is far to liberal to appease any true conservative democrat. The fact the leadership is so far to left makes me doubt the motives of Democrats running in the south.
I do think John McCain could work very well with the Blue Dog Democrats and potentially create a pagmatic and effective government.
Either way I encourage you to come back and visit the site as well as the google ads!!

Obama says he would not raise taxes on middle class folks...

100 million Americans own stocks...

Mayor Larry Langford

some folks in the suburbs surrounding Birmingham really dislike this man....
But I think he is perfect for Birmingham right now. He is someone who I think could really make Birmingham a better place through fighting to improve education and attracting businesses at any rate here is an article about him.... You might guess that his deeply held religous beliefs are one reason I like the man and if that is your guess... you are correct!!

* PS folks in the area surrounding Birmingham city.. He is not your daggum mayor!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

a way to measure VP Buzz....
using google search trends..

Obama continues to present himself as the leader...

Now that he is back to North America Barack has brought with him a even greater sense of entitlement. Since his coronation in Germany has made some claims such claim that he has already rapped up the election earlier this week in Virginia or telling the congressional Democrats that he is the symbol of American possibility.
Obama seems to believe he has this election in the bag. Well I hope McCain and Clinton bloggers will unite and force Obama to fight a tough campaign.

Terry Everett mulls run for Governor of Alabama

Elite liberal congressional candidate Josh Segall should sink in November...
This article outlines some of the work Segall has done such as organizing for Al Gore's presidential run. He has a website thats plays on Congressmen Mike Roger's time Washington... Maybe someone should start a website... RhodeIslandchangedSegall..

Obama shows his true colors...

The arrogance of Obama shines through with this spot... Barack Obama attacks John McCain while saying McCain is going negative... essentially Barack Obama attacks John McCain while claiming McCain is the old politics.
We know Barack Obama is an old Chicago style politician....

McCain continues to dominate in Nebraska..

John McCain expands his lead in Mississippi

Mississippi's GOP is having a banner day. Perhaps the media's obsession with the special election victory of Travis Childers is backfiring.

If Barack Obama is the new kind of Politician he says he is
He would apologize directly not send his spokesperson out on this one. He should also cut ties with Ludcaris or is he just like his crazy uncle Reverend Wright ... oh yeah Obama cut ties with Reverend Wright...
I want to hear Barack Obama adress this issue... this is over the top..

Tim Kaine is not all that popular..
Virginia GOP intends to make that loud and clear. He is a devisive figure in Virginia politics.

McCain is close in Michigan...

Roger Wicker opens up a lead on Ronnie Musgrove

Roger Wicker...
Mike Johanns leads in Nebraska....

Who will Josh Segall be accountable to? not Alabamaians..
Josh Segall has raised over one hundred thousand dollars on liberal, progressive blog "". He is committed to turning Alabama a nice shade of liberal blue... But I do not think that is what the conservative voters of Alabama. So do not let Josh Segall make this race about decieving claims about Mike Rogers.. lets make this election about rejecting Josh Segall's form of liberalism...
Mike Rogers is the kind of conservative leader Alabama wants and needs...

John McCain hits Obama on No to Drilling and yes to taxes...

Bloggers must drive this story.. Ludacris slams McCain, Clinton, and Bush while praising his friend Barack Obama...

Obama is here- Ludacris...

Ludacris, rapper and avid supporter of Barack Obama (Obama once claimed to have Ludacris in heavy rotation on his iPod) has released a new song called 'Politics: Obama Is Here' in which he attacks Hillary Clinton as an 'irrelevant bitch'.

I'm back on it like I just signed my record deal
yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal
never should have hated
you never should've doubted him
with a slot in the president's iPod Obama shattered 'em
Said I handled his biz and I'm one of his favorite rappers
Well give Luda a special pardon if I'm ever in the slammer
Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
Hillary hated on you, so that b^$&%* is irrelevant
Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
if you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
and all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
you can't stop what's bout to happen, we bout to make history
the first black president is destined and it's meant to be
the threats ain't fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
so get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote!
paint the White House black and I'm sure that's got 'em terrified
McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed
Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped
Ball up all of his speeches and I throw em like candy wrap
cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant
and you the worst of all 43 presidents
get out and vote or the end will be near
the world is ready for change because Obama is here!
cause Obama is here
The world is ready for change because Obama is here!

This once again brings into question what Obama would have you believe is his strong suit.. his Judgement... why is Luda in his IPOD? Why has met and hosted events with Luda? Also more sexism from Obama and his supporters...

Phil Kline Kansas
Phil Kline takes on abortion friends...

one of Obama's favorite artist writes offensive song..(Obama supporter attacks Hillary, McCain, and Bush)

Will Obama speak out against Ludacris? hear is two lines from the song..
"McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed"

"Hillary hated on you, so that b^"Hillary hated on you, so that b^$&%* is irrelevant"
amp;%* is irrelevant"
more sexism and ageism from those close to Barack Obama...

Obama says... “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

You did not believe me when I said Obama was arrogant?

Pelosi lets gas prices rise...

No to drilling? I say no to Nancy!!

Tom Cole visit highlights important role Alabama will play in this years congressional elections..

The Democrats are virtually a lock to keep control of both houses this fall, but Alabama represents an area where Republicans can gain a seat as well as maintain two other seats that will be hotly contested. It is important that Alabama rise up and say no to moral relativism of Nancy "abortion on demand" Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat leadership.
Nancy represents the progressive, liberal, relativist wing of the Democrat party and it is vitally important that we as Alabamians lead and not follow. We do not want to follow down the San Fransisco path of relativism and gun control. Nancy Pelosi will not even allow moderate Democrats to vote on a Energy bill that would include drilling for more oil. We as Alabamians realize oil will not go on forever, but we also realize that we need immediate solutions.
While Pelosi spends most of her time playing gotcha with President Bush Americans suffer at the pump. Pelosi has seen gas prices rise 2 dollars since she took the gavel as speaker of the House and she has not done anything. She has supported Gay Marriage in California that even the most liberal state in the Union rejected.
Alabamians must say yes to a new Republican party that practices what it preaches and gets back to its basics. A strong family values, gun rights, and fiscal restraint. This fall I encourage voters across our great state to vote for the Republican in your congressional district. Strong family men who will not have to answer to liberal, progressive, relativist bloggers, but will answer to you and your families concerns.
Miker Rogers, Jay Love, and Wayne Paker... take a look to the right on the website and give their sites a visit...
also check out...

Sarah Palin
article supporting Sarah Palin for VP... This is the pick McCain... This is the winning VP!!

Obama supporter releases offensive song about John McCain and Hillary Clinton...

'm back on it like I just signed my record deal
yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal
never should have hated
you never should've doubted him
with a slot in the president's iPod Obama shattered 'em
Said I handled his biz and I'm one of his favorite rappers
Well give Luda a special pardon if I'm ever in the slammer
Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
Hillary hated on you, so that b^$&%* is irrelevant
Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
if you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
and all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
you can't stop what's bout to happen, we bout to make history
the first black president is destined and it's meant to be
the threats ain't fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
so get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote!
paint the White House black and I'm sure that's got 'em terrified
McCain don't belong in ANY chair unless he's paralyzed
Yeah I said it cause Bush is mentally handicapped
Ball up all of his speeches and I throw em like candy wrap
cause what you talking I hear nothing even relevant
and you the worst of all 43 presidents
get out and vote or the end will be near
the world is ready for change because Obama is here!
cause Obama is here
The world is ready for change because Obama is here!
thanks to
This is disgusting Obama and Ludacris are friend and have had meetings together...
The disgusting human being who writes about Hillary being a ....... and John McCain being paralyzed is just another example of why Barack Hussein Obama is not the man to lead this country...
I am sickened by this vulgar outburst against two folks whom have dedicated their life to public service.
and yet another example of Obama's sexism.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

more on Vic Vickers...

letter to the editor about corrupt congressmen Paul Kanjorski

Kanjorksi and the DCCC running false ads about Lou Barletta, but that is what should be expected from this corrupt congressmen...

the Virginia GOP is going to play a key role...

in the Presidential election...
Can they convey a message that Obama is too liberal for Virginia.... but now they will need to hold down any bounce Obama will recieve from picking Kaine as VP...
Obama-Kaine 2008... if Virginia can be taken out of reach of the Democrats then Kaine was useless pick...

John Rich "Country First" Concert
John McCain will be present at the event with John Rich. This is an outstanding way for John McCain to reach important voting groups like young folks.

its a look at some of Barack's good friend...
Ayers, Rezko...

Obama has often shown a disrespect of women...

including calling the lady sweetie in Michigan, hiring Bernie Mac to tell sexist jokes at a fundraiser and more... will his disrespect of Hillary Clinton further alienate him from women over 40 whom Democrats depend on to win elections...

Phil Kline

Tim Kaine could offend Catholics...
Tim Kaine does not support the barbaric partial birth abortion, but he does support abortion on demand. This could be viewed as a slap in the face to Catholics to have yet another Catholic Democrat on the national ticket who is not pro life. It would be a superficial outreach to Catholic voters whom take their church's view on abortion seriously.
Having two abortion advocates on the national ticket would send a clear message to Americans across the country Obama Kaine represents more of the same from the secular relativist democrats.

Mississippi Democrats poised for take over?

Lou Barletta shows his true colors and they are good!!
Lou Barletta the popular mayor and challenger against

corrupt congressmen Paul Kanjorski shows that despite what folks like Barack Obama would have you believe you can be against illegal immigration, but also against hating folks that are here illegally or are just different than you....
We need folks in washington to stand up against folks like Kanjorski and Ted Stevens...
Vote Barletta Pennsylvania!!

Artur Davis contemplates a run for Alabama governor in 2010...

Artur Davis is a good congressmen who has done a good job representing the district in the state of Alabama that represents a majority of African-Americans. African-Americans are the last remaining reliable Democrat voting group in the state. I do not think Artur would be able to compete across the state because he would have run against his own record in congress. Artur however faces limited potential in the state... no matter what statewide election he engages in he will face a tough battle ... whether that is Governor or Senator... so to Artur Davis I say go for it and best of luck, but I do not like your chances...

McCain flashes his conservative and maverick side in Nevada..


Republican leaders stand tall against porky Reid...

Harry Reid DRILL!!!

Josh Segall uses elite funding to distort Mike Rogers in South Alabama...

Hopefully voters will see through this northeastern elitist Democrat running in Sweet Home Alabama... Hopefully having John McCain and Jeff Sessions on top of the ticket will help lead conservative leader Mike Rogers to victory. The last thing we need is another person running in our state to go to Washington to become Nancy Pelosi's crony.
Josh Segall is out of touch with reality if he believes he can win a raise by hiding his liberal approach to government by attacking Congressmen Rogers....
Stand up to liberal elitist and vote for Congressmen Rogers...

Americans support capitalism... bad news for Obama..

will the clinton - Obama divide cost Obama the election?

With the polls showing a tightening race and the cornerstone of the Democrat party slow to support Obama is it the Clinton Obama division that is hurting Obama? many folks are saying women 40+ will decide this election...

meet Vic Vickers and then send him to the U.S senate..
Vic Vickers... my suggested slogan for him... Harry Reid does not need even more power..!!

Congressmen Everett officially endorses Jay Love

in the Race to represent south Alabama..

A win for Wayne Parker in Huntsville is a win for the state of Alabama...

His opponent Parker Griffith will not say who he will vote for in the presidential election, but we do know he will vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House and that is enough for most folks...

Obama is a disaster waiting to happen...

now we are talking.. the Republicans will use the Obama-Pelosi-Reid to attack Obama good call!!
Obama Pelosi Reid are in lock step on almost every single issue because Obama is a chicago style party loyalist. I think it will be effective to point this out..

Wow talk about stupid... this dem wants to kill off the Blue Dogs..
The democrats would be a regional party made up of the few folks that are actually liberal in this country. It is this type of stupidity and arrogance that has to give the GOP hopes it can come back to life.
I have news for you folks are suppose to represent their districts not their party... you idiot...

Vic Vickers for Alaska U.S. Senate...
Alaska vote Vickers... a vote for the Democrat is a vote for liberal leadership...

Ted Stevens Should resign right now!!


Obama seems to have made his pick for VP Tim Kaine

a below average governor from Virginia.. hmmm?? Obama is cleary going to do anything he can to win this election. It may not have excited folks, but he should have picked a Biden or the like. Obama wants to have a obnoxious southern democrat with not foreign policy experience.. purely political pick...
I am done rambling, but bottem line Obama-Kaine 2008...

Ted Stevens is headed for trouble...why is he even running?,2933,393562,00.html

Obama's arrogance shows its ugly face
Obama comes back to American for a 100 day victory lap.. In his arrogant opinion...

Buzz heats up around Romeny, Pawlenty and on the Democrats side Kaine..

Romney or Pawlenty?
It seems as if we might find out soon....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Get your free Obama bumper sticker from
You can throw it away... put an N in front of the O... put an SN in front of the O and erase the ama...just waste some of George Soro's money....

If conditions on the ground are safe McCain supports a timetable...
The clear difference in position is that because it was a politically popular move Obama supported immediately leaving Iraq, but John McCain will judge whether or not it is safe for Iraqis and our servicemen before he withdrawals.

Nancy Pelosi helps in re-eletion effort of...

Detroit's disgraced mayor's mother....

Cindy McCain on Rwanda
some talk about doing good for others by spending taxpayers money and some live it out..

Obama Kaine?? it seems very possible...

In a desperate attempt to win the state of Virginia Obama will most likely select an average to below average governor ..... Obama will do anything to win...

cuil plans to takeover google!!!

Elizabeth Dole Senator from North Carolina will not attend RNC convention..

Congressmen Eric Cantor of Virginia.. potential McCain VP?
Could Cantor deliver Virginia? could he help among Jewish voters? theses are the important questions to ask...

corrupt congressmen Kanjorski is struggling in Pennsylvania

Lou Barletta appears to be performing well in Pennsylvania according to this article,CST-NWS-novak27web.article

John McCain VP???

My opinion on whom Senator McCain should pick...
1. Sarah Palin- Alaska's Governor... fights corruption, pro-business,pro-life,pro-gun... attractive lady...
2. Mitt Romney- Michigan+ Money... lots of folks think he could also help out west...,CST-NWS-novak27web.article
3. Tim Pawlenty- could do a good job, but I believe McCain needs to make a splash without having to introduce the VP. Sarah Palin would introduce herself I believe through increased media.

* Bobby Jindal would be a good pick, but he has pulled himself out...

my rankings of whom I think McCain will pick
1. Romney
2. Pawlenty
3. Jindal
4. Palin

Bob Schaffer campaigns across Colorado...

Tom Coburn gives Harry Reid headaches...

Reid allows for voting on GOP backed energy bill...

I bet Obama is not too happy.. His pockets run deep with environmentalist dollars..

Liberal Pelosi wants to end abstinence education

Abortion lover Pelosi wants to force her abortion agenda on America...

Obama says he will win in a landslide..
According to Obama he will dominate in the fall by adding red states to his column ....

Karl Rove submits testimony in Siegelmen case...

corrupt former governor Siegelem continues his pathetic whining in order to avoid justice...

John McCain holds tought despite Obama's hype

Hollywood Hussein Obama should have this election won by now...

bad news on Wall Street as the Democrats do nothing..

Obama threatens our ally Pakistan...

Obama threatens to invade our ally Pakistan

Congressmen Tom Cole campaigns in Alabama for Huntsvilles Wayen Parker..

Register to Vote

so you can help stop Hollywood Hussein Obama from becoming President and elect a true leader...

100 days until President McCain or Hollywood Hussein Obama
Make an impact register to vote and register your friends and family...

McCain hits Obama hard...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mike Hampton to make first major league start in 3 years for the Atlanta Braves..

Sarah Palin ....

Sarah Palin supporters... time is short blog about Palin and blog hard.... tell your friends about Palin... right letters to editors... Governor Sarah Palin could make be just the what McCain and conservatives need.
Picking Palin would put McCain on the offensive where he has not been during this election. She has the charm and drive to push Virginia and Indiana back where they should be and as I have said before her style of politics I believe would appeal to folks in Colorado, Montana, and the Dakotas.
Her internet presence would seriously benefit John McCain and the party as a whole. Her dealings with oil companies and energy policy in general make her the ideal VP. SO MAKE SOME INTERNET NOICE for her in the coming weeks.
She could stop Hollywood Hussein Obama's mindless march to the Whitehouse!!!

Senator Coburn vs Senator Porky Reid...

Friday, July 25, 2008

I was born in the 80's so this is throwback for me, but...

Some friday fun
I got you Babe- Sonny and Cher

Never My Love- the association

you decide leave a comment voting for which is your favorite love song!!

Pelosi and Reid willing to spend their political capital on opposing drilling?

The democrats and congress and their staunch opposition to drilling may be using up some of their good will. The Republican brand is as low as it has been since I suppose the end of the Nixon era and the democrats are feeling extremely confident about their chances in November.
While all major polls suggest between 66% and 75% of Americans support drilling Pelosi and Reid will not budge. I believe this is hurting your moderate democrats of which your majority is based on. If I was a democrat representing a conservative disrict in Ohio, Georgia, or North Carolina I would be furious with Pelosi. She is atleast going to cause a few folks, who try and represent their district well, to lose some sleep.
Can it be enough to give the GOP either the house or the senate NO, but it will certainly limit gains in the house and keep Reid from his 60 seat majority in the Senate. Republicans, conservatives, moderates, blue dog Democrats all just want some common since legislation that allows oil companies to drill. NO WE CANNOT DRILL OUR WAY OUT OF THIS, but we can have cheaper oil that does not leave us dependent on foreign terror supporting oil while we wait for renewable fuels which we all want.
Barack Obama whom is a special interest pet will not allow drilling, but if congress gets its act together and allows drilling he will be in a tough spot. Hollywood Hussein should go ahead and cave on this issue because sooner or later he will have to....

Jim DeMint steps up and Reid gets angry...

Senate Majority leader Democrat Harry Reid snaps his love for lobbyist shown clearly...

Pete Olson for Congress
Wake up Texas!! we have got to get rid of no drill Pelosi and it starts with taking back our red districts!!

failed presidential and vice presidential candidate John Edwards has an affair...,2933,391426,00.html
This is not good news for the Edwards family. We will have to wait for internal polling date to see if Hollywood Hussein Obama will remove Edwards from the VP short list. Obama's campaign is run by polling data so no word until Hollywood Hussein can get some polling data... maybe Monday?

Hollywood Hussein Obama should expect a tough homecoming..

John McCain must steal the headlines for a few days in order to get this race even. Then he has to unleash an all out campaign from the internet, tv, and radio to paint Hollywood Hussein Obama as the radical marxist that he is....

The cowboy diplomat that he is...(Obama would invade Pakistan)

The darling of the media elite...

The chicago style politician..

Good luck Hollywood Hussein... you should be about 15 points up by now... If McCain gets his S%$W together this could get crazy!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tim Pawlenty in West Michigan.... interesting...

Bob Schaffer has a great website... give it a visit...
He may have the energy to win in the fall...

New name for Obama... Hollywood Hussein Obama

I will be referring to him simply as Hollywood Hussein. Hollywood declares himself president I guess some folks are blind enough to go with flow.

our own world citizen...

McCain doing better...

more good news for the GOP

John Sununu has closed the gap slighty between he and shaheen

simple, but true... Democrats do nothing about energy... Dick Zimmer..

Dick Zimmer is hanging tough in New Jersey..

Senator Elizabeth Dole leads and Pat Mcrory still in good shape..In North Carolina..

McCain closes the gap in key states Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan..
This is great news for McCain..

speaking of Colorado Denver Broncos receiver Rod Smith will annouce his...

retirement today...
Rod Smith great player..

the Governor of the State of Alabama.. whoops the Head football coach at the University of Alabama Nick Saban speaks....

Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban

South Carolina senator Jim DeMint uses pac to raise money for Bob Schaffer

Republican Schaffer pulls even in Colorado Senate race...

Schaffer has gained about ten points in the polls and is now tied that is no surprise. Please watch this great debate moment again!!!

Norm Colemen also expands his lead over pervert Al Franken in the Minnesota senate race.

John Edwards has an silent

Obama's arrogance sickens me....

just thought you should know....

Dick Morris says no to Romney and has some unconventional suggestions...
I say unconventional because Rice and Powell both have a case of Obamamania and Lieberman is a Democrat.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

McCain has made no final VP choice....

Obama flat out lies.....

Sarah Palin.... lets keep her name going....

Sylvester Croom appears at SEC media days truly a class act..
I am a huge Alabama fan as you may or may not know... Sly Croom played for Bear Bryant at the University of Alabama and has gone on to be one of the best coaches in the business in my opinion. If Alabama does not make a surprise run for the SEC west championship I certainly hope Mississippi State does...

I will not let korrupt kongressmen kanjorski forget this clip

send Kanjorski home... Vote Lou Barletta

Robert Novak hits cyclist...

Jindal says I am the GOVERNOR and thats it...
Bobby Jindal appears to have taken his name out of consideration for VP. Jindal is a rising star in the party, but I believe thats exactly what he is a rising star. It is a smart descision to not jump the gun to early. Take a look at John Edwards for example he has lost 3 presidential level campaigns in only 2 cycles. He lost 2004 Democrat primary then he lost the election as VP and then he loses the 2008 Democrat primary. He did this having served only one term as Senator from the great state of North Carolina.
So I congratulate Jindal on his smart choice and hope the best for him in the years to come. He needs to focus on building his resume and foreign policy credentials and he may well be our President one day.
The direction of all this leads me to believe with more and more certainty that John McCain will select Mitt Romney. Mitt needs to be studying foreign policy because this most likely means he will be facing Joe Biden in atleast one debate. I think Hussein is going to select Biden as his VP.
I still hold out hope that McCain will go for the big splash and pick Sarah Palin, but I am not sure if McCain is going to go in that direction. If he did pick her he should pick her soon so that folks can get to know her.

*** final not last night on special report with Brit Hume.. big time Palin supporter(Krystol) Sarah Palin, said he no longer thinks she is being considered and believes McCain will pick Tom Ridge... I was certainly suprised.

Pawlenty for VP?
I think Pawlenty would be a good solid choice. I rank him in the second tier right below Palin and Romney as somewhat of a wash. I do think that naming a VP soon could benefit McCain in that he could double his presence across the country.
McCain runs the nitty gritty type of campaign that likes direct one on one contact. This is why the shrinking list of states in play benefits McCain and even more so benefits him if he has a solid VP out there campaigning and raising money with him.
2 questions to ponder with Pawlenty...
1. would he help to build McCain's support in the Dakotas and Montana? I do not know
2. how would he perform in Town Hall meetings?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alabama lands commit from Gerald West out of Mobile as well...

Nick Saban is doing an outstanding job for the University of Alabama. I like throwing some sports into my blog. Suprise my guest....

Dolly has become our tornado and is heading to Texas

keep Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

William Ming commits to Alabama ROLL TIDE!!

sorry Its my blog I do what I want!!!

Hype.. the Obama effect...

Potential Obama VP may have mistress and secret family..

we know John Edwards is full of contradictions... two Americas rhetoric and 500$ haircuts...
but this would be the worst obviously..

Schaffer of Colorado with the most impressive moment I have ever seen in a debate...(watch the complete clip)

good news is all arounds us today... Schaffer is hanging tough in Colorado Sentate race
Democrat Udall leads Republican Schaffer 47% - 43% when leaners are included the lead is 49%-46%. Udall had lead by 9. I hope this continues to get closer....

Obama holds campaign rally in Europe.. McCain takes a lead in Ohio..

A reporter is forced to inform Obama that he is not the President of the United States this could be good. I should not get to optimistic, but things really could be shifting McCain's way. We will see what the poll numbers look like for Hussein after his trip to Obama. I think he might get a bounce in the swing states of Germnay, England, California, Vermont, Italy, Spain, Massachusetts, and France. I do not know how it will reflect the rest of the 57 states that Obama has campaigned in...

Cast your VP vote... Palin, Pawlent, Romney, or Jindal?

cast your vote and post your reason for your support as a comment in this thread and I will publish it ASAP.
I have casted my vote with Palin. The common arguement is that feminist will who are love abortion will not vote McCain anyway. Palin is Pro-Life, but I believe she could pull a few true feminist, but also pull some of the moderate females(soccer moms) that supported Hillary. She should not hurt McCain among straight males(nascar dads) (if ya know what I mean) not only because of her attractive appearance, but also because of her strong record on taxes, guns, and abortion.
I have my doubts about whether the media will go crazy for her considering their first true love Hussein Obama, but I have surveyed the internet and she has an outstanding grassroots network of support. Combine soccer moms, nascar dads, and rabid internet support and I think we have a winner. So I cast my vote for Sarah Palin... But know this full well I am 100% behind John McCain even if he picked Ted Kennedy I truly believe in John McCain.

* I mentioned the above reasons to support Sarah Palin without even touching on her fights against corruption and her experience dealing with Oil.
McCain-Palin 08' don't hope for change, Vote for it!!

Exciting these bloggers combined with the groups I

could Husseinamania backfire?

With the media's love affair running white hot with Barack Obama, the race for the Presidency is getting extremely close. Could the working class workers Obama needs to court be turned off by the media's love affair with Obama? I think it is possible. I think both of W's victories had a lot to do with the media snobs pushing Gore and Kerry too hard.
We all know the elite in our society think that should tell us how to live and what to believe, but the election is our chance to vote. The election is our chance to make our voice heard. We all know they Hussein as our President, and before you get offended at my referring to him has Hussein think about two things. 1. We call our President W that his middle and 2. the media was all about protecting Obama when his campaign discriminated against the Muslim ladies at his rally. .. Now back to the topic we know the media thinks America should become more secular and raise taxes, but we just do not all agree.
Hopefully the media's disdain for McCain and love of Obama will push some folks who have worried about voting for McCain, McCain's way.

One of the most important states for the GOP is coming around...

Hilarious.. good stuff... the media is ridiculous...

New York Post prints... McCain's piece good idea..

Monday, July 21, 2008

The states McCain must win....

its real simple McCain must win .... Ohio,Virginia,Nevada and Michigan or Colorado.
That prediction is based on a model of our typical red-state blue state map and is most likely. If he pulls in Ohio and Michigan he has plenty of breathing room. If he loses Michigan, but wins Colorado he cannot let hardly any states go. The first step is building a 3 or 4 point lead in Virginia and Nevada.

Ready to lead?..... NO!!!

New Hampshire Democrat supports McCain

Jonah Goldberg article on the VP hilarious,0,6527225.htmlstory

could it be Jindal?
I support Sarah Palin for VP, but Jindal could be an outstanding choice. I have said before I feel that Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin are the only ones who actually help McCain in my estimation. However given the fact that John McCain has not made an issue out of Barack Obama's inexperience it may well be a good choice. McCain has chosen to go the route of attacking Obama's stupidity in foreign affairs and apathy towards winning the war on terror as opposed to attacking his experience. This should get interesting....

sources say McCain will annouce his VP pick this week...

John McCain visits Maine

Leno out? Connan up... Fallon in....

Americans see bias in coverage of election

New York times shows off its bias...
It is outstanding to have Matt Drudge stand up to the media elites. I hope he continues to hold the media accountable for their coverage of the election.

This cannot be our commander and chief...

McCain hit harder!!

John McCain is throwing punches and it is working I believe. McCain must connect with young voters and continue to reach out to African-Americans. McCain has to move in Ohio eventually when will it happen I do not know, but once it does McCain has to move Michigan or Colorado and then he can become President. This is based on the assumption that McCain will lock down the south eventually and Indiana.

Allen West for Congress

Vets for Freedom Ad

the editorial the New York Times tried to censor...

Alabama pro family taxes... I love it..

Dark Knight rakes in the money!,2933,386822,00.html

Arrogant Obama vs. Pakistan sovereignty...

Obama would invade Pakistan...that sounds like W's cowboy diplomacy..

Don't hope for lower gas prices vote for it!!

Despite the Obama's southern Myth Georgia remains strong for McCain

New York Times in the tank for Obama

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman the Dark Knight... is shaping up to be a smash hit

Hannity and Rasmussen give Palin some attention....

Jack Hawkins for Governor of Alabama sounds interesting
I like the idea of a candidate from outside of politics. I think the Republicans have a very strong field for 2010. Artur Davis would be an interesting candidate for the Democrats, but I am sure he has been in lock step with Nancy Pelosi in Washington and that would hurt him.

John McCain turns up the heat....

Wisconsin district 8 vote John Gard

Men for McCain

Obama goes to Iraq to lecture our troops on why they should and will quit... will see how that goes over

Flip-Flopping, holier than thou Obama gives McCain the break he needs..

Most people are turned off by Barack Obama's self-absorbed nature. The long Democrat primary may have given McCain the break he needed. It seems because of the long primary and Obama's self obsessed style he has taken Bush out of the picture and made this race about whether or not America wants a narcissist whom only strives for more power as our President.
I get the feeling this overseas trip is going to be the last straw and polls especially in Ohio and Virginia are going to start to sway McCain's way. I think CNN and FoxNews calling out the MSM for following Obama is going to hurt Obama soon.
Having Obama shoved down our throats until we forget about W might just be exactly what McCain needs.

good folks of Alabam steer clear of Pelosi vote Wayne Parker and Jay Love..

Nancy Pelosi is the most divisive figure in American politics. With gas prices soaring and uncertainty about what out next source of oil might be Nancy Pelosi took the time to call W a total failure. That may be true, but when Nancy Pelosi took over as speaker of the house gas was 2$ a gallon. Oil 50$ and it has risen to as hight as 150$.
But because of San Fransisco lobbyist she adores their will be no drilling to hold us over until we find a reliable alternative to oil. Like Senator Obama I am sure she is glad gas prices have risen. Few people doubt we are ready for a new kind of energy, but we need oil and we need it now.
She likes to blame speculators and futures markets for the rising cost of oil, but if she took the time to think about it the fact that we would increase our oil production in 5-7 years would drive down the futures for oil.
The mortgage crisis has happened under her watch. Corrupt congressmen Kanjorski admitted that the Democrats lied about Iraq to get elected. The only thing that has improved since she took over is the the thing she opposes most vigourusly the war in Iraq.
So Alabama do not send folks to Washington who will vote her speaker of the House and be accountable to her for their every vote. Vote for folks who will not have to walk in lock step with her. I am sure the Democrats running in North and South Alabama are good folks, but voting for Pelosi is something Alabama cannot afford.
Unless you potentially want the of this country all to be further to the left than George Mcgovern (Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi) Vote John McCain, Wayne Parker for the Huntsville District and Jay Love in Montgomery. (Montgomery) (huntsville)

The primary bounce is going away day by day...

Obama lies no suprise here

Obama will say anything to get elected President.

Obama is a fraud

Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you watched that Dragnet episode and sympathized with..

the hippie vote Obama, but if you believe in the officers and that their may possibly be more than moral relativism vote for John McCain. Make sure everyone in your family and your friends vote McCain. The hippie in that episode represents the ideas that would prevail on the supreme court if Obama had his way.
Somebody has to take a stand... you can VOTE!!!

listen to what the crazy drug dude says about our future leaders says Nancy Pelosi

is a total failure just like GWB. look at how many things have gone wrong since she took over as speaker of the house,Or obnoxious queen of the house.

Obama is going all out in Virginia
John McCain has to respond to the latest move by Obama

Barack Obama and Howard Dean set their eyes on Texas
Republicans are going to need to toughen up a little bit and fight back pretty soon. Dean's trip through Texas will definitely pay off for the Democrats. The RNC needs to get this type of presence going.

I missed the poll somehow New Jersey tightens up
New Jersey could swing to McCain, but that would be similar to if Obama wins North Carolina and Missouri. It would most likely McCain wins big. The tough part of New Jersey is the expensive ads.

Sarah Palin presents bold plan to Alaskan lawmakers

Destin Hood choses Washington over Alabama Crimson Tide

McCain in Missouri

Obama explains his position in Iraq

America he has you fooled just like W did. You cannot trust Obama.

Barack's contradictions
it sickens me that this fraud might be our president.

in honor of Bob Dylan's boycott of the RNC convention
I will list my top 5 favorite Bob Dylan Songs....
yes he is boycotting the convetion, but he is still the best.
1. Tangled up in Blue
2. Visions of Johanna
3. All I really want to do
4. only a pawn in their game
honorable mention .... Spanish boots of spanish leather, like a rolling stone, ring them bells and more

McCain surrogate Fiorina meets with "Hillraisers"
This is the type of meeting that could get John McCain elected president.

J.C. Watts launches Black News network..
I think this is a great idea by a great man. I am always saddened his career did not go further in Washington.

Jay Love vs Bobby Bright

The facts of the matter is Bobby Bright is no liberal, but the most important vote he will cast will be voting San Fransisco liberal as Speaker of the House. This makes conservatives powerless. It is sad, but true you cannot vote for a conservative Democrat in an election this important. They do not need more votes.

Al Gore praises McCain and Obama

America needs Allen West Fl 22

Senator Tom Coburn shows his appreciation of REDSTATE
RedState is a great site you should all visit.

An article takes a look at Wayne Parker's chances


Electoral strategies....

McCain's winning coalition hinges on winning Virginia that is a must. I have long said Michigan and Ohio are two musts, but when it comes down to it McCain needs to win Ohio and Virginia plus either Colorado or Michigan. Now in all this it is important to note Obama could win big and McCain would lose states like North Carolina and Indiana. I am only speaking with the assumption this is a close race. Ohio and Colorado or Michigan. If he wins those three McCain will win comfortably.

I get sick to my stomach when I see this Dic Cheney style Democrat Congressmen Kanjorksi

act as if this was no big deal...
He does Washing D.C. as disservice and my friends that is hard to do. Pennsylvania send korruptjorski packing.

McCain is hanging tough... Obama is slipping...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time for some campaign'n Hilarious

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Human events takes a look at McCain Obama

Colorado for McCain

The rest of Jesse Jackson's comments

The rest of Jesse Jackson's comments

Beanie Wells hopes to be a leader for Ohio State University this year..
I think the Buckeyes are going to be a much improved team after their struggles against SEC football teams.

alabama vs. Virginia Tech might not being doing down after all

Cazayoux vs Cazayoux
All he knows for sure is in Washington he does what Nancy tells him to do.. and Nancy tells him say whatever you need to get re-elected.

McCain's NAACP speech goes well

Ro Martin says McCain right on School choice

Wayen Parker and Jay Love face tough battles in the fall

Wrigley field to host Hockey

Hilarious!!!! time for some campaign'n

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ALL-STAR disaster avoided,-time-to-make-contingency-plan
This was a very entertaining game, very competitive on both sides, but I agree it is pointless to have pitchers take up part of a roster who cannot pitch. Partiuclarly with the fact that this game has direct consequences home field advantage in the World Series.


Thanks for all of your visits and comments especially. I hope to continue this site and one of my major goals with this site.. Is to give you a voice. We listen and look... gas prices going up... gay marriage rulings going right over the will of the people... Millions of our good friends are being brainwashed my the freshmen senator from illinois. But I hope to give you a voice and I also hope you will come back and listen THANKS!!!

Lou Barletta responds to attacks from Corrupt Congressmen Kanjorski

Lou Barletta responds to untrue Kanjorski attack ads
Today at 3:10pm
HAZLETON – Hazleton Mayor and 11th Congressional District candidate Lou Barletta responded to the untrue attack ad launched by Paul Kanjorski and his Washington, D.C., smear team: “I wish I could say this comes as a surprise but Paul Kanjorski has been attacking me from the minute I entered this race. This is a sad day for the citizens of northeastern Pennsylvania. With gas prices at an all-time high, our countries bravest in harm’s way, our economy in serious trouble, and an out-of-control health care system, the best Paul Kanjorski can do is run negative television ads against me.“The people of the 11th Congressional District deserve better than this. I have challenged Mr. Kanjorski to a series of debates starting right now. He refuses to debate me. Instead, he would rather continue raiding trillions of dollars from Social Security, voting against offshore drilling for our own oil, and hiding behind his Washington smear team to attack me.“I stood up to President Bush to protect Hazleton and all of northeastern Pennsylvania. And I don't support the privatization of Social Security.“Record high gas prices, our armed forces are in a war, and our economy is a mess and Paul Kanjorski's answer to these problems is negative attacks and lies. That's not leadership, but that’s what Mr. Kanjorski offers.”

meet Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin for VP

I have done some soul searching and some thinking....
I now fully support Sarah Palin for VP ahead of Mitt Romney.
first off my feelings for Romney have not changed in the least. I think he is a good man who represents both types of conservatives, but because of governing the most liberal state in the union he would need to do a lot of flip-flopping to appease the base. Romney is still in my opinion an effective choice for VP because of connections with Michigan and ability to raise lots of money.
Romney represents capitalism and social conservative values in my book. But.... on to Palin...
Sarah Palin is the most popular elected official in the country gaining approval of some 70% of voters in Alaska. She is an attractive lady with a big family and true pro life credentials. She might make the difference in this campaign. I Believe Romeny will stay loyal and do what he can to help McCain win and if that is the case all things considered she might be the perfect VP canidate. Her internet following is loyal and organized. She could create a real buzz.

So with whatever wait this website carries which is minimal at best I know.. supports Sarah Palin for VP and encourages you to do so as well...

Lou Barletta vs Kanjorski

Alabama vs Virginia Tech to open 2009 football season
I as a Alabama fan am very excited that we are going out and playing big time teams year after year.

McCain talks School Choice to NAACP

Obama's latest lie and more sexism from the Obama camp

Obama's latest lie and more sexism from the Obama camp

STOP KANJORSKI!! great site dedicating to ending corrupt congressmen who along with Barack Obama and other Democrats lied to win the midterm elections in 2006.

Jay Love and Wayne Parker need some cash....

Republicans who won congressional primaries in the State of Alabama are behind their Democrat opponents in cash... These are races that Republicans can win...

Obama leads will that change?

John McCain has a fighting attitude and he will not quit. But should he? NO, McCain's steady and experienced leadership can turn this race around. The keys are picking the the right running mate, being himself(on message, but still himself), and finally exposing Barack as the inexperienced fraud that he is.... These are all part of a process that he must stick with and carry out til November.
Positives so far...
-He has managed to keep a brand that is seperate from the Republican Party.
-He forced Barack to lie about his campaign financing
- He is putting Barack on the defensive some...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

let the election begin...

Jay Love and Wayne Parker appear to win ALGOP Primaries

The race for congress is taking shape in the state of Alabama... Alabama 2nd Congressional District Alabama 5th Congressional District

Michael Steele encourages McCain to reach out to Blacks

Run-offs in Alabama GOP congressional primaries are going on tonight... The North Alabama district is a potential pick up for the GOP.

Barack Obama vs Axelrod....

Obama spokesperson Axelrod lies about what Obama has said.... I do not blame him because Obama has said just about anything imaginable to get elected.

Vote against korruption vote against Kanjorski...

Democrats run ads on behalf of corrupt congressmen kanjorski.
This lying man should not return to congress....
another lie

An honorable candidate for U.S. Congress

Obama once again shows he lacks the character to lead