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Monday, June 16, 2008

Tim Scott
I will be watching this mans career. I wish him the best in his political career.

Tim Pawlenty Governor of Minnesota
Tim Pawlenty on why he supports McCain as well as why he is a Republican. He also mentions reaching young voters.
Article on his chances of becoming VP.


I will feature Republicans from around the country who are rising stars in the Party.

John McCain supports allowing states to drill off Shores

this is an issue McCain should take and run with... it has the populist overtones he needs badly.

whats next? for the GOP...

The fall of the Republican party has been rapid and hard, but can it be restored and recreated? I believe it can. I am not a Republican I am a conservative Independent, however the Democrat party scares me because as a person who believes in family values and low taxation on every tax earner, if I vote with the Democrat party my vote is thrown into a pile of many other interests.

At no point has there ever been party that so perfectly represented half of America as the Republican party from 1994, up until the Iraq war. Its ideas of fiscal responsibility and family values resonated with families across America, often mocked as "red-staters". The Iraq war, a sour economy, and a rising deficit have hit the GOP hard. Many of our servicemen come from red-states and are discouraged as we read in our local papers about our neighbors and friends who have died in the war.

We have no sympathy for GOP congress folk getting involved in sex scandals. Tom Delay could have done the movement a favor and kept his hands clean. The economy and its multi-faceted problems are no fault of GOP ideas, but a result of a changing global economy where America must find its place.

The conservative movement should not be stopped, in fact it should push harder.

8 things the GOP should do to remain a viable party
1. every single election fight for African-American votes. Every election on every level.
2. promote school vouchers..
3. Fiscal restraint- once you get to Washington do not spend what we do not have
4. DRILL for oil off the coast... bring that up everyday in both houses
5. run libertarian leaning candidates where they are viable
6. Values... promote them, support them, vote for them, but for crying out loud live them out.

Congressmen Kanjorksi.... at his very best

Government corruption... from an Obama supporter.

This goes beyond government waste... this is government corruption.

This man has mastered the art of double speak.

Pennsylvanian??? why the heck are you sending this man to Congress?

at least he does not feel any obligation to apologize to the troops for making an election issue out of their service.