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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Harry Reid sexist attack

Palin speech "Shrill" will see if Reid's sexism sinks Reid.

Sarah Palin ticks off Senator Harry Reid..

a good sign... Harry Reid calls her speech "shrill". I hope his $#Q%$%@# sinks in Nevada.

Governor Sarah Palin Delivers the best speech in VP

history... great job!!

Sarah Palin comes out swining..

Great line from Sarah Palin's speech tonight..

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities."

Drudge has parts of Palin speech..

highlights of Palin Speech.

Harry Reid shows in the Democrat Party you better fall in line..
Joe Lieberman may get cut.

why Minnesota and Iowa are not all that important swing state..

Four states will decide this election.
1. Ohio- McCain loses its over
2. Virginia/ Colorado- if McCain loses both its over... if McCain wins one he must win. ....
3. Michigan
essentially McCain must win 3/4 of those states.

McCain has reasonn to smile about latest poll numbers..

McCain has fallen way behind in Minnesota and Iowa.. thats ok... those are numbers right after DNC. I think he has a better chance on catching Obama in Minnesota for several reasons including the convention being held in Minnesota. A reason to write off Iowa is the bums want us to pay our tax money for them to waste corn.
The good news is very simple. From polling during the DNC McCain holds a 47-45 lead in Ohio.

Will Campell "Obama Girl" Brown challenge Obama

on his experience? email CNN and tell them Campell "Obama Girl" Brown should challenge Obama on his experience.

roll tide Alabama up to #13 in the latest polls..

it is Sarah Palin's night

Reform conservative Governor vs Party line liberal Senator..

Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama

Harry Reid believes Joe lieberman should put party first..

John McCain greets Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson

Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy caught kissing MSNBC's rear end

Peggy Noonan is an idiot. Mike Murphy is an idiot.

Obama slips under 50 as convention revs up..

Should Campell Brown join the Obama staff in a paid role?

She has been in the tank for Obama for months. She has held the position of spokeswomen while still employed by CNN. I have said before I have said again.. she believe a women's role is to promote abortion and candidate Hollywood Hussein Obama.. but she was beyond offended at the thought of a female VP. As a feminist she believes the only reason a women could possibly be qualified to hold office is if she promotes abortion.
at any rate here is Campell " Obama Girl" Brown interviewing Tucker Bounds..
on second thought I am not going to even show it again.

Alabama delegates told Palin is ready!

Dick Morris says attacks on Palin will backfire..