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Monday, June 30, 2008

It seems Wes Clark's attempt to swift boat McCain

was a FAILURE!!!

Wes Clark Obama surrogate

General Wes Clark says, "I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.”

An article about Obama campaign chair Keith Olberman

This article goes into detail about how Obama's media chair and liberal activist Keith Olbermann is using his power at MSNBC to try and conquer the nightly news at NBC.
Olbermann promptly demanded Russert's job upon his sad death. Olbermann was threatening to leave msnbc, but he has no network to go to. Tom Brokaw won out in the battle to replace Russert. Thus showing how powerless Olbermann as Obama campaign chair.

As this race tightens as we knew it would...

I would like to encourage my fellow McCain supporters to do a view things.
1. Talk to your friends and family about the upcoming Presidential race. Encourage them to take serious look at the candidates and what those candidates can do about the serious problems we face in America.
2. Consider volunteering at a local phone bank or going door to door leading up to the election. We have to match the enthusiasm of the Hussienamania.
3. Remember that McCain has been a thorn in Republicans side over the years.
4. Talk about leadership and experience. McCain may not be able to deliver a speech like Obama, but he has served in the Senate as a reformer since Barry Obama was a college boy.

would like to thank for the link and encourages you to give that site a visit.

this is a good read.


Launch a youth website... center it around video questions from young voters and video answers from Senator McCain. Have a huge push for registering voters and also have a web blog of John McCain a couple times of week describing how the Campaign is going. If John McCain can cut into Obama's lead in the youth category he can win this election. John McCain has to make inroads in the African American community as well.

Obama supporter and failed Presidential candidate Wes Clark

attacks John McCain's military service

Thursday, June 26, 2008

we are at a crossroads

McCain has stepped up his message. Barakamanina is getting a little softer. But Obama is in the lead, I am ok with that at this point. According to CNN McCain has met with conservative leaders in Ohio and hopefully will step up his efforts there. McCain needs a message that is 30% vote for me, 70% do not vote for him.
Obama has a record that is full of liberalism and corruption. Because of this a conservative moderate like McCain has a fighting chance. My gut tells me McCain is waiting for the right time to really amp it up, but he seems to be doing some things behind the scenes like meeting with the Log Cabin Republicans and the previously mentioned conservatives of Ohio.
McCain has to establish his credibility among Black voters and young voters. He has too make an effort to reach both. This serves two purposes it could possibly get him some votes in those to groups, but it would also bring exposure.
'McCain meets with top Civil Rights leaders' or 'McCain reaches out to the facebook youtube generation' This could find ways to appeal to moderates. McCain can win if he forces the issues, but he cannot win without rallying strong support from some group and then building on that base. As America gets to know Obama, his base will develope from folks who are sickened equal in three parts by... Obama's fraudulant false claims of 'change'... His blatant liberalism.. and his arrogance. Now I do not think that group will win him this election. This election will be won by him truly connecting with some group of people.

Thank Goodness conservatives are stepping up!!

Arrogant Hussein Obama

Today is a great day for

1. Hunters
2. folks who need self defense
3. Conservatives
4. Libertarians
5. John McCain

Today is a bad day for
1Barack Obama
2. Liberals

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

atleast this lady does not hate America likes Alex's mom


Obama caught in a progressive lie

Hillary does not seem to trust Obama

way to go Missouri

This is great news for McCain. He just needs to get feet on the ground registering folks to vote and pumping people up or he may still lose.

Obama's barbaric abortion beliefs

Obama believes in any and every form of abortion imaginable.
Obama believes about babies what he believes about Iran. Babies are just a tiny threat to Obama.... they do not have one tenth of the strength of a full grown person. We can simply savage them if they survive an attempted abortion. Just like the cowboy diplomat wants to run around mocking Iran as a "tiny" threat.

Iiberal giant slams Obama

on 'talking white' and taking money from lobbyist.

unlike Pelosi McCain can deal with folks who may not agree with him

Nancy Pelosi Opposes free speech

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

John McCain takes on the Bush administration and mr. Obama

Barack Obama lashes out at family advocate James Dobson

Obama adds to the list of folks who are not allowed to question his campaign.

Americans showed be served notice of Obama's relativism. It may or may not be your cup of of tea, but Barack Obama is a classic relativist. He goes into great detail about how no one can really interpret the Bible so America should just forget about it.

is Hussein the next W?

Ok lets think for a minute here.......
The end of the Clinton Era a came and since Reagan the Republicans had lacked a leader who really embodied their cause. While Bush 41 and Bob Dole are great Americans their was something about neither that truly resonated with the conservative base of the party. Now fast forward to the year 2000 W is running to be the next President. While he lacked enough experience to truly be ok'd for the position of Commander and Chief of the United States Armed forces, he has that charm that reflected the base.
Fast Forward to the year 2008 having had Al Gore and John Kerry as the past two Democrat nominees for President the Democrats are hungry for someone they can really rally behind insert the Jr. Senator from Illinois are inexperienced, left wing, party loyalist. The democrats are thirsty for power and will no doubt back this senator who's campaign is based on nothing more than pleasing whomevers ears are in front of him.
Barack has shown his fundmental dishonesty on hundreds of occasions most recently with his lie about public financing. This has revealed the blind masses are willing to follow him wherever he goes... and he will say whatever there is to be said to get votes. This is why McCain must focus on registering new voters. He must get out and find voters, reach them first and register them. Or Hussein will be the first President whom speaking their middle name is a hate crime.

Do not tell Barack Obama words do not matter

Dobson rips Obama on abortion

Monday, June 23, 2008

Surge is working
Barack is lost

James Dobson sheds light on anti-Christian speech by Obama

Barack Obama lies

enjoy this.... Barack is for free trade... wait no its bad for America???? maybe he is for free trade because its bad for America????

Michigan a must win for McCain

There is no way around it a McCain President is dependent on a victory in Michigan. This is the one electoral vote rich state where McCain can dive into the sea of Democrat blue. But that victory will happen only if you and your cousins in Ohio register to vote.


Michigan and McCain


Obama tells Clinton supporters

'get over it'

is it Pawlenty?

I do not think this is a bad choice at all, but I think whomever her choses he should get going soon he needs a surge. is a joke

the ad with the mother and the baby... saying McCain not my son.... why does she not go ahead and say her son will not be serving in Korea or Germany... what a sad organization, but it shows obama's true colors.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Senator Brown

"There is no way, no how that John McCain's going to carry Ohio in 2008," Senator Sherrod Brown...... may that serve notice to all voters in Ohio they need not go to the polls. Sherrod does not value democracy.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

My outlook on this election

Polls Polls Polls... I look at them everyday twice day sometimes ten times a day, but sorry poll folks that will not tell the story.

The way to win this election is going to be voter registration. This what McCain seems to overlook and may eventually be his undoing. Yes he has to win independents, but he also has to win over the new registered voters and create new voters of his own.

like what you see visit the the ads


What do the polls say?

Right now the polls are speaking loud and clear.... If you listen you can hear their ever so quiet voice... saying McCain has to win this election.. Barack is not going to lose it....
My gut tells me some time around the Friday after the election I will suck it up and make one final farewell post. If I am thinking clearly enough to tell the truth I believe my thoughts will be something to this tune.

McCain should have run harder during the Democrat Primary. He should have taken that time to get to know the folks in Michigan and Ohio who will be key to a victory if he gets his victory. The McCain Biography tour was a failure. He should have spent this time meeting with conservative leaders telling them where he stands and why his positions best reflect their beliefs. McCain is relying on the base to rally itself which I am not guessing will happen in the numbers that he would need to pull out a victory.

His town hall meetings with Barack are an outstanding idea and they certainly help McCain , but Obama does not want to face the American people and become associated with his worn out liberal ideas he does not need to. McCain is going to somehow need to connect directly with Independents he is trying, but we can judge his success in November.

McCain has to reach out to African-Americans and youth. I am not seeing this happen. I have shown several polls on this website that indicate McCain is doing very well in some regions with African-Americans. Well they will be voting in record numbers this fall and may very well tip the race in Obama's favor. He has to make inroads he has to meet with leaders, campaign with leaders do whatever it takes. If you do not remember anything I ever type remember this... If McCain forfeits the youth and African-American vote he will lose this election.

So now that we have hit the negatives.... what can be done?
Spend money running ads in African American communities on TV and radio. Visit the inner-city. Take Micheal Steele and any other leading African-American Republicans who will go with him.
This may be to forward, but this would help. Coordinate a Country Music get out the vote Rally in the rural areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. He is going to have to find these votes somewhere.
Start a youth website, where youth can explain why they support him through video uploads and where John McCain can communicate directly to Youth.

The three ideas in my mine are the way to slow down the ever changing, change express.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barack Obama lies

spin it ... do whatever you want, but the man lied.

This can not be ignored

althouth African Americans are 2% of the electorate in Iowa.... McCain leads 55%-44% among Iowa African-Americans.

African American GOP

This is a link to Black GOP websites.... go to this site take a look around and see if there is anything you can do to help the GOP become more inclusive.

Get out the Vote John McCain
McCain has cut into Senator Obama's lead in Colorado. This is a very good sign, my personal perspective was this state would be so far Obama it would have kept trending his way. McCain's campaign has got to show conservatives they want to win.

My personal opinion is that the numbers are there for Senator McCain . He has to rally folks to the polls. This is where I am concerned I have read several articles stating McCain is lagging Bush 04 in terms of targeted get out the vote. If their was ever an election where voter registration is the key it is this one. I think in terms of percentages of people who vote would vote for each candidate come November it will be split... 47.5 to 47.5... but that is not how this election will be won it will be by gettting folks to the polls.

John McCain is facing
1. More Democrats than W did
2. Barack's get out the vote
- this means McCain must do better than Obama is crossover votes(check)
- when indy's ( most likely )
- have as good or better get out the vote efforts than W(I am worried)


You need a website called youth for McCain.
1. allow youth to upload videos explaining why you support mccain
2. Have McCain give brief updates and interviews directed at youth
3. encourage youth to register to vote and register their friends to vote.
4. show mccain ads and clips of speeches

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Al Franken Obama supporter and Democrat Senate candidate

Gas prices since the Democrats took office

since the Democrats took control of both house of congress...
Gas has risen from 2.14$ up to 4.03$
Oil prices have risen from 50% up to 138.56$
when looking at the chart remember the Democrats took over at the end of January.

The Governor of Louisianna Bobby Jindal

This man has a bright, bright, bright future.

Recent news
The Governor on Jay Leno

obama wants winnie the pooh foreign policy

This is truely what he wants....

Barack on globalization

As Barack's themes change ever so slightly for the general election there is one unmistakable delusion. Barack believes America must compete in the global market(smart). But Barack also believes big corporations must be punished(stupid).

So Barack wants to make us to compete against other nations for jobs, but he wants high taxes on corperations? This is a horrible strategy.

Polling is all over place these days

But from taking a look at Rasmussen and Surveyusa. I gather Obama is generally leading 48-42. I think right now that would include a large victory for Obama in the electoral collge. However Obama has not seized an actual commanding lead. Two main factors that are encouraging as we get this campaign going.
1. Obama has recieved incredibly positive press up until this point and is only this far ahead. As more people start looking for substance in this campaign folks will realize we can win in Iraq and we do not need a tax and spend chicago mafia politician in the white House.
2. The more time that goes by... the less folks will consider W when they are voting. Some will vote this fall for Barack as a protest against W, but I do not think that will be the prevailing thought. These are two candidates that should be look at for their own merit.

*** insided the numbers, an interesting number is arising... in Wisconsin.. McCain is carrying 33% of the black vote.

Barack campaign discriminates

South Dakota Senator John Thune

Defeated then Democrat leader Tom Daschle

some remarks from John Thune

John Thune on his father

Con't our look at rising stars in the GOP

we will feature a Governor and Senator today

Al Gore is living a lie

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tim Scott
I will be watching this mans career. I wish him the best in his political career.

Tim Pawlenty Governor of Minnesota
Tim Pawlenty on why he supports McCain as well as why he is a Republican. He also mentions reaching young voters.
Article on his chances of becoming VP.


I will feature Republicans from around the country who are rising stars in the Party.

John McCain supports allowing states to drill off Shores

this is an issue McCain should take and run with... it has the populist overtones he needs badly.

whats next? for the GOP...

The fall of the Republican party has been rapid and hard, but can it be restored and recreated? I believe it can. I am not a Republican I am a conservative Independent, however the Democrat party scares me because as a person who believes in family values and low taxation on every tax earner, if I vote with the Democrat party my vote is thrown into a pile of many other interests.

At no point has there ever been party that so perfectly represented half of America as the Republican party from 1994, up until the Iraq war. Its ideas of fiscal responsibility and family values resonated with families across America, often mocked as "red-staters". The Iraq war, a sour economy, and a rising deficit have hit the GOP hard. Many of our servicemen come from red-states and are discouraged as we read in our local papers about our neighbors and friends who have died in the war.

We have no sympathy for GOP congress folk getting involved in sex scandals. Tom Delay could have done the movement a favor and kept his hands clean. The economy and its multi-faceted problems are no fault of GOP ideas, but a result of a changing global economy where America must find its place.

The conservative movement should not be stopped, in fact it should push harder.

8 things the GOP should do to remain a viable party
1. every single election fight for African-American votes. Every election on every level.
2. promote school vouchers..
3. Fiscal restraint- once you get to Washington do not spend what we do not have
4. DRILL for oil off the coast... bring that up everyday in both houses
5. run libertarian leaning candidates where they are viable
6. Values... promote them, support them, vote for them, but for crying out loud live them out.

Congressmen Kanjorksi.... at his very best

Government corruption... from an Obama supporter.

This goes beyond government waste... this is government corruption.

This man has mastered the art of double speak.

Pennsylvanian??? why the heck are you sending this man to Congress?

at least he does not feel any obligation to apologize to the troops for making an election issue out of their service.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert rest in Peace

A great American.

Pressure is mounting a Senator Barack Obama

Plouffe is Senator Obama's chair and Rick Davis is Senator McCain's chair.

Dear Mr. Plouffe,

Thank you for responding to our proposal. Just to reiterate, we have proposed at least ten joint town hall meetings once a week until the week before the Democratic Convention begins. As we understand your counter-proposal, you have proposed only one town hall meeting before the Democratic Convention.

In keeping with our original proposal, we are planning a joint town hall meeting in Minnesota next Thursday evening (June 19, 2008). We will hold time on our schedule for joint town halls every Thursday night until the Democratic convention. I hope Senator Obama would reconsider his position and agree to join Senator McCain as early as next week.

We have also today accepted the invitation from Mrs. Ronald Reagan, Lynda Johnson Robb and Luci Baines Johnson to attend town hall meetings in July at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library. As Mrs. Johnson said, these town halls will truly be an opportunity to "deliberate the great issues of our time." Their sponsorship certainly meets our standards for a positive and productive opportunity for voters to interact with the candidates. I hope you will agree.

However, at this moment, we fear that our negotiations over joint town hall meetings are turning into a debate about process. That is exactly what we have always hoped to avoid, and why we proposed a town hall format that would render many of these process issues moot. As Senator Obama has said, he is prepared to meet "anywhere, anytime" for a town hall.

We remain committed to this idea because joint town hall meetings offer the best format for presenting both candidates' visions for our country's future in a substantive way. We have a chance to change the way presidential elections are run and elevate the political dialogue. Americans deserve this kind of opportunity, and we hope that Senator Obama will join us at town hall meetings throughout the summer months.


Rick Davis

Trouble in paradise?

Obama needs to call for the resignation of these two Sentors, Dodd and Conrad.

polling data

John McCain sits in as a good a position as possible for being behind. I say this not out of some delusions that a victory will be easy, but these are the key numbers.

McCain has 76% support from Conservatives.... this is a good thing... these voters should jump on board even though they may not agree with McCain on every issue.

secondly and this is where I see the most chance for gain. Obama leads by 28 among moderates. Come one I think those are the voters who were most caught up in Obama's hype.

ever so often panic comes over me and I think tell the 10's of people across the world

who are united states citizens to REGISTER TO VOTE!!! Do not wait until November. Register your children, grandchildren!!! it is vital. Getting out the vote is going to be a major factor in who wins this election and for that very reason I wrote you all a song. Tell your sisters and brothers to vote and to tell their children to vote. Especially if you live in New Hampshire... Ohio.. Michigan.....

I better register to vote

heard b'rak talking
I 'bout started walking

to a far off land of low taxation,
but i realized there is no nation

for which to go!!! so I better VOTE!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Electoral Map -strategy room-

Keys to victory
A) above all keep Ohio and Florida
1. Keep Virginia and North Carolina
2. Keep Nevada
3. pick up Michigan
4.pick up New Hampshire

You will hear that Barack Obama will compete in Virginia and North Carolina in the final months of the campaign.... Maybe, but I doubt it, if he is in a position that he can spend money in those states most likely he has the election wrapped up.

At the rate these two candidates are going Barack Obama's name will be toxic in the southeast in about a week. All the money in the world will not be able to fix his bad name. Obama is new on the scene and he is not going to be welcome soon.

His message of putting the era of partisanship to rest was beyond false. He is the most divisive politician our country has seen in some time. I think people will have to wonder what exactly his change is... I have not figured it out yet.

Come July-November this will be an election based on issues and you have to believe that with the amount of time McCain and Obama have they can clearly define those issues. McCain and the GOP need to good job of explaining that "Big" oil is a relative term and they do not need to be scapegoated for our governments failures.

Time will tell and Obama has a strong machine, but at the end of the day if McCain can increase his support among women ever so slightly and energize the base he stands a great chance of winning. One thing is for sure Obama's partisan bickering is going to help get the base going and if McCain continues to emphasize his lower taxes we might pull this one out.

* as you can tell if you read this blog it is motivated by whatever is on my mind... that said I hope to keep giving you updates on my electoral outlook.

McCain stops in New Jersey tomorrow

I think it is very important that McCain makes his push in the North East. He may or may not come back empty handed, but in this particular campaign it is important to give the perception you can "expand" the "map". John McCain faces and uphill battle and he and everyone who supports him knows this, but I assure you this he will fight til the last vote is counted.

The good news for McCain is that with the exception of Barack Obama's acceptance speech Obama should not get anymore big bounces in the polls. John McCain needs to continue to put pressure on Obama, stay above 40% in polls, and make a second home in Michigan/Ohio.

Keep fighting McCain( Virtual Town Hall)

He is going to host a virtual town hall with Democrats and Independents.

no one party is to blame for the sad state of the Senate...

but Nevada why do you send us this partisan stalwart?

What we need to do? let the market solve the problems...
I must admit I work at a computer lab where I do most of my blogging and it is killing me to miss John McCain's town hall meeting, oh well gotta make da money.

John McCain town hall tonight!!

This should be a very exciting chance for McCain to take his ideas directly to the people.

the general election begins...

after a quick look at polling data the election has begun and Barack Obama's bounce has started us off...... 48 Obama 42 Mccain. Thats 10% left to fight for... and those who might change their mind. Not a bad starting place for either camp. Obamania has given him a slight lead, but as voters start to pay more attention as the election gets closer.. I would expect another nail bitter.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look at this... my liberal friends should get ticked at this as well..

Check out this video

Barack Obama wants to raise the capital gains tax. Listen to what this man says before you vote. Think then Vote.

My blog My rules I will promote this free sports betting site!!

Today should be the beginning of a long war of ideas

Its a simple difference between the GOP and the Democrats. Democrats think it is fine that a host of countries drill 50 miles off of our coast... but they are against American oil companies drilling off of our coast. The GOP believes we should reverse the moratorium on drilling off the coast. The GOP should use this as a theme. The Democrats stuck in their liberal ideology refuse to do what is best for America.

vetter got vetted

Jim Johnson resigns from Obama's search team. Once again Obama throws someone in the river when things get tough. Obama shows he is a man who reads his speech and moves on.

This is a stand up guy.

Congressman from Oklahoma.. says he will vote for Obama, but will not endorse. I say he is a stand up guy because he is listening to his people and not powerful Pelosi.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top 3 reasons I would suggest you vote for John McCain.

1. He would violate the sovereignty of Pakistan and risk going to war with a nation that has Nuclear capabilities and has asisted the U.S. during the war on terror.
2. His socialist views on taxes... I will let him do the talking.
lets review he would raise taxes on 100 million Americans, for fairness ... even if it would decrease revenues to the Gov't.
3. corruption
Claims his VP vetters are not working for him... after Jim Johnson (part of his VP search)
is found out to have taken sweetheart loans, from Countrywide... a Mortgage lender whom Obama frequently berates.
Obama attacks countrywide
here is the story

This clip is one the Obama camp really does not want you to see, I would imagine.

listen Obama is only human he can't Vet the Vetter

also guys honestly do you think? The folks searching for his VP are actually working for him. This is ridiculous Obama says that Jim Johnson is not working for him. Jim Johnson is one of three folks heading up his search for a VP listen and enjoy.

not good for Tax and spend Obama

GOP gets a solid victory.. against old school liberalism,2933,364846,00.html

what a jerk...

This would help the economy

Monday, June 9, 2008

Barack's campaign is making some serious mistakes.

I am of the opinion that Barack is an arrogant man. His arrogant message gave hope to young and liberal voters in the primary. His arrogance has caused him lose sight of where he needs to be campaigning. He must be pounding Michigan and Pennsylvania, but instead he is focusing on expanding the map into the south. States such as Virginia and North Carolina. The fact of the matter is if he wins those two states it will be blowout.

He is giving John McCain an opening in the rust belt. I am beginning to think he may be recognizing that cannot compete in the rust belt. If he tries to win this election by picking up, Colorado, Iowa, New Mexico, and Virginia. While giving McCain Ohio and Michigan. This would leave Pennsylvania up in the air.

Possibly Obama is avoiding the rust belt until he picks a running mate who can help him in the area. We shall see, but as it stands McCain has a very good shot at winning Ohio and Michigan.. If he makes those two pick up he may well be in White House.

I showed this before Ill show it again

Barack Obama explains his sweetie comment.
HUMOR!! It makes me laugh maybe not you. Have a look around!!

Democrat John Breaux talks about Obama's windfall tax proposal.
Similar to directly talking to terror supporters and his universal health care plan, Obama is more than likely just trying to say things that sound good to those who want "change". It is funny that dusting off the same old liberal ideas that have never accomplished anything is now considered change. Obama ia just trying to say what he thinks will get him office.

This poll is great news from the Badger state.

The poll was conducted two days after Obama got the Democrat nomination and he only leads 45-43... Head to Wisconsin McCain!! The best news is 60% of Wisconsin voters view McCain favorably .

invasion of privacy and Obama supports it.

about 40% of Clinton supporters do not intend to vote for Obama.
This could spell big trouble for Obama in the fall. McCain will benefit from his less partisan image, as it would be almost impossible to see Clinton supporters backing lets say.... George W Bush.

Obama's bounce

Obama is sure to get a bounce from all of the positive press he has received this past weekend. However as with any candidate who changes positions on issues as quickly as he gets word of what is most popular. Obama will suffer when issues come to light. Americans do not want a president who will threaten their rights to own guns. Americans do not want a president who supports any and every kind of abortion. Americans do not want a President who will drag down a slow economy with even more taxes. Americans do not want a President who insists on the same cowboy diplomacy as the present administration. Obama says he will bomb terror targets in Pakistan with or without the government of Pakistan's approval.

He will take that awful risk, but yet wants to pull out of Iraq despite its drastic improvements. Obama will say any and everything to get elected. It shows his inexperience when he is steadfast to a position such as having open meetings with terror sponsors, but when push comes to shove and he finds out how ridiculous his position really is, he reverts to the same plans George W Bush has had. I feel very confident when this election heads to the fall voters will move further and further from this Barack Obama character.

I am glad Barack got a bounce in the polls I think it shows the excitement Americans feel about the progress we have made in race relations, but I think every American wants to elect the best candidate for president not based on the color of his skin, but on his merits for the the job. Soon we will see only one candidate has the proper experience and vision to lead our country.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

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I added the video feature

take a look at the video that shows Bill Clinton.

The GOP base must rally itself behind McCain.

Because of the state of the economy the GOP conservative base cannot be courted by John McCain. John McCain has record that would have made it hard for him to win the GOP nomination in a better year for the brand. However things are rough and they are not all President Bush's fault, but in politics perception is reality.
John McCain is a war hero.
John McCain is far better than "abortion on demand" Obama
John McCain is clearly better than "capital gains tax" Obama
John McCain is clearly better on energy policy. Leaving it up to the states to decide to drill off their coast or not. This would allow us to time focus on finding other fuels.
John McCain was right about the surge in Iraq.
John McCain knows we must win in Iraq... which means Iraq taking over the country for themselves.
John McCain is right for our country.... we have to accept that!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

change we can believe in???

Well here is food for thought .... For the past 28 years there has been a Bush or Clinton as either the President or Vice President. If Obama selects Clinton and they win the election that will 32 years and if they are re-elected that would 36 years of Bush and Clinton. This means many of the same tire old folks would fill important jobs in an Obama administration. I think it is time for real change.

Campaign strategy

McCain wants a regional campaign.

My top 5 picks for McCain's VP

1. Sarah Palin Governor of Alaska
2. Mitt Romney
3. Mike Huckabee
4. Jindal Governor of Louisianna
5. Pawlenty Governort of Minnesota

I think Sarah Palin does the most to help get McCain elected, however Romney is just as effective. The reason I have Huckabee and Romney above the other governors... is Jindal and Pawlenty are the future of the party and are not yet ready to move to the top of the ticket. Both could stand to wait a few years and speak at the convention and such. Romney can empty his pockets and help deliver Michigan.

CNN is in an organ of the DNC

tonight on Larry King they are discussing the general election with...
Terry Mcauliffe, Paul Begala, Arianna Huffington, and Lanny Davis. All McCain hating liberals. I call them like I see them and CNN has already been all in for Obama for months this is just the latest example.

Register to Vote

There is no reason not to, take a look at the candidates and decide who you want running the country. The president has many many roles, and they effect every aspect of your life. Take some time to do some research on the candidates. Senators, Governors, Congressmen. Take some time to inform yourself on the issues. Our nation is redefining itself. You must have a say. Take a family member go to your court house and register. Let this nation reflect your voice.

Barack Obama explains his sweetie remarks


not really Obama.

Clinton less than excited to endorse Obama

Giving a very scripted and cable news driven speech Clinton has endorsed Obama. Sexism from the Obama camp still looms large as we move forward. Obama may have gone to far in his negative rhetoric from time to time.
Clinton and Obama's campaigns from now and November can try and come together, but it will no happen. During the campaign Clinton shows her respect for McCain and doubts about Obama.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I will do something I do from time to time

I am going to put on my analyst hat.
Head north then head east. It has become apparent that the liberal media believes every state is in play this year for Obama and if he takes a visit it basically turns blue. My suggestion for McCain as a electoral junkie.
Spend a week of visits and tv ads in the North East, give it a try. During that week you can pull all resources out of New Mexico and Colorado. Give it a try see what happens, if you get a positive response maybe folks in those wealthy states will open up their checkbooks so you can afford TV ads. It will help solidify New Hampshire... who knows what it would do with New Jersey, Delaware, Massachusetts, maybe even Maine. It could even help in Virginia and Pennsylvania. If you do take this trip and accompany it with a TV blitz it will surely at least make Obama consider going on the defensive.
- I would forget Iowa, but I think it is important to compete in the Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa area. I think a consistent effort in that area will keep Obama busy.
- McCain must take a trip and hold a rally in Virginia and North Carolina.
- Focus on turning Michigan and New Hampshire red. If he can turn both of those states he will have a great amount of breathing room.
- The biggest advantage McCain has is pretty simple... of the Bush-Kerry map... the only states that look certain to flip are... to Obama- Iowa and Colorado. and to McCain Michigan and New Hampshire. The liberal media can say whatever they want and yes Ohio is going to be the state once again, but the most likely flops are those mentioned above. This means in the final months McCain and Obama can focus on those two states. This mean Gods and Guns, and that has to make McCain feel very good.

food for thought Bush won 286-252... assuming McCain holds ohio he has some breathing room.
I know this is rambling, but a final note.

* I would make a very strong bet that the south including Virginia and North Carolina vote for McCain, I would also bet that Nevada stays red. I would also bet Olberscum, Anderson Cooper, Candy Crowley, Wolf Blitzer, Arianna Huffinton and David Gergen are all crying on Election night.


if you are considering voting for Barr... consider it voting for Obama.... and then consider the size of our government if he is president. Now everyone who visits this blog should make sure they registered to vote and get three friends to register to vote. Turn out will decide this election.

take a look

You have to check this video out.
and take a look at

Obama condescending toward clinton
Obama shows he has no respect for Senator Clinton, but just like Jeremiah Wright, Rezko, Michelle, Bill Clinton, Rev. Moss... Obama's friendship is only as deep as it is politically beneficial. Now that it benefits Obama he and Clinton are on good terms.

Hillary Clinton and others warn us about Barack

meet Barack

Moderates, Conservatives, and Libertarians.

If you consider yourself to be in any of those three categories there is only one candidate you should consider. The Democrats primary voters went through a long and historic process, but the only problem is they came out with the most inexperienced candidate, who also happens to be the most liberal Senator.
I understand his outstanding speaking ability, but you have to look deeper than just the surface. The Senator has a history and it is filled with two things liberal causes and crooked friends. He believes Iran is a tiny threat that we can bully with our military might. This shows his foreign policy is similar to George W Bush's in that it lacks clear understanding of the complexities involved in dealing with foreign policy.
Obama is not ready to be Commander and Chief

This is where conservatives and libertarians confuse me... Obama wants universal health care and while all good hearted Americans want other Americans to have health care this is not the governments place. The government should help encourage health care providers to provide low cost forms of health care. This is not a reason to increase the size of our bloated government.

I am simply calling on those three groups to consider the costs of electing the most spending liberal senator to the presidency.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

and a break from the action

Celtics vs Lakers.....
Celtics win games 1 and 2 at home.. win 1 of the 3 in LA and come back home and finish in game 6.


McCain vs Obama

This election is going to be a brutal fight. I just have one thought for America as we embark on this electoral journey....think before you vote... Obama has not once in the United States Senate stood up for what he claims to believe in , he has been a puppet of the left. It is disturbing, but true.

Hillary Clinton speaks out on Obama

Hillary Clinton speaks out on Obama

A message from Michelle to Hillary

listen to what Michelle Obama thinks America is

listen to this complete video.... shocking!!! do we really want her as First Lady?

Obama gets frustrated

Think critically America

have you lost your senses or do you just feel these days? Obama claims to be what McCain actually is... McCain fights to pass legislation that helps Americans by working across party lines... Obama nothing.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the company he keeps

where will the candidates spend their resources?

You have no reason to trust my insight on this issues except my on interest in the electoral map. I have closely followed the electoral map since 1996. With that said I will now take a look at the 5 most important states for each candidate starting with John McCain.

John McCain
1. Ohio (20 electoral votes), simply put this state makes his election possible and without it he faces too much of and uphill battle
2. Florida(27), McCain needs to maintain his sizable lead over Obama in this state so he can focues his resources elsewhere... once again if he loses Florida it will be a long night for McCain
3.Virginia(13), McCain can win the election and lose this state however it takes much needed breathing room a way form the candidate. As with Florida McCain has an edge and needs to keep it large enough to discourage Obama from spending resources there as it might also put North Carolina in play.
4.Michigan(17), John McCain needs to make this his number one state to go on the offensive... Bush lost this state twice and it will be an uphill battle, but he must put it in play and have Obama spend his resources in this state. If he wins this state as well as those mentioned above he will be in an excellent position to become our next President.
5.Nevada(5) Nevada is an important state because out west it appears McCain will lose Colorado and New Mexico states that Bush won and losing Nevada would force McCain to depend on Michigan.
honorable mention... New Hampshire(McCain needs to win NH or Nevada) Pennsylvania although I do not think he stands a great chance of winning in Pennsylvania he must make Barack spend resources in the keystone state. also Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa... a victory in any of these three state is extremely helpful.

Barack Obama
1. Pennsylvania(21), Obama needs to establish an early lead and move this election to other states.
2.Ohio(20), If Obama can force Ohio into play he can drain McCain's resources and open up for a possible blowout.
3. Iowa(7), Iowa is looking like a Obama lock and he needs to keep it that way... this will be one of the easy pick ups from John Kerry's performance.
4. Michigan(17), Obama must defend Michigan if he plans on winning the election losing Michigan would set him in a deep hole.
5. Colorado(9), is an important state and early polls show it will be a pick up for Obama.
honorable mention... Virginia, Florida,New Mexico, California, Oregon, Minnesota, wisconsin
if the election were held to day I would predict.....
John McCain wins 286 - 252... McCain flips Michigan red.

I would like to Congratulate Barack Obama

I think it is unfortunate that the first African-American nominee is also the least qualified and most liberal candidate we have ever had, but I do offer my congratulations.

McCain attacks

compare and contrast

If we are electing the best orator than we have our man

Obama wants to cruise through this election without truly being questioned... Ill answer that question in a minute "Sweetie". Well John McCain has other plans for Mr. Obama

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

an amazing performance Hey to everyone from blogcatalog... hope you enjoy and come back soon.

McCain should campaign where?

McCain should campaign where?

Stupid Obama Obama is not all that smart.

McCain kicks it off

as the General Election begins some food for thought...

1. Change- webster defines change as the process of becoming different.. Where does nominating Hillary Clinton as your VP fit into this message of change.... If Obama were elected and Hillary was his running mate and they served a full four year term... That would be 32!!! years of either a Bush or Clinton as the President or Vice President... I do not see this as change.
2. John McCain continues to perform well with African American voters, compared to most Republicans. McCain starts off close in Massachusetts. Obama leads 46-41.
3. Can McCain win the Bush strongholds.... lose Colorado and New Mexico.... but gain New Hampshire and Michigan.... if so He is the President.
4. is there a tape of Michelle Obama going off on a racist rant... some believe there is..
5. How will the foreign policy debate shape up and what will Iraq look like in November.

Women are not pleased with Obama

Monday, June 2, 2008

McCain hits Obama
As America braces for a tough general election fight... McCain is laying out his message and I think it is the truth.