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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


have taken google ads off my website. This is most likely directly related to their support for Hollywood Hussein Obama. But I am not going to get into that. JUST VOTE. VOTE MCCAIN!!!

who caused the credit crunch?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well you know

Barry has admitted he used drugs. That is not something I am making up. I just think its odd that disqualifies Lindsey Lohan from helping with his campaign.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Barry hussein has admitted to drug use,

but that disqualifies Lindsey Lohan from helping out with his campaign. That shows how deep former druggy Barack Hussein Obama's hypocracy goes.

This is an outrage that will not get much coverage..

the Obama smear machine is too strong...

I do not think the Obama campaign can be stopped. I will give my reasons for that...
1. The Obama smear machine is too strong. Example How smart was it to start running the Limbaugh ad during the financial crisis? Hispanic Americans are probably following the events on wall street at a far distance. Obama knows his ad is an evil distortion the Hussein is completly immoral do not get me wrong I have no respect for Obama, But he runs this ad when the media will not talk about and point out the distortions.
2. The media is too strong in its support for Obama and no one is going to be able to stop them. The reasoning is simple since W is as unpopular as he is dishonest morons like Jack Cafferty can say McCain votes with Bush 90% of the time so he is W. This goes unqualified and no effort is made to argue exactly what W and McCain disagree on.
My thoughts are unless something huge happens Obama wins this election.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remember where Obama's money comes from...

Next time you are listening to him act like he is one of us... Hollywood Hussein Obama is spending time in Hollywood talking down on all of us folks who cling to God and Guns... I am sure of that..,2933,423804,00.html

Sarah Palin to field questions in town hall...

I think the campaign has been wise to control her appearences, but soon they need to let her fly. She can communicate with voters well, but she needs to be given room to work.

the McCain-Palin campaign seems to have gotten back to the issues.. and I love it..

“Here’s a little straight talk for our opponent,” Palin said, using her running mate’s signature phrase.

“His tax plans really would kill jobs and hurt small businesses and make even today’s bad economy look like the good old days.”
This type of campaigning will work... Obama is running around reading change off a teleprompter and calling other folks dishonorable... blah blah, but when you get right down to the facts Obama is an abortion advocate who wants a HUGE government. John McCain is a Pro-life conservative who wants small government.

McCain tells it like it is...

USC wins stopbarack team of the week..
not suprised at all at their dominent effort against the OSU.

I attended the Mississippi St. vs Auburn football game this past weekend..

It was a great game if you like defense as I do. Miss St. is close to moving up in SEC I am not sure what that means, but minus a few positions they are as good as most any team in the SEC. But 3-2 final score was unique I must say.

So Michigan wins the poll..

for the most likely of the battle ground states to tip the election McCain's way.

Wild Sweet Orange .... a great band..

I have no idea whom they would vote for or if they will vote, but I enjoy their music and they from my neck of the woods so enjoy their sound...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama's tax plan

John McCain is being swift boated....

will the dishonorable Hussein Obama call out this ugly attack on McCain's time as a pow.

Palin may change VP's forever...
she is really creating a buzz and turning a formerly kind lady like Claire Mccaskill into an evil Obama possed spirit.

the Obama problem...

He loves to talk about change will all know that.... but... the problem is he has to keep an extremely negative tone and mood in America in order to win the election. Americans no matter what pollsters ask are not negative people and are beginning to be turned off by Obama's doom and gloom.
The real underlying problem for Obama is throughout the summer and as we head towards the fall Obama has lost his message of change. What I mean by that with his nasty surrogate Claire Mcfatskill going on sunday talk shows planning McCain's funerals and assuming he will not live to be 80. It shows how desperate the Obama camp is getting. This means his change message is exactly where McCain should want it at this point and that is simple. Obama's message is American is 100% broke and the only way to fix it is too create a larger federal government that can solve all of our huge problems.
Now if she thinks America should not elect John McCain because of his age then should missourians send her back to the senate until she gets into better shape?

rural west will stay red!!

good news for McCain from Carville .....

ohio seems to lean McCain's way...


Virginia will be close...

in the latest poll from SurveyUSA Obama leads by 4... 50-46
last week McCain led by 2... 49-47
However if you look insid the numbers of the polls you will see they were not the exact same.
the most recent I will refer to as Poll#1 the older post will be Poll#2

Poll #1 surveyed
1. 29% conservative voters
Po1#2 surveyed
1.35% conservative voters
Poll#1 surveyed
2.33% Republicans and 37% Democrats
Poll#2 surveyed
2. 35% Republican and 36% Democrats
Poll#1 surveyed
3. 39% pro life and 57% pro choice
Poll #2 surveyed
3. 44% pro life and 52% pro choice

I am not claiming to know which sample size is better or which poll is more accurate. I am also no trained pollster to know if that is that big of a difference. But I think the the more recent survey was a slightly more liberal portrait of Virginia than the survey taken a week before.

But it highlights what I fear, that is just a subtle difference in turnout can change the outcome of this election. If I had to guess who will have better turnout I would have to assume it would be the Obama machine.

latest celeb to come to Obama's aide...

Hollywood Hussein Obama gets a great endorsement... Lindsey Lohan...,2933,422585,00.html

Thursday, September 11, 2008

GREAT ARTICLE by CNN on faith and medical issues

It is important to me to have a doctor treating me or my family member who respects faith. While I wish the doctor had faith I also wish that about Bill Mahr and others. This is a great guide to dealing with doctors though.

Bill Clinton predicts big win for Obama...

I wonder if this means Bill believes Barack will break 50% something Bill was never able to do.
I do not think Obama will win in a landslide, but I think he has a slightly better than 50/50 chance of winning.

McCain would put Obama in his cabinet...

and promises to shrink the Government...

Artur Davis Governor 2010?

is one of my favorite Democrats. I was excited when he beat Hilliard, but I do not think he can win state office in Alabama. The reason I find this to be unlikely is not because of race, but because he took the wrong path.
Most Democrats who when state anything in Alabama work they way up through the ranks in Montgomery. Artur has the misfortune of having gone to Washington first. Now Artur has had to vote many times and those votes may or may not come back to haunt him we shall see.

I do not know his voting record, but I expect it is moderate. The the problem for Artur is only a few liberal votes can sink you in this state. I think he does a good job of representing Birmingham and the rest of his district, but I would advice him to work his way up in the house of Representatives as opposed to running for a Montgomery office.

bitter former GOP Senator Lincoln Chaffee calls..

Sarah Palin a "cocky wacko"

Sarah Palin tells Charlie Gibson she is ready to lead..

Things are looking up for McCain in the electoral college...

If recent polling out of several state is true... Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico.....
Obama is having slightly fewer ways to 270 and McCain is opening a few more routes. McCain is appearing to gain strength in Pennsylvania and New Mexico. At the same time McCain is also polling better in Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

one of the lasting affects of 9/11 that is easy to forget

Perfectly good Muslim men and women now have a stigma thats goes with their faith.

James Kotecki funny man..

why no memorial?

Matt Damon shows why elitist hollywood snobs hurt democtrats..

Barack Obama would be much better off if he did not have elitist snobs undermining his campaign. What a f'n whining brat. Will Olbermann have a special comment about Damon mentioning McCain's death?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin is.....

about to get figured out.... This will have a huge impact on the rest of the election. My fear at this point is that they had better been telling the truth about her.

Sarah Palin a "ratings grabber"

I for think Obama is a hypocrite and worse, but...

Why is McCain running ads that are not 100% accurate. Now that he has momentum he needs to get on the attack, but why run ads that are most likely going to get busted for being false?
Or maybe his ads are true I am not sure about the whole sex ed for kids commercial. That was below the belt if it was not 100% true I mean Obama has young daughters.

At anyrate.... I think part of his strategy is to get the media turned against him even more and drive voter turnout like Bush did. I think it may work and whatever gets John McCain and Sarah Palin elected I am for!!

Russians support Obama and Putin
I guess campaigning in France paid off big for Hollywood Hussein Obama..
he leads among French 80%-7%

Biden basically admits what we already knew..

Hillary Clinton would have been a better pick. With almost 100% certainty this race would be over.
But if we dig ever so slightly deeper we realize McCain won the chess match, but for an odd reason.
Obama was winning in the polls and picked Biden as a way of diverting from his lack of experience I think this was a reasonable choice. Given Obama had stayed ahead throught almost the entire summer.
then Obama gets a bump in the polls during the DNC this makes folks worry and puts pressure on McCain. He goes for the gamble and picks Palin. Now had Obama picked Hillary, Palin would have been off the table. I do not think you would get much benefit from Palin going against Hillary.
At this point Palin is carrying McCain to a tie or the lead. I like McCain's chances and Obama's arrogance of not picking Hillary should get atleast half the credit.

McCain is the Ad man!!

spread the Matt Damon video showing why

we hate elitist liberals. Talks about likelihood McCain will die. this is insane. He is an idiot sexist pig. Matt Damon is a Idiot, jerk, idiot, jerk.

Hollywood Elitist Matt Damon looks down on Sarah Palin...

McCain-Palin a smash hit in Virginia..
Polls in that state are trending McCain's way slowly, but surely. This would go along with the other previously mentioned states whereHollywood Hussein Obama wasted millions of dollars. Pride comes before the fall. What I mean by that is Hollywood Hussein wanted to win in a landslide and so he spent loads of money in Indiana, North Carolina, Georgia, Monatanna and other states in order to win in an electoral landslide. This is beginning to seem like what may cause McCain to have a fighting chance. Wasted money by Hollywood.

If I do not love the NRA... Rosie O'donnell is not a liberal pig..

Bill O'Reilly's interview with Obama dominates..

part time anchor and part time Obama surrogate Keith Olbermann's interview with Obama.

Palin is getting alot of help...

Time for Obama to hit the panic button...

All good news for McCain from New Mexico, North Dakota, and Alaska...
Plus good news from Virginia and Missouri... slightly bad news for McCain from Michigan and New Hampshire.

Michigan, New Hampshire, Missouri, Virginia polling data,8599,1840327,00.html?cnn=yes
New Mexico..
North Dakota..

CNN called out for biased reporting by fox

Some folks like Roland Martin just do not get it...

Could it be?
Some folks may not be voting for Obama because he is black (that is awful). Some folks may not be voting for McCain because he is old(that is awful). But could it be, Roland Martin, that some folks in unions are voting for McCain because they do not want their jobs taxed overseas? Could it be some folks are not voting for Obama because they believe he is inexperienced? Could it be they are voting for John McCain because they are turned off by moveon, the dailykos, and Huffpo? Could it be they are not for Obama because he wants to surrender in Iraq no matter what the situation on the ground is? Could it be that women are voting for McCain because Sarah Palin inspires them? Maybe they believe it is not the governments job to fix any and every problem? Maybe they do not want to elect Biden and Obama because of their barbaric views on abortion? Could it have something to do with the fact that they want to rest assured their gun rights will be protected? Could it be John McCain is an inspiring leader who went through hell to stand up for his countries honor? Could it be?
or possibly this country is just not as progressive as whiny brat progressives like Roland... and Martin should just write offensive articles declaring anyone who does not vote for Obama a racist.

Ben Stein joins

Obama believes he is a cut above...

I believe today is going to be a hot news cycle

The tensions in this campaign running extra high right now.

Democrat Artur Davis admits...

Johm McCain is his own man...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Olbermann is the most ignorant man in T.V.

The scum bag had the Freshman senator from Illinois on his show and I swear you would have thought olberscum was Hollywood Hussein's mother. He was trying to hug his dear friend and do anything to help Hussein's campaign. He was asking Obama softball questions that had more to do with Obama's feelings than any sort of policy, but the interview often turned towards the two men whining about how Hussein lost control of the media.

Father Jonathan tears apart Biden's abortion quote..

Congressman Korrupt Kanjorski who plays politics with war is in big trouble...

remember this?

Please REGISTER TO VOTE!!! I have link on the top of this page..

also vote in our most likely for McCain to win poll. All of those states coupeled with wins in Florida, Ohio, and Virginia would put McCain over the top.

John McCain continues to dominate in Television ads..

Montanna moves to McCain country...

further illustrating Obama's wasted money...

Did the McCain campaign outsmart the Obama machine?
It has to make you laugh that the Obama campaign has wasted so much time and money in Georgia, North Carolina, Mississippi spending money and trying to expand the field so Obama could look like he transcended the red blue culture. All that money is gone now!!

Sarah Palin strikes a "bitter" chord in Lancaster, Pa


Elizabeth Hasselback hits Michelle Obama

with verbal jab of course..

The man who Married Michelle and Barack ...

Jeremiah Wright has been busted in a very very bad way... he has been caught having an affair in Texas...

Palin would crush lousy, angy, liberal Biden

in a presidential match up....
the nerve of angry Joe Biden to accuses Palin of not supporting those with special needs. While Biden says life begins at conception, but supports abortion which would then in fact be the killing of human beings.

Angry Liberal Democrat Joe Biden accuses

Governor Sarah Palin of not supporting those with special needs. This coming from the man who says life begins at conception, but supports the killing of what he considers human beings. Joe Biden is a disgusting sick man.

McCain surges ahead in NC???

We will have to wait and see if this is true...

The best liberal blog in America bar none

If you are following this election closely you must visit, Today they are of note though because of their excellent analysis of my dear state of Alabama.

Great day for McCain...

record crowds...
great fundraising
huge lead among independents
whining from the other side...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Michelle hits on bitter social issues..

talking down on people who believe marriage is a sacred institution Michelle says that in a perfect world gays would marry and adopt. She says Barack would put to rest the defense of marriage act. I personally have the opinion that marriage should be determined in the state legislatures across this country and no state should have to recognize other states laws.
The courts would no longer be able to legislate marriage definitions from the bench. But why does Barack not come out and say he supports gay marriage?

Cal Thomas is a classy conservative columnist...

we should all read more of his work... but here is a good article on Palin by Thomas..

This article backs up John McCain's all of the above energy approach..

Ford has new sporty car that can get 65 mpg, but the problem is we do not use diesel fuel in America. I have confidence McCain would work to remove the stigma of diesel because he has said he will not leave any stone unturned in his quest for energy in America.

good news in Governor's and Presidential race in Washington State..
McCain closes gap in Washington...

Palin biography to be released..

Tom Brady is out for the season..

daggum it!!

So how far ahead is McCain today?

That is debatable polls use different methods. Some weight Party ID and others do not. The polls that do not weigh part ID are going to fluctuate and have shown the most movement towards
McCain. This could mean that McCain has brought back some folks that were ashamed to admit they were Republican or conservative.
****my take on where this election stands before seeing any state polling****
I think John McCain will have taken Indiana, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, and of course Alaska will be off the map for the Democrats.(unless something major happens between now and election day) I believe that Virginia will begin the process of getting itself of the swing state list.
When the polls do come out the states I am most intriqued to see are Ohio, Michigan, and New Hampshire. If McCain is leading in Ohio, only down by a few points in Michigan, and tied in New Hampshire this would be a great day for McCain. He will have put Obama on defense.

American Issues Project

was not slowed by the bullying tactics of the Obama campaign.
and here is their ad...

a fighter is born....,0,6929761.story

John McCain has a 60% approval ratings WOW!!!

That is 5 higher than Obama and reflects McCain's appeal on both sides.

BREAKING NEWS!! John McCain has taken the

lead in the Rasmussen Daily tracking poll...


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keith Olbermann demoted!! His loud and obnoxious support of Obama has gotten Olbermann demoted from the anchor chair for debate and election coverage.

USA TODAY shows great news for John McCain
by 10 among likely voters and by 4 among registered voters!!

Obama campaign manager Keith Olberscum

he is also a left wing blogger has been dropped from anchoring election coverage... check drudge report for more details...

Biden has terrible logic

According to him life begins at coneception, but he believes abortion should be a women's choice. Because he cannot force his belief on others. So it is ok to kill? Is saying that killing is wrong not forcing your moral opinion on others?

Charles Gibson will be give Palin her first interview

this is going to be great!!

I like the Pats, but this is bad news all around...

Tom Brady out for the season.;_ylt=AsFQHQPJU4p2aS77micRYxo5nYcB?slug=ms-bradyoutforyear090708&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

I am going to add a new feature to Stopbarack

Stopbarack's college football team of the week...
This week it goes to the ECU Pirates for an outstanding start to the season. Big times wins over Virginia Tech in week 1 and West Virginia in week 2 show that ECU and coach Skip Holtz are ready for the big time.
retroactively I would like to make the Alabama Crimson Tide the team of the week for week 1 after their huge win over a talented Clemson team.

Palin raises the energy level for McCain

There are 300 million people in this country

Some amount of those folks are children and folks without jobs who do not pay taxes. At anyrate Obama says he will raise the capital gains tax for purposes of "fairness". Knowing this will cut government income. This will cut government income. cutting government this would, but Obama supports it for purposes of "fairness". Now onto his campaign promise that he will cut taxes on 95% of Americans. If 100 million Americans own stocks and there are 300 million Americans. That is atleast 33% of Americans getting a tax increase, but we know it is far higher than that becuase 300 million would include children and the like.

Chuck Liddel gets Knocked out...

Did anyone see that brutal knock out by Rashad Evans? I wanted to post the video but it is blocked on youtube. that is a link to some pictures of the fight, but it Liddel was having a solid match, but Rashad Evans just unloaded a furious punch to Liddel's head and it was over. I was not impressed that Evans was dancing before he was sure Chuck was ok.

Steve Schmidt turns McCain campaign around..

John McCain will appoint Democrats to his cabinet

John McCain if elected will get a chance to showcase his true bi-partisan and reform credentials.



Friday, September 5, 2008

good article on realclear

smart ad for McCain

not good for Obama

Robert Novack writes a nice piece

Oprah denies Sarah Palin air time

I suppose Palin is just too old fashioned and conservative.

Chris Matthews should be fired..

Judging from the first poll released by Rasmussen

post Palin speech... which includes three nights of polling and only one of those nights includes data from after the Palin speech... John McCain is going to creep past Obama by sunday.

Tucker Bounds

Tucker Bonds with Campell Brown..

Tuckers shows he is a class act..

McCain will have the money to compete down the stretch..

some reaction to Palin speech from Hollywood..

but read the middle to see whom Michelle Obama fundraised with...,2933,417262,00.html

Sexism from Obama surrogates..

Because Sarah Palin is a women the Obama camp believes the only reason she is on the national ticket is to attract female voters.
A. This shows they believe women do not have the strength to attract men and women voters. It also belittles all of her accomplishments.
B. They believe she cannot attract women voters this is really going to backfire. They believe all of Hillary's famous 18 million voters are extreme leftist this is just simply very unlikely. The vote they are most likely not accounting for is women between the ages of 18 and 30. Women who may not fall into their partisan trap by becoming single issue voters(abortion). This may really encourage young women to vote for this strong and charismatic women.

Oprah shows true colors

Oprah is now a full fledged Obama surrogate. She has blocked Sarah Palin from coming on her show because she does not like her politics. tell Oprah what you think of her blocking Governor Palin simply for the sake of partisan politics.

John McCain gives a great speech...

Proven war hero and change agent... vs. the guy who can really run his mouth..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

CBN's David Brody raves about Sarah Palin

John McCain shows the vision and leadership

that will bring Peace, Prosperity, and Reform to America!!

John McCain hits it out of the universe...

This quote sums up this election in the way I see it...

The wrong change looks not to the future, but to the past for solutions that have failed us before and will surely fail us again. Like others before him, my opponent seems to think government is the answer to every problem. That's not change we can believe in.-Senator John McCain

McCain's speech

Has to send chills down your spine unless are you a code pink wacko. This man stands for hard work and determination that can take our country back where it needs to be. Hollywood Hussein Obama is a like a used car salesmen trying to package a HUGE EUROPEAN government into to some slick new thing.

Sarah Palin kicked butt even with a faulty teleprompter

McCain could not have done any better

that comes from experience dealing with stupid hecklers at town hall meetings.

left wing pyschos its disgusting

Obama should be ashamed to have supporters with that little class, but when you support someone as low on class and high on arrogance as Hollywood Hussein Obama this should be expected.

I Love John S. McCain

No matter what this is a man we can be proud of!!

Cindy McCain hits it out of the park..
What a job she has done I am shocked at how well she is performing. Not that I did not have high expectations, but this is just truly moving.

John Edwards will...

hide until after the election. In order to not distract Hollywood Hussein Obama. This my friends is as courageous as waiting to cheat on his wife until she went into remission. The arrogance of John Edwards is very similar to that of Hollywood Hussein.

Doug McCain was adopted by John McCain in his previous marriage

for those who were wondering.

The Cindy McCain segment of the RNC is outstanding..

Cindy and the family look outstanding. Very proud moment!!

Tom Cole talks about Palin
Tom Cole talks about GOP chances in the fall and what impact Palin will have on congressional Republicans chances.

Sarah Palin the new Ronald Reagan?

I have supported Governor Palin for the long haul and

I simply want to say this I think I was right. She has created a real buzz you cannot deny that and it has been mixed coverage, but it has completely taken attention off of Obama. It has put the media on the defensive about covering Palin with such aggression.
But I think when it comes to the electoral map this pick is going to make a lot of sense in the weeks to come as polling moves away from the convention and towards the debates. The states I mentioned specifically were the conservative mountain west, Virginia, and Indiana. I believe this to be true. Nothing would be better for John McCain than to be ahead in all of those states. If this convention plays out and McCain has taken a 5 point lead in Virginia and an 8 point lead in indiana then folks he is in great shape to win this election.
It would narrow down the focus of the campaign to Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio. Now I believe ultimately unless this election is a blow out for Obama Nevada will go for McCain. So it comes down to Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio. Dear folks that would be an outstanding place for McCain to get down to. It would mean Obama has wasted millions of dollars in states he could not compete in and narrow the field down to the states McCain has banked on.

I am going to go out on a limb and say..

John McCain is going to prove to be the toughest candidate for President we have ever seen. Tonight my friends John McCain is going to knock it out of the park.

Joe Biden puts lobbyist first in his own words..


Check out what McCain says in this article...,2933,417064,00.html

Woodward notes that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposed the surge, while GOP presidential candidate John McCain was “advocating more troops for years.” Woodward also quotes McCain expressing frustration with the Bush White House, clenching his fists in the West Wing and exclaiming to Woodward: “Everything is f---ing spin.”

Maverick Sarah Palin

Ted Nugent says Palin is "my" girl

Palin punches Biden/Obama ticket..

I wish the GOP had gone more with the them of...

Could you believe all the complaints the DNC made last week. They are the most negative folks one could ever hope to meet.
The theme that could and should win the election is that the Democrats truly believe America is broke and that Obama needs to go to the White House to fix it. But John McCain and Sarah Palin believe that Washington is broke.

Clinton aides come to Sarah Palin's defense

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Harry Reid sexist attack

Palin speech "Shrill" will see if Reid's sexism sinks Reid.

Sarah Palin ticks off Senator Harry Reid..

a good sign... Harry Reid calls her speech "shrill". I hope his $#Q%$%@# sinks in Nevada.

Governor Sarah Palin Delivers the best speech in VP

history... great job!!

Sarah Palin comes out swining..

Great line from Sarah Palin's speech tonight..

"I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities."

Drudge has parts of Palin speech..

highlights of Palin Speech.

Harry Reid shows in the Democrat Party you better fall in line..
Joe Lieberman may get cut.

why Minnesota and Iowa are not all that important swing state..

Four states will decide this election.
1. Ohio- McCain loses its over
2. Virginia/ Colorado- if McCain loses both its over... if McCain wins one he must win. ....
3. Michigan
essentially McCain must win 3/4 of those states.

McCain has reasonn to smile about latest poll numbers..

McCain has fallen way behind in Minnesota and Iowa.. thats ok... those are numbers right after DNC. I think he has a better chance on catching Obama in Minnesota for several reasons including the convention being held in Minnesota. A reason to write off Iowa is the bums want us to pay our tax money for them to waste corn.
The good news is very simple. From polling during the DNC McCain holds a 47-45 lead in Ohio.

Will Campell "Obama Girl" Brown challenge Obama

on his experience? email CNN and tell them Campell "Obama Girl" Brown should challenge Obama on his experience.

roll tide Alabama up to #13 in the latest polls..

it is Sarah Palin's night

Reform conservative Governor vs Party line liberal Senator..

Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama

Harry Reid believes Joe lieberman should put party first..

John McCain greets Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson

Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy caught kissing MSNBC's rear end

Peggy Noonan is an idiot. Mike Murphy is an idiot.

Obama slips under 50 as convention revs up..

Should Campell Brown join the Obama staff in a paid role?

She has been in the tank for Obama for months. She has held the position of spokeswomen while still employed by CNN. I have said before I have said again.. she believe a women's role is to promote abortion and candidate Hollywood Hussein Obama.. but she was beyond offended at the thought of a female VP. As a feminist she believes the only reason a women could possibly be qualified to hold office is if she promotes abortion.
at any rate here is Campell " Obama Girl" Brown interviewing Tucker Bounds..
on second thought I am not going to even show it again.

Alabama delegates told Palin is ready!

Dick Morris says attacks on Palin will backfire..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

John McCain's staff hits media for bias...

Campell Brown from CNN seems to believe a women's place is as Obama's campaign spokeswomen and not as a Vice Presidential candidate...

we see unfortunately lefty Campell Brown has tanked completely for Obama. She has never given any sort of a hard hitting interview to Hollywood Hussein delegate.

Fred Thompson hits a Homerun?

I think his speech was great.

I cannot believe Hollywood Hussein Obama will appear on

the O'Reily factor on the night John McCain gives his acceptance speech. That is shocking and disappointing. Classless by fox, O'Reily, and Obama.

Sarah Palin goes on the offensive regarding troopergate..

Sarah Palin met with Jewish lobbying group today..

CNN campaigns for Obama (Campell Brown)

Campell Brown known for softball interviews with Obama supporters. Turned read her Democrat talking points almost brought to tears defending her king Hollywood Hussein Obama Tucker Bounds held his own, but Campell Brown showed to whom she aligns herself.

I guess Campell Brown believes women should only be spokeswomen for a campaign ( a role she loves in the Obama campaign) and not VP's. Well her stance against powerful women shows her jealousy.

good ole Joe Lieberman giving a great speech

I am loving it... Harry Reid is not haha!!

current Wasilla, Alaska mayor defends Sarah Palin

Bush hits the "angry left"

That had to feel good for W.

George W Bush does a great job for..

John McCain

Laura Bush is in good spirits tonight!!

I have a great amount of respect for her it has been a tough 8 years.

Do not trust Campell Brown..

She used sexism to attack Sarah Palin in a interview with Tucker Bounds.. No suprise, but just look for bias in her coverage do not trust her.

if you look listen to the strategy room on

Shepherd Smith is hating on Christians on "Wedge Issues". He is saying Gay Rights and Abortion have no part in politics and what not. But he his taking a very angry approach toward Christians.

Sarah Palin is a Google icon...,8599,1838041,00.html?cnn=yes

Lindsey Lohan defends Bristol and Sarah Palin..,2933,415422,00.html

Joe Boehner defends Sarah Palin...
calls critics elitist... I agree..

Young guns make a push for their candidates ...

but where....

Can Fred and Joe save John? (RNC)

The pressure of the GOP's future sits on Lieberman and Thompson's shoulders. I say this because tonight is the night that must really get this convention is John McCain is safe and Hollywood Hussein is dangerous.
I will say Obama must comeback down under 50% by the end of this week.

Rove did not call Lieberman

Democrats cross the line..

Levi Johnson (Bristol's husband to be) will attend RNC

SEC BEWARE SI coverboy Glen Coffee

Joe Lieberman to shine at RNC tonight!!

Fred Thompson to the rescue hopefully


We can now be 100% Obama does not respect small town Americans.

Ignore the media Chauvinist.. Palin has experience...

Obama's arrogance...

Mocks Wasilla, Alaska saying his campaign staff is larger than the Mayor's.

Steve Corbett says NOBAMA

oil prices falling!!


REGISTER TO VOTE!!! and make sure your friends and family are as well...


good news for Jay Love over Bobby Bright..

Day of the convention features Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman

Day 2, Cindy McCain, John McCain, George w. Bush, Laura Bush

Number of Republicans grows in August....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin central...

Sarah Palin on the Charlie Rose show

Sarah Palin

Krystol weighs in...

He was very high on Palin

Todd Palin has DUI in the past no big deal

just getting some of this news out of the way...

Dr. James Dobson supports Palin family...

Bristol Palin is pregnant and will have her baby..

She will marry the father. I am thrilled that the rumors were false that she had faked a pregnancy.

Palin vs Obama

liberal hate bloggers myth debunked..
And they think Karl Rove is evil..

liberal bloggers lies debunked

Sarah Palin as Sports Anchor

Lefty bloggers lie about Palin