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Monday, July 14, 2008

Bobby Jindal voids pork spending in Louisianna

Two interesting trends....

The great lakes are trending Obama.....
The national polls are trending slightly McCain...
I have not seen polling data from the South or Southwest in a good while or Ohio for that matter... If McCain is making his gains in the south and southwest particularly Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia ...... this could prove to be a very similar map to 2004. It is too early to tell and as they say polls are not meaningful until labor day, but it is interesting. It (to me )would signal an increase in support from Evangelicals and Latinos...

Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson hilarous

Brett Favre speaks...'t-feel-welcome-in-Green-Bay
Incredible story we will have to wait and see....

Obama was dead wrong on the surge

so true

My favorite McCain ad

Colorado Pro Life amendment could help McCain
Because of Obama's intense love of abortion.

John McCain opens up in this interview
talks of his brand of conservatism compares himself to Teddy Roosevelt and much more...

Brett Favre???
This is one of the most fascinating stories I have ever followed.. So I will track it here.

Kanjorksi, Korruptjorksi, Democrats He admits Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, himself and Barack Obama lied to Americans about getting the U.S. out of Iraq in 2006
lies about troop surge

Lou Barletta has good month of Fundraising as he tries to unseat the worst congressmen Kanjorski

The Democrat party platform

1.Surrender in Iraq
2. Do not drill
3. and raise taxes
Very motivating

Barack Obama continues to plead for America to surrender in Iraq

Democrats continue to shun Jewish Senator Joe Lieberman

Bush does it part... DEMS do nothing...
The do nothing congress continues as Pelosi and Reid allow your gas prices to rise.