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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barack Obama lies

spin it ... do whatever you want, but the man lied.

This can not be ignored

althouth African Americans are 2% of the electorate in Iowa.... McCain leads 55%-44% among Iowa African-Americans.

African American GOP

This is a link to Black GOP websites.... go to this site take a look around and see if there is anything you can do to help the GOP become more inclusive.

Get out the Vote John McCain
McCain has cut into Senator Obama's lead in Colorado. This is a very good sign, my personal perspective was this state would be so far Obama it would have kept trending his way. McCain's campaign has got to show conservatives they want to win.

My personal opinion is that the numbers are there for Senator McCain . He has to rally folks to the polls. This is where I am concerned I have read several articles stating McCain is lagging Bush 04 in terms of targeted get out the vote. If their was ever an election where voter registration is the key it is this one. I think in terms of percentages of people who vote would vote for each candidate come November it will be split... 47.5 to 47.5... but that is not how this election will be won it will be by gettting folks to the polls.

John McCain is facing
1. More Democrats than W did
2. Barack's get out the vote
- this means McCain must do better than Obama is crossover votes(check)
- when indy's ( most likely )
- have as good or better get out the vote efforts than W(I am worried)


You need a website called youth for McCain.
1. allow youth to upload videos explaining why you support mccain
2. Have McCain give brief updates and interviews directed at youth
3. encourage youth to register to vote and register their friends to vote.
4. show mccain ads and clips of speeches