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Thursday, July 17, 2008

If you watched that Dragnet episode and sympathized with..

the hippie vote Obama, but if you believe in the officers and that their may possibly be more than moral relativism vote for John McCain. Make sure everyone in your family and your friends vote McCain. The hippie in that episode represents the ideas that would prevail on the supreme court if Obama had his way.
Somebody has to take a stand... you can VOTE!!!

listen to what the crazy drug dude says about our future leaders says Nancy Pelosi

is a total failure just like GWB. look at how many things have gone wrong since she took over as speaker of the house,Or obnoxious queen of the house.

Obama is going all out in Virginia
John McCain has to respond to the latest move by Obama

Barack Obama and Howard Dean set their eyes on Texas
Republicans are going to need to toughen up a little bit and fight back pretty soon. Dean's trip through Texas will definitely pay off for the Democrats. The RNC needs to get this type of presence going.

I missed the poll somehow New Jersey tightens up
New Jersey could swing to McCain, but that would be similar to if Obama wins North Carolina and Missouri. It would most likely McCain wins big. The tough part of New Jersey is the expensive ads.

Sarah Palin presents bold plan to Alaskan lawmakers

Destin Hood choses Washington over Alabama Crimson Tide

McCain in Missouri

Obama explains his position in Iraq

America he has you fooled just like W did. You cannot trust Obama.

Barack's contradictions
it sickens me that this fraud might be our president.

in honor of Bob Dylan's boycott of the RNC convention
I will list my top 5 favorite Bob Dylan Songs....
yes he is boycotting the convetion, but he is still the best.
1. Tangled up in Blue
2. Visions of Johanna
3. All I really want to do
4. only a pawn in their game
honorable mention .... Spanish boots of spanish leather, like a rolling stone, ring them bells and more

McCain surrogate Fiorina meets with "Hillraisers"
This is the type of meeting that could get John McCain elected president.

J.C. Watts launches Black News network..
I think this is a great idea by a great man. I am always saddened his career did not go further in Washington.

Jay Love vs Bobby Bright

The facts of the matter is Bobby Bright is no liberal, but the most important vote he will cast will be voting San Fransisco liberal as Speaker of the House. This makes conservatives powerless. It is sad, but true you cannot vote for a conservative Democrat in an election this important. They do not need more votes.

Al Gore praises McCain and Obama

America needs Allen West Fl 22

Senator Tom Coburn shows his appreciation of REDSTATE
RedState is a great site you should all visit.

An article takes a look at Wayne Parker's chances


Electoral strategies....

McCain's winning coalition hinges on winning Virginia that is a must. I have long said Michigan and Ohio are two musts, but when it comes down to it McCain needs to win Ohio and Virginia plus either Colorado or Michigan. Now in all this it is important to note Obama could win big and McCain would lose states like North Carolina and Indiana. I am only speaking with the assumption this is a close race. Ohio and Colorado or Michigan. If he wins those three McCain will win comfortably.

I get sick to my stomach when I see this Dic Cheney style Democrat Congressmen Kanjorksi

act as if this was no big deal...
He does Washing D.C. as disservice and my friends that is hard to do. Pennsylvania send korruptjorski packing.

McCain is hanging tough... Obama is slipping...