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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Al Franken Obama supporter and Democrat Senate candidate

Gas prices since the Democrats took office

since the Democrats took control of both house of congress...
Gas has risen from 2.14$ up to 4.03$
Oil prices have risen from 50% up to 138.56$
when looking at the chart remember the Democrats took over at the end of January.

The Governor of Louisianna Bobby Jindal

This man has a bright, bright, bright future.

Recent news
The Governor on Jay Leno

obama wants winnie the pooh foreign policy

This is truely what he wants....

Barack on globalization

As Barack's themes change ever so slightly for the general election there is one unmistakable delusion. Barack believes America must compete in the global market(smart). But Barack also believes big corporations must be punished(stupid).

So Barack wants to make us to compete against other nations for jobs, but he wants high taxes on corperations? This is a horrible strategy.

Polling is all over place these days

But from taking a look at Rasmussen and Surveyusa. I gather Obama is generally leading 48-42. I think right now that would include a large victory for Obama in the electoral collge. However Obama has not seized an actual commanding lead. Two main factors that are encouraging as we get this campaign going.
1. Obama has recieved incredibly positive press up until this point and is only this far ahead. As more people start looking for substance in this campaign folks will realize we can win in Iraq and we do not need a tax and spend chicago mafia politician in the white House.
2. The more time that goes by... the less folks will consider W when they are voting. Some will vote this fall for Barack as a protest against W, but I do not think that will be the prevailing thought. These are two candidates that should be look at for their own merit.

*** insided the numbers, an interesting number is arising... in Wisconsin.. McCain is carrying 33% of the black vote.

Barack campaign discriminates

South Dakota Senator John Thune

Defeated then Democrat leader Tom Daschle

some remarks from John Thune

John Thune on his father

Con't our look at rising stars in the GOP

we will feature a Governor and Senator today

Al Gore is living a lie