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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

let the election begin...

Jay Love and Wayne Parker appear to win ALGOP Primaries

The race for congress is taking shape in the state of Alabama... Alabama 2nd Congressional District Alabama 5th Congressional District

Michael Steele encourages McCain to reach out to Blacks

Run-offs in Alabama GOP congressional primaries are going on tonight... The North Alabama district is a potential pick up for the GOP.

Barack Obama vs Axelrod....

Obama spokesperson Axelrod lies about what Obama has said.... I do not blame him because Obama has said just about anything imaginable to get elected.

Vote against korruption vote against Kanjorski...

Democrats run ads on behalf of corrupt congressmen kanjorski.
This lying man should not return to congress....
another lie

An honorable candidate for U.S. Congress

Obama once again shows he lacks the character to lead

take a visit to this Sarah Palin website

John McCain


and register your friends and family!! Obama is way ahead in this category.

Troop surge Afghanistan says John McCain

Pat McCrory in good shape... Dole and McCain lead in North Carolina

McCrory(R) trails in NC Governors race 47-46
Dole (R) leads in Senate race 54-42
John McCain leads Obama 50-45

Good news for Republicans

Obama's latest say or do anything to win...
Obama is a fraud.

Howard Dean heads South

Conservatives please tell Howard Dean to ride his dadgum bus right back to Vermont. Higher Taxes will not make our lives better.

more VP info..

Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, or Tim Pawlenty

In the order above are my top picks for VP.
Mitt has two very important reasons..... 1. MONEY/Economy 2. MICHIGAN
Sarah Palin..... 1. Is a outstanding women who would no doubt bring in Soccer moms(Virginia/Indiana) 2. I believe she may help in western states, given Alaska is not right next to all of the Western states it does face similar issues.
Tim Pawlenty... He could help bring Minnesota back into play, or maybe help in Michigan or Wisconsin. He is very likable and this could help him for the future.

Pat McCrory
We need more conservative Governors so we can grow this economy!

Pat McCrory for Governor of North Carolina

Will McCain have a ground game?

That will play a huge role in who our next President will be....
McCain has to find an answer to the massive volunteer efforts Obama will have in his favor.