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Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Audacity of Lying

(in the youtube generation)
I have truly become inspired by Obama's work. This pathological lying machine will lie directly in to the camera as if he is Richard Nixon. Obama will say he is for a new kind of politics. Then he will distort McCain's words on the economy, repeat what Mccain actually said as his own words, and proceed to say McCain is more of the same, while he is different. What of the females on a show filled with females on a network television show, working as a hit women for Barack says( I paraphrase)" You do such and such like President Bush and such and such, and then she says he hired Karl Rove, to which McCain responds effectively no I did not and then she just says oh same thing. This leads my to my point, Obama values lies and distortion so much that he is willing to do it even if it goes against his message and he knows he will get caught. I believe what Barack is trying to teach American is that he loves to lie with a passion and he is willing to do it no matter what the consequences and so American you should do what you love no matter the consequences. That is audacity.

Obama distortions and patterns of lies.

John Mccain gives a thoughtful reasonable answer to a tough question from a jack ass (democrat), Obama offers distortions. Who do you want as your president?

we cannot trust the lying senator from illinois

Obama is lying. It is something we cannot tolerate. The only two things that have been consistent with Obama is lying and liberal.

Its sad to see hope die.

Obama offered a message of hope from the outset. Whether it was more than just a meaningless box of ideas that Hillary carried around as well or not, he offered hope. He could have united the country around our belief that America was good and that our politics needed to be changed. But Obama routinely takes jabs at Karl Rove's forms of politics, while playing them better than President Bush and Karl Rove ever could have. Wake up America just because he says he is a new kind of politician does not mean anything, he could show it by running and supporting honest ads. Not hit and run politics against John Mccain.

Barack supports this ad, that says John Mccain wants to continue the war for 100 years, the truth means nothing to Barack.