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Thursday, September 11, 2008

GREAT ARTICLE by CNN on faith and medical issues

It is important to me to have a doctor treating me or my family member who respects faith. While I wish the doctor had faith I also wish that about Bill Mahr and others. This is a great guide to dealing with doctors though.

Bill Clinton predicts big win for Obama...

I wonder if this means Bill believes Barack will break 50% something Bill was never able to do.
I do not think Obama will win in a landslide, but I think he has a slightly better than 50/50 chance of winning.

McCain would put Obama in his cabinet...

and promises to shrink the Government...

Artur Davis Governor 2010?

is one of my favorite Democrats. I was excited when he beat Hilliard, but I do not think he can win state office in Alabama. The reason I find this to be unlikely is not because of race, but because he took the wrong path.
Most Democrats who when state anything in Alabama work they way up through the ranks in Montgomery. Artur has the misfortune of having gone to Washington first. Now Artur has had to vote many times and those votes may or may not come back to haunt him we shall see.

I do not know his voting record, but I expect it is moderate. The the problem for Artur is only a few liberal votes can sink you in this state. I think he does a good job of representing Birmingham and the rest of his district, but I would advice him to work his way up in the house of Representatives as opposed to running for a Montgomery office.

bitter former GOP Senator Lincoln Chaffee calls..

Sarah Palin a "cocky wacko"

Sarah Palin tells Charlie Gibson she is ready to lead..

Things are looking up for McCain in the electoral college...

If recent polling out of several state is true... Florida, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico.....
Obama is having slightly fewer ways to 270 and McCain is opening a few more routes. McCain is appearing to gain strength in Pennsylvania and New Mexico. At the same time McCain is also polling better in Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

one of the lasting affects of 9/11 that is easy to forget

Perfectly good Muslim men and women now have a stigma thats goes with their faith.

James Kotecki funny man..

why no memorial?

Matt Damon shows why elitist hollywood snobs hurt democtrats..

Barack Obama would be much better off if he did not have elitist snobs undermining his campaign. What a f'n whining brat. Will Olbermann have a special comment about Damon mentioning McCain's death?