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Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman the Dark Knight... is shaping up to be a smash hit

Hannity and Rasmussen give Palin some attention....

Jack Hawkins for Governor of Alabama sounds interesting
I like the idea of a candidate from outside of politics. I think the Republicans have a very strong field for 2010. Artur Davis would be an interesting candidate for the Democrats, but I am sure he has been in lock step with Nancy Pelosi in Washington and that would hurt him.

John McCain turns up the heat....

Wisconsin district 8 vote John Gard

Men for McCain

Obama goes to Iraq to lecture our troops on why they should and will quit... will see how that goes over

Flip-Flopping, holier than thou Obama gives McCain the break he needs..

Most people are turned off by Barack Obama's self-absorbed nature. The long Democrat primary may have given McCain the break he needed. It seems because of the long primary and Obama's self obsessed style he has taken Bush out of the picture and made this race about whether or not America wants a narcissist whom only strives for more power as our President.
I get the feeling this overseas trip is going to be the last straw and polls especially in Ohio and Virginia are going to start to sway McCain's way. I think CNN and FoxNews calling out the MSM for following Obama is going to hurt Obama soon.
Having Obama shoved down our throats until we forget about W might just be exactly what McCain needs.

good folks of Alabam steer clear of Pelosi vote Wayne Parker and Jay Love..

Nancy Pelosi is the most divisive figure in American politics. With gas prices soaring and uncertainty about what out next source of oil might be Nancy Pelosi took the time to call W a total failure. That may be true, but when Nancy Pelosi took over as speaker of the house gas was 2$ a gallon. Oil 50$ and it has risen to as hight as 150$.
But because of San Fransisco lobbyist she adores their will be no drilling to hold us over until we find a reliable alternative to oil. Like Senator Obama I am sure she is glad gas prices have risen. Few people doubt we are ready for a new kind of energy, but we need oil and we need it now.
She likes to blame speculators and futures markets for the rising cost of oil, but if she took the time to think about it the fact that we would increase our oil production in 5-7 years would drive down the futures for oil.
The mortgage crisis has happened under her watch. Corrupt congressmen Kanjorski admitted that the Democrats lied about Iraq to get elected. The only thing that has improved since she took over is the the thing she opposes most vigourusly the war in Iraq.
So Alabama do not send folks to Washington who will vote her speaker of the House and be accountable to her for their every vote. Vote for folks who will not have to walk in lock step with her. I am sure the Democrats running in North and South Alabama are good folks, but voting for Pelosi is something Alabama cannot afford.
Unless you potentially want the of this country all to be further to the left than George Mcgovern (Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi) Vote John McCain, Wayne Parker for the Huntsville District and Jay Love in Montgomery. (Montgomery) (huntsville)

The primary bounce is going away day by day...

Obama lies no suprise here

Obama will say anything to get elected President.

Obama is a fraud