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Thursday, May 29, 2008

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MUST READ African American support for John McCain

Now I am no math genius, but as I recall W got about 10%-15% of the African American vote in 2004. Now I have been reading poll numbers on this race for a good while now and SurveyUSA does and outstanding job of providing a breakdown of the responces to their polling questions by differant groups.... and I am seeing McCain polling amazingly well among African-Americans in some states. I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of these numbers + or - 4.3%
African Americans are giving McCain anywhere from 24%-40% of their vote in Michigan.... in fact if the ticket was McCain/Romney vs Obama/Biden African-Americans vote 40%-34% in favor of John McCain. when the question was who would you vote for McCain vs Obama McCain is polling 26% vs 62% for Obama... still not an overwhelming margin considering Clinton, Kerry, and Gore's success with African American voters.

Obama's arrogance, will he bring a white flag?
He is going to possibly take a trip to Iraq and tell our servicemen he is ready for them to pack it up and head home. I was just thinking I hope he remembers to bring his white flag. I mean he needs to go ahead and surrender ASAP. Yeah things are getting better, but why let facts get in the way of your political ambitions. Using CNN, NBC, MSNMC as your outlet you have run a very easy campaign for the Democrat nomination, but wait til you try and present your white flag foreign policy to the general electorate.

Obama supporters hating on Hillary

take a look at this article and then see the latest from Obama's Church

A true power hungery Chicago Politician

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I would like to give a loud SHUT UP!!! to

Scotty Mac, Olberscum- can you imagine how much fun scum is going to have with Scotty Mac's book. So in advance I would like to tell them to shut up.

I grew up hating the Clintons

This has changed, Barack Obama's arrogance can do amazing things. I stand in amazement, but seeing Hillary helplessly fall has not been all that amusing. After any and every Obama victory the media called for her head. The Obama campaign has used liberal talking heads such as Olbermann to advance their cause while presenting Obama as having spotless image. McCain has shown us glimpses of whats to come. He is going to make Iraq and foreign policy and issue. This is going to put Obama on the defensive and I cannot wait to see it. Thanks to Clinton Obama has been roughed up. The appeal that Clinton and McCain share is experience. Yes Clinton only worked in the Senate for around 8 years, but she obviously was in the white house for the 90's and has experience. I think that is the true differance between Bush and Obama voters vs McCain and Clinton voters. Yes I just lumped Obama and Bush together and no I am not crazy.
This type of appeal forgets ideology and says, I have problems with my government who can fix it. While Clinton's eyes are bigger than America's budget these voters are still going to listen because she speaks from experience. They will also listen to McCain and his straight talk. You see tearing Obama down is easy, he has no record to stand on. His record comes from being the most liberal Senator and being a crooked Chicago politician, with an extremely questionable backgrond. He resents small town voters and with an elitist grin, dismissed them as clinging to guns and Religon. While Obama may think he has heard the last of those remarks he has not. McCain has a history of passing up partisan politics to accomplish goals for Americans. This is a image that cannot be shaken for one simple reason. It is true.

McCain offers to put campaigns on hold and visit Iraq
I think this would be oustanding. I know some liberals and conservatives alike have already determined the Iraq was a failure, but things have gotten better. Obama will not go on this trip I am sure it would upset his "de facto media chair" Keith Olberscum.

Obama is facing an uphill battle

With the election still several months out, Obama may need to reshape his persona. The GOP, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton, have all done a good job of exposing Barack for who he is. This is starting to show up in the polling. Obama is not seen as a Centerist and coalition builder. Obama's message of change is being revealed for what it is.... a liberal, I will avoid calling it marxist, but a liberal agenda. He aligned himself with an Indy punk rock, soviet Russia inspired band, in order to decieve folks into thinking he had drawn a large crowd. Obama's message is old and boring... High taxes, gun-control,abortion on demand,surrender in Iraq. These themes are helping his campaign fall apart, as they should.

De Facto Obama Media chair lashes out at Hillary

This is what an avid Obama supporter thinks about Hillary.

Great News
Interesting take a look at McCain's numbers with African Americans.

Congressional Blues

The Blue Dog Democrats work the party line.... until campaign season. Sad to hear. Fact of the matter is you deserve to be represented by liberals, if you will vote for someone who will vote Pelosi as Spearker.

Congressional Blues

The Blue Dog Democrats work the party line.... until campaign season. Sad to hear.

Breaking News from Rasmussen Reports
Americans are showing an ability to sift through the medias and the Obama campaign's mess.
McCain is opening up a lead on Obama.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Obama goes negative

Politics are negative, but Obama has us believe he was above negative politics.

John McCain

Troubling numbers out west highlight the importance of Michigan, Ohio, and Florida. That is the winning formula for John McCain. The "Big Ten" is where McCain needs to go to work. Take trips out west that is fine, and smart, but as I noted earlier today he is advertising in Michigan this is smart. Obviously based on the maps of 2000 and 2004 McCain is on the defensive and Obama has to play offense. McCain can even lose a state or two that Bush won. If he maintains Florida, Ohio, and picks up Michigan I assure McCain is President. Plus a focus on those three states may open the door for Pennsylvania or maybe even New Jersey.

Smart move McCain
It would can be seen as Ironic.... Obama is heading to McCain's region of the country for votes, while McCain heads to Obama's.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fight the good fight conservatives and moderates alike

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to inform their friends about the true Barack. While he says he stands for a purple America... it seems the only thing he could mean by that is moving the country farther than the left than we could imagine. He is the candidate of the Left if you are a liberal and you read this blog I fully understand your support for Barack. I say that without the least bit of anger towards liberals. They have their reasons for their ideology... but where I part ways with Barack is his false change. The idea that Americans have been dumbed down enough to believe someone is a new kind of politician for no other reason than the fact that they say they are.
Start a blog, join a facebook group, talk to a friend or family member, lets make sure people do not support Barack based on false pretenses. He does not have a moderate leg to stand on. John McCain is no moderate, but he does work across party lines. Barack does not cross party lines and does not want to be judged by his friends and wife. The only problem I have with Barack saying he does not agree with these people he only likes to hear other opinions is.... where are all his radical right friends???? He has associations with American haters, but not with his conservatives... interesting.
What I am saying is simple... dig folks look... listen.. lets make sure America gets the full story about Barack... not his 10% of the actual story mixed with 90% lies.

Thank Goodness for the Internet

If it was not for the internet then I think Obama would be walking into this election and would not even be bruised. However the power of the internet is going to bloody up Obama and show his true colors. I know several anti-Obama facebook groups are gaining momentum. All politicians lie, but not all politicians platform and "brand" are built on lies. Obama floated through the liberal primary, but just wait until we have the most liberal candidate in front of all Americans for a few months.
Pro-Abortion on demand
Anti-Second amendment
Pro- Gay Marriage
Universal healthcare
crazy associates
I think as the times passes mainstream America will turn from this leftist.

Dear Democrats

You are delusional liberal whack jobs. Your anti-gun, anti-life, anti-marriage, and pro- tax candidates are not electable on a national level. If the GOP can make this election about who Obama really is.... a liberal crooked politician out of chicago... McCain will be President. If Obama fools America with his fake message of fake change.. then Obama will win.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rush vs Hussein Obama

So if Hussein Obama wins the election...

-Universal Healthcare, which means huge tax increases
-Gay Marriage he will not take a stand for the will of the people
-Abortion as often as possible
- meetings with Chavez, Castro, Ahmadinejad
- Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Anderson Cooper will be running our country
- a Immediate withdrawal from Iraq no matter how it may hurt Iraqi civilians
-Liberals such as Bill Ayers and crazy folks like Jeremiah Wright will fill his cabinet and if you dare question him he will simply say do not judge me by my close circle of friends, whom have Baptized my children , married me, and launched political careers with me.
-our President will be a product of Chicago Politics.. is that not exciting
-Hey atleast our Presidents Grandmother will be a "Typical" white person??!?!?!?
-and our first Lady well she will be proud of her country for the first time in her adult life.
- I am beginning to love the Clintons



Courting Colleges

I do not know if the idea is out there or not, but I think this simple plan could really help McCain in swing states.
1. Identify the top most important swing states
2. Early in the fall host a campaign rally at the biggest University in all 10 of those states
3. Make it a 10 day tour and spend nights interviewing with sports shows and MTV.
4. Make sure to have volunteers already lined up to register voters.

90th post is about Barack's lies good job fox

McCain headed to three important states next week...

New Mexico, Nevada, and Wisconsin. These three state are extremely important and carrying any two of them could be enough to give McCain the electoral edge, assuming the big battle ground states stay in the same camp. I think once we get past Obama's fake image as a reformer McCain will have overwhelming appeal in these three commen since states. If McCain fights hard, which we know he will, he has a great chance to get Obama off is fantasy world messages. The idea of meeting with Iran and the like without Preconditions shows Obama is not up the the presidency and I feel confident Nevada, New Mexico, and Wisconsin will agree. I am also encouraged that gay marriage may become an issue, Obama should take a stand on this issue and hopefully he will stand up and defend marriage. I am not holding my breathe however.

Obama would ruin our leverage worldwide Its not suprising that this comes from a Senator who has not completed one term. He is young and stupid and his wife is an unpatriotic hag.

Obama supports Gay Marriage

The water is heating up on Obama, many good articles to read. This one cuts through Obamas distortions.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

John McCain has given us a glimpse

If you read the must read article from the previous post, you will understand why John McCain will not need as much money as the politician Obama. Obama is a coward who hides behind lies and deceit. This decieving GI Bill is an oppurtunity for Hussein and his hag wife to try and get a step up on Obama. This is typical Obama politics, however McCain in his toughness will stand up Obama no matter how much money he has or how powerful his machine may be.

John McCain hope for the future

He attacks the political punk obama. Obama trying to score points before the election attacks McCain, but McCain fires back. READ!!!! THIS READ THIS!!!!

Out of TOUCH!!!!

GOP + Money

I hope we can get enough money to really get the true picture of Barack Obama out to the American people. He is dishonest, fake, liberal and a brat. He is more vulnerable than John Kerry I would have to say.

Bloggers and Grassroots are important in this campaign

The well funded snob Obama is going to be tough.

articles about the pancy from illinois and his hypocricy
John McCain better be tough.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The arrogant prick's campaign

runs off to ole england and starts running their mouth. We will see what happens in November.

John McCain

America we have to honestly look at the choices in front of us. John McCain has stood for all the things Barack claims to stand for, while McCain has fought for a right of center agenda. He has done it by working across the aisle. Conservative America must face this fact, Democrats will control the house and senate. They have earned that right, by allowing the GOP to wreck itself. John McCain can preside over this nation with honor, dignity, and courage as we face rough days ahead. John McCain can forge alliances with key Democratic Senators he has worked with in the past, while aligning himself with Blue Dog Democrats. This would truly represent the majority of Americans. Barack will run his mouth and the run the country into the ground. As Lieberman said in a previously posted article, Barack is A. afraid to stand up to the leftist in his party or B. he is a leftist. He has shown both are believable. The fact remains, we will have a potential for a liberal shift in our country, there is only one thing to stop this shift, VOTE MCCAIN.

Joe Lieberman Great article from a man who stands firm it would he believes, but its not afraid to compromise for the sake of our country. Sounds like John McCain and that would describe him, but we are talking about Joe Lieberman.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clinton wins Kentucky according to Fox

although the arrogant junior senator from illinois does not seem to care.

God Bless the Kennedy family

CNN remains a liberal haven

Today articles from Ro Martin and jeff toobin, show that two of CNN's reporters love Obama. I want honor there liberal bull with a link. Ro Martin and Toobin are two comitted media for obama.

John McCain and Blue Dog Democrats

This potential team could be the most effective executive and legislative team ever. The Blue dog democrats are a congressional caucus that has strong ties in the south. They are a moderate group that works across party lines. I think they could really be the change we deserve. This team that does what McCain has already been doing would bring in an Era of bi-partisanship.

NBC LIES and of course we are not suprised. I must say late is better than never, Bush is growing a backbone.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Obama does not want to be president

i after watching this video I think he should tell himself to quit playing sound bytes that will hurt him. I think he should go on a long whiny tirade against himself. Obama is proving he may have a place in the Mcgovern, Dukakis, Mondale, Gore, Kerry HALL OF FAME.

little ole Iran, no big deal GREAT ARTICLE about Obama hypocrisy.

Obama says Tehran not a 'serious threat' like Soviets

so I guess he does not mind the label of out of touch liberal. He defends that anti-american hag he calls a wife.

The abortion loving, Christian mocking, gun-hating candidate.

BARACK OBAMA, he and his post-70's hippie wife want to make a white house run, they only have one request do not question anything we say or do. We say change you clap and say yes we can, you sit down I talk, you vote. I say McCain is old you say yes we can. DO NOT QUESTION BARACK OR HIS HIPPIE WIFE!!

"Lay off my wife"- Obama

well mister Obama how bout not bringing your wife into the campaign, for the purpose of hate speech against the America?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jamie Rubin LIES

Friday, May 16, 2008 helps to explain McCain's position on Hamas and the fact that he never flipped. He says when hamas agrees That Israel has the right to exist we can resume talks with Hamas. Do not let They lying junior senator from illinois hear this. Or better yer let him hear it, the truth has no effect on the lying junior senator from illinois.

George W Bush's greatest gift to the GOP

W really set up a map that we can all look at and define presidential favorites. He also managed to develope a map in such a way that it favors the GOP. Considering the 2004 election he even gave McCain some breathing room. Here are some interesting facts that look good for McCain heading into 2008
All these are under the assumption that all things are equal from the 2004 map
- if McCain loses Ohio, but offsets it with a victory in New Hampshire. McCain wins the election 270-268
-McCain can lose Iowa and Colorado and still win the election
-McCain can lose Virginia or NC and still win the election
-If McCain manages to hold Ohio and pick up Michigan or Pennsylvania than he is the nominee almost certainly.
* studying the electoral map it is clear that this race will be won or lost in the rust belt
McCain's most important states
-Ohio and Florida- McCain has to win these states in order to win the election( I noted above he could switch ohio and new hampshire, but there will likely see several states switch columns.)
2. MICHIGAN!! the DNC primary debacle should open the door. If he can win Michigan he has plenty of breathing room.
3. the rest of the Bush coalition- if he does well in the Bush states and wins any 2 of the following
Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania than he wins the election
*** This leads me to believe that at some point when McCain was focused on helping W win elections, Bush told McCain if you help me when the election in 2004 I will hand you a blue print for an easy electoral victory in 2008, well I think the problem is if Bush was even an arguably good president then I think McCain would roll to a mighty victory.

A great article for electoral nerds and guess what its from Obama's perspective, but written very well.

Barack Obama

loses his bearings, the politics of change have disappeared. Today in South Dakota Obama whined for twenty minutes and desperately tried to link McCain to Bush. I expect to hear this up until November, oh the politics of change how refreshing.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Michelle Obama in her own words

and you can look in here liberal eyes and tell she means it. take a look.

John Edwards endorses Obama

Edwards On Obama’s Early Opposition To The Iraq War: “He Was A State Senator.” Edwards: “[Sen. Obama] wasn’t burdened, like a lot of us, with the information that we were receiving on the Intelligence Committee and as members of the United States Senate. We were getting very intimate detailed information about what was actually happening in Iraq. Senator Obama, I think, what did you say? He was a state senator. So he obviously wasn’t in the Congress and wasn’t part of the decision-making.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 2/4/07)

Edwards Called A Nonbinding Resolution Against The Iraq Troop Surge Favored By Obama “Useless.” “That nonbinding resolution against the Iraq troop surge favored by Barack Obama? ‘Useless,’ said Edwards. ‘Exactly like a child standing in the corner and stomping his feet.’” (Roger Simon, “Edwards ‘08: Talking Tough,” The Politico, 2/1/07)

Edwards Criticized Obama’s Previous Acceptance Of Contributions From PACs And Federal Lobbyists. Edwards: “And I’m proud of the fact that I’ve never taken any money, unlike Sen. Obama, never taken any money from a Washington lobbyist or a PAC.” (Former Sen. John Edwards, Press Conference, 12/22/07)

Edwards Attacked Obama For His Voting Present Over 100 Times In The Illinois State Legislature. Edwards: “Why would you over a hundred times vote ‘present.’” Obama: “John …” Edwards: “I mean, every one of us, every one – you’ve criticized Hillary, you’ve criticized me for our votes. We’ve cast hundreds and hundreds of votes. What you’re criticizing her for, by the way, you’ve done to us, which is you pick this vote and that vote out of the hundreds that we have – (applause) – and all I’m saying is, what’s fair is fair. You have every right to defend any vote, you do, and I respect your right to do that on any – on any substantive issue. It does not make sense to me and what if I had just not shown up…” (Former Sen. John Edwards and Sen. Barack Obama, CNN Democrat Presidential Candidate Debate, Myrtle Beach, SC, 1/21/08)

Edwards certainly is a man of principal.

Dear GOP

As a concerned Conservative voter I have a few suggestions.

1. Recruit find and run Black Candidates
2. Recruit find and run Hispanic Candidates
3. Recruit find and run Catholic Candidates
4. Recruit find and run Female candidates
5. talk about vouchers
6. go into Democrat strongholds and campaign
7. emphasize libertarian acceptance into the party
8. Recruit find and run Blue Dog democrats in the party allow them to feel welcomed
If the GOP could begin to get around 20% of the black vote it could really expand to a nationally viable party, If we can get around 45%-55% of Hispanics we can remain viable, if we can get around 50%-60% of the Catholic vote we can remain viable. We must put the Democrats on the defensive and expand our razor then majoriy coalition.

McCain outlines first term
he mentions some great things, most notable he would hold weekly press conferences and answer questions from joint sessions of congress, British style. That would be awesome I am more excited than ever about his campaign. If he is elected and does bring himself before congress I assure you he will get re-elected. One problem Bush has had is his hiding from the American people since the Iraq war went south.

John McCain Presidency

I believe we need to elect John McCain president. He has the potential to buy the party sometime to reclaim conservative voters. The Democrats have done an outstanding job of putting forth moderate candidates that have expanded their parties appeal. If John McCain is elected president, and is viewed as a moderate conservative it can give the GOP sometime to find candidates that can help us reclaim the conservative vote instead of diluting it throughout both parties.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

was it just me?

or was Obama extremely condescending to the voters of West Virginia? We realize they are no electoral prize, but give the people some respect Barack.

little bit of news out of Ohio Tonight,2933,355767,00.html
Marc Dann resigns as attorney general of Ohio.

cnn reporting John Edwards will endorse Obama

in MICHIGAN!!! Obama is working on his appeal to the voters that will decided this election, white democrats in Ohio and Michigan. The location for this important endorsement highlights what we already know here at sovm Michigan is the heart of this campaign. Obama understands Michigan's importance does McCain? We shall see.


MICHIGAN and OHIO!!! I hate the football teams, but assuming most polling data is correct if McCain can win those two states he can offset probable losses in states Bush won. Dear McCain call Karl Rove and tell him to lockdown those two states. I have my doubts about a McCain victory in Michigan, but if he makes it happen and holds Ohio then McCain wins. If he can do that the gop can buy sometime and retool our party and RECRUIT MINORITY CANDIDATES and other qualified candidates. The Democrats are dominating Republicans at candidate selection in Governors, Senators, and congressmen.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Its often gets overlooked because of the importance of Ohio, but Michigan seems to want to vote McCain and you cannot count your chickens before they hatch, but I Think Michigan might just swing McCain's way. The fact that these voters voted for Hillary and will most likely not get their votes counted has got to anger them. I think McCain will do particularly well with white Democrats in this state. The glitz and glamour of Obama will not win this state, if Obama wins it will be for one of two reasons. 1. he somehow develops a backbone and comes up with more of a platform than "change" 2. The Democrats state party does a far better job of turning out the vote. The second is more likely than the first. Take a visit to this site and have some electoral fun

McCain must

-make efforts to reach out to African-American voters
-win Virginia or North Carolina and maintain the rest of the south. I think he can and will win NC and Va, but he cannot lose both.
-win Florida
-focus on his brand of conservative politics. You could call it commen sense conservatism instead of compassionate.
-McCain should visit college campuses he must reach out to younger voters. He has got to find a way to combat all the young and new voters for obama
- He must make sure people do not fall for the lie that Obama is some honest new kind of politician.
- He must indentify Obama as a liberal. He must allow folks to point out what and elitist hag obama's excuse for a wife is.
- Comminicate the idea that taxing cooperations causes lost jobs and makes America that much less competitive world wide.
- I am not Huck's biggest fan, but I think he appeals to the right people for McCain, Conservatives will vote for McCain, but Huck could bring out more.
- pick a vice president from the rust belt or the south. The electoral numbers favor John McCain if he maintains the south and gets a split in the rust belt.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Solid South

if we can maintain Bush's southern coalition of states I believe McCain can win. This week I will try and preview the states McCain must win.

We Must Elect McCain

If John McCain loses this presidential race conservatives will lose any voice we may have had. The Democrats are going to make gains in the house and senate that is a fact, if McCain loses we lose the White House as well. The only good that could come of that is a realigning of the party and getting rid of some the dead weight. We need conservative voices that back their voice with action. The Conservative ideas are better than the liberal ideas, but too often our congressmen and senators lose their voice when they get to D.C.

Friday, May 9, 2008

McCain vs Obama

Can Mccain bring together the right coalition of states and voters to hold off the lying senator from illinois. We shall see.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


encouraging news.....
Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are states that McCain has to make Democrats nervous. With George W Bush's low approval ratings I am fine with voting for John McCain in 2008, if W had been a more successful President I would want a more conservative Candidate. If we lose the Presidential election and seats in both houses of congress the party is in big trouble. The previously mentioned states will most likely want a candidate without all the flare and more of the experience which is why I think John McCain may have more appeal in those states than W.

as a side not some of his popularity in Wisconsin may come from his work with Feingold.

Rush helps Hillary in Indiana

Its seems operation chaos paid off in Indiana. Clinton is the stronger general election candidate, but she has no chance of winning. This is good for the Republicans. The GOP must unite behind McCain win the 2008 presidential election and then start from scratch in Congress. The congressional GOP is weak and needs reform.

Pressure is on Hillary.

Clinton is under pressure to bow out, I say keep fighting Obama. If Clinton sticks around she will get some victories in Kentucky and West Virginia.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am going to break some news!!!

Hillary will win Indiana!!! I just can not believe folks have not called that yet.

Carville makes some great points

this type of thougt leads me to believe in 2012 or 16 we will see electoral shift. I do not know how the parties will align, but I think it is coming.

This is something to really look at

If you love following elections as I do, this is a link to Karl Rove's polling data. This shows Hillary would be an electoral monster if she was nominated. She would be tough to beat, while Obama seems very beatable interestingly enough he does well for a democrat in Nebraska and North Dakota.

according to

Obama will secure a win in North Carolina, while I believe Indiana will go for Clinton. Hillary has created a divide in the party. John Mccain will need to exploit. Mccain must win working class white Democrats to win the election.

Who will win tonight?

Hillary must win Indiana. If Obama is able to win Indiana despite all this bad press he has recieved I would have to say he is the nominee.

Monday, May 5, 2008

calling the media thugs out.
Ro Martin is a snob, Obama was a member of Wright's church. That is the point martin, no one would be complaining if Wright had simply endorsed Obama, Wright is his pastor. Great biased delusional Martin. I am not justifying any conservative church, that's not the point, the point is there is no double standard in criticizing a politician who wants to president based on his attending a church that hates America. I think Americans know the difference.

Barack's most proud acheivement?
trying to ensure that Saddam remained in power. Is this the leadership we want? In all his political motivations it seems as though Barack only wishes Saddam was still around to torture and ruin more Iraqi lives.

McCain and Hispanics

I think it is important that we seal the borders as most Americans do, however in the article McCain brings up the important point that Hispanics share our conservative values. I think once we get a tough, but fair immigration policy Hispanics will become a conservative stronghold.

this article is worth a read

Howard Delusional Deal

Democrats don not do this kind of stuff.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Audacity of Lying

(in the youtube generation)
I have truly become inspired by Obama's work. This pathological lying machine will lie directly in to the camera as if he is Richard Nixon. Obama will say he is for a new kind of politics. Then he will distort McCain's words on the economy, repeat what Mccain actually said as his own words, and proceed to say McCain is more of the same, while he is different. What of the females on a show filled with females on a network television show, working as a hit women for Barack says( I paraphrase)" You do such and such like President Bush and such and such, and then she says he hired Karl Rove, to which McCain responds effectively no I did not and then she just says oh same thing. This leads my to my point, Obama values lies and distortion so much that he is willing to do it even if it goes against his message and he knows he will get caught. I believe what Barack is trying to teach American is that he loves to lie with a passion and he is willing to do it no matter what the consequences and so American you should do what you love no matter the consequences. That is audacity.

Obama distortions and patterns of lies.

John Mccain gives a thoughtful reasonable answer to a tough question from a jack ass (democrat), Obama offers distortions. Who do you want as your president?

we cannot trust the lying senator from illinois

Obama is lying. It is something we cannot tolerate. The only two things that have been consistent with Obama is lying and liberal.

Its sad to see hope die.

Obama offered a message of hope from the outset. Whether it was more than just a meaningless box of ideas that Hillary carried around as well or not, he offered hope. He could have united the country around our belief that America was good and that our politics needed to be changed. But Obama routinely takes jabs at Karl Rove's forms of politics, while playing them better than President Bush and Karl Rove ever could have. Wake up America just because he says he is a new kind of politician does not mean anything, he could show it by running and supporting honest ads. Not hit and run politics against John Mccain.

Barack supports this ad, that says John Mccain wants to continue the war for 100 years, the truth means nothing to Barack.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Obama twisting Mccain's words

the politics of slash and burn, thats all Obama knows. but guys like olberscum and jonny boy stewart, are not intelligent enough to see through his lies.

Barack Obama's connection to historical Democrats

I have a special interest in history, so I tend to try and find parallels with our candidates for president and candidates of the past. This has lead me to Obama's appeal, in previous post I have made the fallacy of looking at his politics. His typical northeastern democrat politics, only to state the obvious he is from a "Midwestern state". When the Democrats have won elections since the 1960's they have won with a combination of one or two things. One and most important I believe is a candidate that sends out positive vibes, in their liberalism they see hope for America's future like John F Kennedy. They also have a down to earth appeal as I am sure we all would agree JFK despite his credentials was a down to earth guy. So the personality is a positive outlook from a down to earth guy. The other factor that has helped Democrats is coming from a southern state. This helps to shake the elitist image the Democrats have gotten since their move to the social left. lets take a look at the successful and unsuccessful democratic candidates since the 1960's when the party started its move to the left.

John F Kennedy- Senator Massachusetts, won election of 1960
Lyndon B Johnson - Vice President and before that Senator from Texas, won election of 1964
Hubert H Humphrey- Vice President and before that Senator from Minnesota, lost election of 1968
George Mcgovern- congressmen from South Dakota, anti-war social liberal, lost election of 1972
Jimmy Carter- Governor of Georgia, one of our worst Presidents, won election of 1976
Carter after a horrible term as president loses election to Ronald Reagan.
Walter Mondale- Vice President of Carter before that Senator from Minnesota, lost election of 1984
Michael Dukakis- Governor of Massachusetts, lost election of 1988
Bill Clinton- Governor of Arkansas, won 1992,1996
Al Gore- Here is one that loses in spite of being from Tennessee and serving as a Vice President for a popular President. However Gore's liberal politics and the fact that he was actually raised in Washington, DC discredited his candidacy.lost election of 2000
John Kerry, Senator from Massachusetts, lost election of 2004

Now if Barack drags in the mud gets a stigma from being liberal and lying, he loses. If he can admit his lies and explain why even though he votes like a liberal he is a moderate he stands a chance. What I mean by dragging in the mud is .... his typical negative politics that he claims to be against. His accepting the DNC's ad which perverts John Mccain's statement about 100 years in Iraq. If he can move past that and present a candidate that is a moderate liberal with a positive vision of America past, present and future I believe he can win. I personally do not want to see him win, but it is his for the taking.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Clinton and the New Democrats.

My thoughts on Clinton...
She has toned down the vast right wing conspiracy talk and become a mature, but dangerously liberal politician. She could possibly make a good president as I know she would not allow the media to do to her what they have done to George W Bush. I am not about to start defending President Bush, however he seemed to be intimidated by the media elite. I thought nominating John Kerry would be the last liberal elitist presidential candidate for a while. In a sense I was right atleast for this election, only because of the version of Hillary we have seen has been the uplifting small town mother, as opposed to the left-wing paranoid conspiracy theorist. Obama with his San Fransisco comments proved he is nothing more than an elitist snob. If he were from the Northeast he would fit the exact mode of the candidate the DNC loves. however some of the bland elitist they have nominated have come from outside the Northeast. So with Hillary I guess you could say we have a winnable Democrat and with Obama we might as well have Barack Mondale.

Big endorsement for Hillary
Hillary has really carved her niche out with this primary. She has been transformed into the heroine of the middle class American. Interesting stuff

Article from Fox News shows Obama is shaky

A polling stat which I find shows the intelligence of the American people, is 58% believe Obama is denouncing Wright for political gain. If Obama cannot win NC convincingly and loses Indiana it is up to the Super Delegates. My personal belief as a Republican is that Obama should have sat this election out. He could have spent four or eight years getting more experience and developing more relationships with the higher up Democrats who will decide the nomination. He could have distances himself from Wright. He could have truly become a moderate and worked on bipartisan legislation. Instead he rushed into the presidential campaign. But since Hillary feels the nomination is her birth right these two are going to fight it out to the bitter end.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Obama lies about Nafta, but to whom was he lying? was he lying to Canada or Americans? The only way to find out would be to elect him, here is to not finding out.

North Carolina

is tightening up.

If Hillary somehow won North Carolina one would have to wonder if Obama has lost his luster. The fact of the matter is simple, Obama is a charismatic uplifting man. However when the political pressure has been put on him he has folded. What I mean by folded is he has abandoned his principals. He lied about Rev. Wright and said the could not abandon him, just as he could not abandon the Black community. I believe it is fitting Oprah endorsed Obama. Obama is somewhat of a male Oprah. People love him not so much for his substance as much as for his style. If you look at the fact that he has no bi-partisan record, and is the most liberal Senator, once he loses his style appeal he is simply another Dukakis, McGovern, Kerry,Gore, even Carter. Simply the Democrats refuse to nominate people with southern appeal, save Carter and that is a story for another time. Clinton a Southern Governor and Carter a Southern Governor are the last two Democratic elected Presidents for a reason. All this to say things are tightening up in North Carolina and no Democrat can be excited about that.

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