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Monday, July 21, 2008

The states McCain must win....

its real simple McCain must win .... Ohio,Virginia,Nevada and Michigan or Colorado.
That prediction is based on a model of our typical red-state blue state map and is most likely. If he pulls in Ohio and Michigan he has plenty of breathing room. If he loses Michigan, but wins Colorado he cannot let hardly any states go. The first step is building a 3 or 4 point lead in Virginia and Nevada.

Ready to lead?..... NO!!!

New Hampshire Democrat supports McCain

Jonah Goldberg article on the VP hilarious,0,6527225.htmlstory

could it be Jindal?
I support Sarah Palin for VP, but Jindal could be an outstanding choice. I have said before I feel that Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin are the only ones who actually help McCain in my estimation. However given the fact that John McCain has not made an issue out of Barack Obama's inexperience it may well be a good choice. McCain has chosen to go the route of attacking Obama's stupidity in foreign affairs and apathy towards winning the war on terror as opposed to attacking his experience. This should get interesting....

sources say McCain will annouce his VP pick this week...

John McCain visits Maine

Leno out? Connan up... Fallon in....

Americans see bias in coverage of election

New York times shows off its bias...
It is outstanding to have Matt Drudge stand up to the media elites. I hope he continues to hold the media accountable for their coverage of the election.

This cannot be our commander and chief...

McCain hit harder!!

John McCain is throwing punches and it is working I believe. McCain must connect with young voters and continue to reach out to African-Americans. McCain has to move in Ohio eventually when will it happen I do not know, but once it does McCain has to move Michigan or Colorado and then he can become President. This is based on the assumption that McCain will lock down the south eventually and Indiana.

Allen West for Congress

Vets for Freedom Ad

the editorial the New York Times tried to censor...

Alabama pro family taxes... I love it..

Dark Knight rakes in the money!,2933,386822,00.html

Arrogant Obama vs. Pakistan sovereignty...

Obama would invade Pakistan...that sounds like W's cowboy diplomacy..

Don't hope for lower gas prices vote for it!!

Despite the Obama's southern Myth Georgia remains strong for McCain

New York Times in the tank for Obama