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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cast your VP vote... Palin, Pawlent, Romney, or Jindal?

cast your vote and post your reason for your support as a comment in this thread and I will publish it ASAP.
I have casted my vote with Palin. The common arguement is that feminist will who are love abortion will not vote McCain anyway. Palin is Pro-Life, but I believe she could pull a few true feminist, but also pull some of the moderate females(soccer moms) that supported Hillary. She should not hurt McCain among straight males(nascar dads) (if ya know what I mean) not only because of her attractive appearance, but also because of her strong record on taxes, guns, and abortion.
I have my doubts about whether the media will go crazy for her considering their first true love Hussein Obama, but I have surveyed the internet and she has an outstanding grassroots network of support. Combine soccer moms, nascar dads, and rabid internet support and I think we have a winner. So I cast my vote for Sarah Palin... But know this full well I am 100% behind John McCain even if he picked Ted Kennedy I truly believe in John McCain.

* I mentioned the above reasons to support Sarah Palin without even touching on her fights against corruption and her experience dealing with Oil.
McCain-Palin 08' don't hope for change, Vote for it!!

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Ted said...

Here’s the theme song when Sarah Palin makes her Veep center stage appearance at the Republican National Convention later this summer:

Oh, and yes it IS gonna be Palin. McCain’s already got this new ad up which essentially announces Palin as his pick (without ever having to mention her name).

It’s even got the McCain/Palin campaign slogan vs. Obama: “Don’t hope for new energy, vote for it.” –-