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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jindal says I am the GOVERNOR and thats it...
Bobby Jindal appears to have taken his name out of consideration for VP. Jindal is a rising star in the party, but I believe thats exactly what he is a rising star. It is a smart descision to not jump the gun to early. Take a look at John Edwards for example he has lost 3 presidential level campaigns in only 2 cycles. He lost 2004 Democrat primary then he lost the election as VP and then he loses the 2008 Democrat primary. He did this having served only one term as Senator from the great state of North Carolina.
So I congratulate Jindal on his smart choice and hope the best for him in the years to come. He needs to focus on building his resume and foreign policy credentials and he may well be our President one day.
The direction of all this leads me to believe with more and more certainty that John McCain will select Mitt Romney. Mitt needs to be studying foreign policy because this most likely means he will be facing Joe Biden in atleast one debate. I think Hussein is going to select Biden as his VP.
I still hold out hope that McCain will go for the big splash and pick Sarah Palin, but I am not sure if McCain is going to go in that direction. If he did pick her he should pick her soon so that folks can get to know her.

*** final not last night on special report with Brit Hume.. big time Palin supporter(Krystol) Sarah Palin, said he no longer thinks she is being considered and believes McCain will pick Tom Ridge... I was certainly suprised.

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